Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan Review (2022) - Is this affair dating site legit?

Victoria Milan is a very popular affair dating site. No matter you're relationship status, you can use this site. The website's headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway, but its user base is scattered around the world.

The site language is English, but you can change it to whatever language you are most comfortable with. If you've thought about extramarital affairs, entering long-term relationships, or are in an open marriage, you've probably stumbled across Victoria Milan.

And now you're probably wondering, is it legit? With other popular affair sites like Ashley Madison, it might be hard to trust a site that isn't as well known. If you're curious about Victoria Milan, keep reading.

First Impressions

The first impression of this online dating site is that it's very well kept up. The site boasts its live member growth, which currently sits at over 9 million real accounts.

The site will ask you if you want to see all of your matches, which is just a disguise to get you to sign up for the dating site. Other than that, you'll see all the unique features that make Victoria Milan a trusted and secure service.

They guarantee a safe and discreet dating experience, as well as 256-bit top-level SSL trust (a really good security system) and you can remain as anonymous as you want. As they mean it. Victoria Milan is known for letting all the members that the anonymous experience and anonymous hookups are totally encouraged.

Scrolling further down you're shown a bunch of statistics. the first one being the ratio of women to men. The site is 53% women and 47% of men, making it pretty close to being equal.

They also claim that 16,000 new members are joining the dating site daily, and over 20,000 matches are being made daily as well.

Victoria Milan Registration Process

Luckily, the Victoria Milan initial signup period is incredibly easy and fast.

Signing Up

On the landing page, you'll be redirected to another page that asks you what gender you are (you can only select male or female,) if you're single, married, attached, or divorced, and what sex(es) you're attracted to.

After that, all you need to provide is your email address. Once you've finished signing up, you'll be sent an email to verify your account, so make sure you provide the right one. Then you provide your birthday. After that, you can stay as anonymous as you want. They say the best erotic adventures start with a mystery.

Once you've put in an imaginary username, they will show you a series of tags and buttons that represent things you're interested in.

Profile Creation

Once you're on the confidential affairs website, you'll be asked to upload a picture. It's not required, but it is recommended if you want to increase your chances of finding like-minded people, married people, or other interesting members.

Then you're thrown out into the Victoria Milan experience. You can start browsing through the multiple profiles and send messages to those who interest you.

Then you can go onto your profile page and fill out all that you wish to. There are some fields that are required, but there are even more that aren't required. They'll ask about your physical appearance, background and lifestyle, personality, and what you're seeking.

VictoriaMilan Special Features

Along with the encouraging anonymity, there are many cool features that also come with it. These features include private photos, a mobile app, anonymizer tools, a panic button, the ability to send virtual gifts, a chat feature, video chats, boosted users, and a blog on the website.

Private Photos

One of the many cool features of this online dating site is the private photo gallery. You can post what some people would consider 'obscene content.' This means you can post more risque photos and maybe some that show more of your personality if you want to go with that route. It's discouraged to have group photos with other people, so make sure it's just you in those pictures.

The only way someone could access these photos is if you give them a key. This key will disable the block on the photos and allow them to view them whenever they want.

Mobile App

Another unique feature Victoria Milan has is they actually have a mobile application for this online dating website. A lot of sites like this don't have an app in the Apple app store or Google Play store.

There are a handful of bad reviews for the app, but most users don't use the mobile application. Not to mention there's a high age distribution, as you must be over 17 to download it, but that makes sense for a dating app.

AnonymousBlur Tool

If you want to remain as anonymous as possible, Victoria Milan has the unique feature to blur your public pictures. You can blur as little or as much as you want. However, if you want a friendly web flirt, a casual one-night stand, or find an extramarital affair, you'll probably have better luck doing so if you don't use the blur tool to cover everything.

Panic Button

The panic button is a feature that you would expect to find on a paid subscription website. The button is a button married or attached individuals press if they're afraid their spouse or attached dating partner is entering the room and don't want them to see the Victoria Milan website up on your browser.

