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Best Sugar Daddy Websites - Find Sugar Dates Near Me

Traditional relationships are out, alternative relationships are in. Today, people are more concerned with getting their sexual needs met than meeting their soulmate or future spouse. We live in a world of convenience and instant gratification, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of sugar relationships.

Sugar daddies make live easy for sugar babies and vice versa. Sugar arrangements are mutually beneficial relationships for all parties. After all, trading sex and companionship for money is nothing new, but sugar daddies, sugar babies and sugar mommas take things to the next level. If you're interesting in joining the sugar lifestyle, we've listed the best sugar daddy sites to check out today.

Disclosure: Just Sugar may receive compensation if you sign up with third party services through our links. These services may be ranked based on the compensation received.

1. Just Sugar - Best Sugar Daddy Site

If there's one sugar daddy dating site that stands out from the crowd, it's the much-loved Just Sugar. This dating site has everything you could ever want to help find a sugar relationship; great features, millions of members, low cost memberships and an outstanding reputation. What more could anyone ask for?

The sign up process only takes a couple of minutes, and members need to verify themselves before they're allowed to start browsing. It might sound like a hassle, but a strict verification process ensures that you'll only be chatting with genuine sugar daddies and sugar babies - no bots or fakes in sight.

Just Sugar is a classic grid-style dating site, meaning you can browse through potential partners without having to rely on a swipe system. Membership for female sugar babies is completely free too, thus ensuring that Just Sugar's female to male ratio is always on point.

There's a vast choice of age ranges on Just Sugar. It's not just sugar daddies and sugar babies you'll find, but you'll also find sugar mommas, sugar honeys (rich young women), sugar pups (same-sex sugar babies) and sugar bears (rich young men). Most sugar daddies have a presence on Just Sugar, so if you're a sugar baby, it pays to get on here.

2. Cougar Life - Best For Meeting Older Sugar Babies

Cougar Life might not be a dedicated sugar dating app, but that doesn't mean you won't find sugar baby, sugar momma and sugar daddy relationships through here. As the name implies, Cougar Life is a place to meet older women, but did you know that mature babes can be sugar babies too? In fact, older sugar babies sometimes blow their younger counterparts away.

Older ladies are often better company. They're better at conversation and they're better at sex. Sure, they might not have that youthful glow a younger sugar baby might, but if you're gonna be spending considerable time with your sugar baby, you want someone who can excite you in more than just the sex department.

Cougar Life, then makes it easy to find this elusive older sugar baby. Unlike so many other sites in this niche, Cougar Life is totally free to use. It does have a paid membership available, but the site's free membership is more than enough to get you by.

You won't get a ton of younger women on Cougar Life, so if that's your bag, look elsewhere. But you want a sugar baby with a little more experience under her belt, Cougar Life is the perfect sugar daddy website substitute.

3. RichMeetsBeautiful - Best Of Wealthy Sugar Daddy Sites

RichMeetsBeautiful is the site where generous older men can connect with stunningly beautiful women. It's a very simple and streamlined sugar daddy app, utilizing a swipe system like Tinder or Bumble to help people match with one another - something that most sugar daddy sites avoid. However, RichMeetsBeautiful embraces the shallowness.

The majority of users on here fall into the older man/younger woman categories, but you will find a few younger folks if you search hard enough. What really makes RichMeetsBeautiful stand out from the crowd is that rich sugar daddies need to prove their worth before they're allowed access, usually by providing proof of their hefty bank accounts.

So, any sugar baby out there that just craves the richest of the rich will fit right in on this sugar daddy site. You can rest assured that you'll only be chatting with wealthy men who can actually provide the kind of lifestyle a bonafide sugar baby desires. Membership isn't free for neither men nor women, but very few sugar daddy dating sites are.

As with any swipe-based site, and especially in the sugar niche, appearances are everything. This goes for both men and women, so be sure to showcase only your best profile photos. Ladies, show off your hotness. Men, show off those assets. RichMeetsBeautiful has all the ingredients to be one of the best sugar daddy sites around today, so get on board ASAP.

4. Luxury Date - Best To Meet A Younger Sugar Baby

Luxury Date doesn't make it clear that it's a sugar dating site. You kind of have to read between the lines a little. The site brands itself as a place where "successful and aspirational people meet," and emphasizes that the woman on here are "young professionals." For this reason, Luxury Date is a little different to the other sugar daddy sites on this list.

Most sugar babies use their looks to get what they want, but the women on Luxury Date can offer their sugar daddy more than just empty sex. The women on here are genuinely educated, professional workers, many of whom are reasonably wealthy themselves. These aren't your average, supermodel-wannabe girls. They're mostly average ladies who just want a little more from their relationships.

While Luxury Date isn't the largest sugar daddy website by any means, it's still got several million users all across the United States, Canada and Europe. Sugar daddies will have no issue finding numerous, attractive sugar babies for luxury vacations, companionship and endless sex.

At $24.99 per month for membership, Luxury Date isn't the cheapest sugar daddy site by any means. However, we can't deny that it gets excellent results and can help you find a sugar baby that's a little more worldly than your average girl.

5. Victoria Milan - Best For Married Men

Married but looking? Then Victoria Milan might be the best platform for you. While not specifically a sugar dating site, Victoria Milan's target demographic is older men who also happen to have wives, and the kind of guys that seek out extramarital fun tend to be wealthy businessmen who travel a lot. Perfect partners for sugar babies.

Victoria Milan functions a lot like Ashley Madison except it has a few additional features to make it more appealing. Unlike Ashley Madison, acceptance to Victoria Milan is quite selective. not everyone can just sign up and get going on here, which helps weed out fakes and scammers. You'll only be chatting with real life, genuine cheaters on Victoria Milan.

The average user age of women is a little lower on Victoria Milan too. Most cheating sites cater to the older crowd, and while the male user base hovers around 45, the average age of a female user on Victoria Milan is 25. So, if you're an older guy who craves the companionship of a younger model, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store on here.

Combined with useful features like video chats, personals sections and blurring features to help keep your identity anonymous, Victoria Milan is an unofficial sugar daddy site that gives you a massive shot at finding your perfect partner.

6. Our Secret - Most Discrete Sugar Daddy Site

Our Secret is a place to find "secret relationships," and despite the specific wording, we all know it means affairs. Our Secret is the lovechild of Tinder and Ashley Madison, using the popular swipe matchmaking system to bring cheaters together. But since Our Secret is all about discretion, it has a number of feature to keep yourself anonymous.

Those that want to can blur their faces in their photos to keep themselves safe from prying eyes. Additionally, you can also view a person's bio before swiping left or right on them, so the whole thing isn't entirely about physical appearances. While the majority of users on Our Secret are married, you'll find plenty who just like the idea of sleeping with a married person.

Not many sugar daddy apps use the modern swipe feature to connect people together; one reason why the user base on Our Secret is a little younger than most other sugar daddy sites. Our Secret costs a little for full access (but really, are any sugar daddy websites free?) but it's relatively affordable at only $9.99 per month (for 6 month access).

Our Secret is also one of the few sugar daddy sites that actually has a dedicated mobile app. This goes to show that the creators have put a ton of effort into making Our Secret the best sugar daddy site it can possibly be.

7. SugarBook - Best Social Network Features

SugarBook discards typical sugar dating features in favor of social media elements. Take a typical sugar dating site, throw in a hefty dose of Facebook and you've got SugarBook. It functions almost identically to Facebook in terms of style and features, but it's got a few additional community features to help connect with people.

First