This will redirect you to a separate website like YouTube or Twitter. The flag icon button is in the bottom right corner.

Send Virtual Gifts

This feature is only accessible if you have credits. Free members can still use this amazing site for the first few days of their trial to access all the other features. These gifts, though, are different.

These gifts are used to add some fun to the flirting. They cost a few credits a piece, but not too much. The gifts can help your suitor/suitress see that you're interested in them.

Chat Feature

A staple feature in any confidential online environment to secure secret affairs is a message feature. This goes without saying, but, of course, Victoria Milan has a message feature. To access this feature you will need to subscribe to a premium membership. If you're a free member during using the free trials, you can only send winks.

When you unlock chats, however, you'll have access to all the messages until you delete or deactivate your account. Other members can respond and send photos over this feature, which is something a lot of other dating sites don't. Most just have the chat, not the Snapchat-esque type of chatting!

Video Chat

Another cool, but not super unique feature is the ability to send video chats to other Victoria Milan members. You do have to have a Victoria Milan subscription to do this, but luckily, the subscriptions are pretty affordable.

In these video chats, you're allowed to send more NSFW videos and pictures. That's what's great about this site. A lot of other dating sites don't have this feature, but a good handful does have all the same features, so this isn't a Victoria Milan exclusive.

Featured Users

This feature is pretty cool. Since Victoria Milan is open to married and attached people all over the world, many members are more popular than most. Most of these people pay credits to show up at the top of people's search results, OR they really are popular amongst Victoria Milan members.

These users are typically married and attached people who have made a name in the dating sphere. They've probably talked to their fair share of other users, hence why they're so popular. So, if money isn't a worry for you, then maybe you might like this feature.


Another great thing about this Victoria Milan review is that there's a blog section on the site. A lot of these blogs discuss the top of marriage and how different they can be from each other.

The articles go into detail about why you may feel lonely in your marriage and how you can change that. They also discuss the ins and outs of open marriages and what exactly they are.

The best thing about these blogs is free users, attached and married people, and other members (premium) can read these. You don't even have to have an account to read them.

Pros of Victoria Milan

Sense Victoria Milan is such a highly used website, many pros come with it.

Discreet Dating

One of the many Victoria Milan promises is that it has love nest discreet dating, and for once, we agree with a dating site promise. You can be as anonymous as you want on Victoria Milan, with blurring tools letting you keep certain features a secret.

They also have a panic feature (read pro below for more info on this) and email verification. All charges that show up on credit/debit card statements are usually something worded as everyday expenses, or almost as if it's a bank giving a refund. Yeah, it sounds a little sketchy, but it's completely safe!

The Panic Button (Unique Feature)

The next pro of Victoia Milan is that it has a panic feature. If you want to keep your dating life a secret because you're married and attached to someone, the site has a red button in the bottom right corner that acts as an escape.

When clicked, the website redirects you to a non-conspicuous website such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, or any other type of social media. The button works immediately, hiding any photos and conversations away.

Millions of Members

With over 9 million users registered to the site, there are a ton of people to look through and start chatting with.

Everybody using Victoria Milan has a different story and is looking for different things. You're bound to find other members who are looking for their perfect match. And who knows, maybe you'll find yours in this mass sea of other users.

Trusted Site

Victoria Milan is a very trusted and well-used site. A lot of Victoria Milan reviews say that it's the right dating site for them. They trust this site more than they do others to help them find a discreet and sexy affair.

It's Safe

Along with being a trusted site, it's also a lot safer than a lot of other dating sites. With the SSL trust, Victoria Milan's high member base, and the encouraging anonymity, it's pretty easy to find the magical feeling in the high-risk world of extramarital affairs.

Cons of Victoria Milan

With many pros come a few cons, but that's pretty normal for most dating sites.

It's Expensive

One of the cons of VM is that it does cost some money to use the site. There is a Victoria Milan free trial, but after that period, you'll have to purchase a Victoria Milan membership.

Luckily, the price is pretty low compared to other paid dating sites, but it is still expensive if the money is tight for you. The paid memberships vary in price from $10 - $20 a month. Maybe try the first payment period and see if it's worth it to you.

Some Fake Profiles

With any dating site, you'll have some fake profiles. It wouldn't be a proper Victoria Milan review without discussing this part.

Victoria Milan is prone to having some fake profiles on the platform, BUT it is quite a bit less than other dating websites. Since this is a paid membership dating site, the ratio of fakes to real people is a lot wider, with more real profiles and fewer fakes. It would be counterintuitive for scammers to use the site since they would be paying to use the service.

Could Lead to Some Fights

Since the Victoria Milan site is an affair dating site, some people are bound to get busted by their spouses. If you're in an open marriage or relationship, then this might not be a problem, but if you're in a closed relationship or marriage, this COULD be a problem.

That's what's so tricky about affairs. Most of the time your partner has no idea it's going on. If you're in a closed relationship and your partner finds out then a fight might break out about your infidelity.

Another thing is your 'business trips' could be outed as just an excuse to meet up with other users

Panic Button Could Backfire

On the off chance that the button doesn't work, that could lead to the aforementioned fights and arguments or out you as a cheater to someone other than your partner.

The only times this button would backfire is if you don't click the button (rather you click around the button, missing it.) it could also backfire if you have slow internet speeds.

The button also doesn't delete Victoria Milan from your browser history. Loved ones and spouses could still find your profile and chat with other members if you don't delete it from your history.

Premium Membership Costs

Once you sign up for this site, you're allowed a short free trial, but afterward, you'll have to choose a premium membership plan. Luckily, they aren't too expensive and allow you access to all of the amazing features this site has to offer.

The first payment plan is the three-month payment plan. The cost for this plan is $20 a month, for a grand total of $60 for three months.

The second payment plan is a six-month plan. It costs $15 a month, a 25% discount from the first plan. The grand total for this plan is $90.

The final membership plan is a twelve-month (or one-year) plan. This is the cheapest plan per month as it's only $10 for each month, with a grand total of $120 for the whole year.

How do I pay for Victoria Milan?

There are very limited ways of payment that Victoria Milan will take. They accept most debit/credit card brands (Visa, Master Card, American Express) and you can fill out your card info on the website.

Unfortunately, you can't pay using cash, but you can pay with alternative methods such as Paysafecard (this is a voucher program), Neteller (e-wallet method), Entercash (an online banking method), IDEAL (real-time payment method that works like your bank), and Google or apple app store pay.

Final Verdict: Is Victoria Milan Legit?

Our final verdict of Victoria Milan is that it's legit! Not only is it VM legit, but it's one of the best extramarital affair dating websites, as well as a great site for sugar dating and regular dating.

With unique and usable features like private photos, the panic button, and more, we recommend you try this site if you're looking to get into discreet dating. This Victoria Milan review is in favor of this website.


Does Victoria Milan work?

In short, yes. Victoria Milan is an incredibly trusted and highly used dating site. It's safe and secure and has a boatload of features to help make it the best dating site, or at least one of the best.

Other than that, the platform, technologically, runs super smooth. There's not much buffering on this casual dating site and most pages load very quickly. The layout of the platform is super easy to use and navigate through.

The Victoria Milan app is also very easy to use, in fact, it might be a bit easier than the website if you're used to using dating apps rather than websites.

Is Victoria Milan free?

To an extent, yes, Victoria Milan is free. You can browse through the many profiles, married and attached, and send winks to potential lovers with a free membership. If you want to send messages you will have to upgrade to a premium membership.

The paid memberships are sold in three-month, six-month, and twelve-month intervals. The three-month subscription will cost about $20 a month, or $60 in total. Six months will cost you $15 a month, for a grand total of $90. The final tier of twelve months is about $10 a month, for a total of $120 for a whole year.

Is Victoria Milan safe?

We can honestly can that Victoria Milan is a pretty safe online dating website. With the 256-bit SSL security system and encouraged anonymity, Victoria Milan seems to understand the two basic qualms people may have with other sites.

Is Victoria Milan a scam?

No, Victoria Milan is not a scam. While scams can take place on the website, the dating website itself isn't a scam. Over 9 million users use the platform with hundreds of thousands of them using this site daily.

How to delete Victoria Milan account?

If you have a Victoria Milan account but wish to stop using the website, canceling your paid membership has been known to be a bit tricky. Profile deactivation is pretty simple though. All you have to do is go to your profile settings and select to temporarily disable it.

If you're a paid member, you'll have to contact Victoria Milan to cancel your subscription most likely. A lot of people report that getting your paid memberships canceled can be finicky when trying to do it online. We recommend you contact them via email or phone to make sure you get it canceled.

Is Victoria Milan Legit?

Yes, Victoria Milan is a legit site. VictoriaMilan reviews will agree with that statement.

Is Victoria Milan LGBTQ Accessible?

They are accessible for gay and bisexual members, but there are no options for genders other than female and male. You can, however, say that you're attracted to both of those genders.

What Kind of Pictures Can I Upload to Victoria Milan?

For your public picture, Victoria Milan's site allows you to post non-nudity and casual pictures of yourself. These pictures need to have you and only you in them. Think of the dating apps in the Apple app store. The pictures you would put on your profile are the type you can put as your public pictures.

The private pictures are a whole different story, though. These private pictures can only be accessed by users who you give permission. They'll be given a key to unlock the gallery and can look for as long as they want.

You're allowed to post more lewds and even nudes in these pictures. We recommend you keep it sensual, but tame, just to tease your suitors.

Will My Membership Renew Automatically?

In order to let you continue to access your chats and pictures, Victoria Milan automatically renews your membership. After the 48-hour premium trial, you're also automatically charged for the six-month membership plan. You can go in before this period ends and cancel your subscription so yo don't get charged $90 if you don't think you'll continue to use this service.

How Do I Upload Pictures?

To upload/post a picture to your profile, you need to do the following steps:

  • When you're on the landing page, you need to go to the menu in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Next, you need to click on your username as this will take you to your profile.
  • After that, you can click on the "Upload Photos" button. Uploading from there is very easy as all you need to do is click on one of the vacant squares, and open the file you wish to.

Victoria Milan Reviews

The Positive

"I've had a good time with VictoriaMilan so far. It's so fun to meet other working-class gay men in the events that they have featured for us. I was very pleased with the company. It's definitely better than the typical bar scene. Thank you very much." - Claire

"I used Victoria Milan for over 3 months and found a lot of interesting dates around my area. I recently stopped using their services because I found the girl of my dreams. I contacted their support and also sent them an email that I no longer need to use their service and they promptly closed my account. It’s a fun website especially for older gentlemen like me." - David

The Negative

"Expensive, Ad hoc initial responses- sometimes answering in English when you ask in Dutch. Extremely expensive. Not worth the money. I am a reasonable-looking guy, not a model. You pay to see messages but not people who have not paid to be a member which is the majority. You should still be able to see their faces as a paying member. ! This they do not say upfront. Definitely will not renew." - Robert

"9 out of 10 profiles I checked with reverse image search had resulted in finding Russian women and the (or someone) gave these women a Dutch name and location. And looking at the pictures closely I found out that a lot of presumably "Dutch women", with a "Dutch location", had an American wall outlet for electricity (not used in The Netherlands) in their picture. Have all these "Dutch" women been to America to take their spicy pictures? That would be the biggest coincidence I have ever witnessed! My conclusion: 100% fake profiles!!!" - HB

As you can see, there are pros and cons to using this site - just as there are with every site. Pay attention to what you post and watch out for scammers, and you're sure to find a sexy partner in no time.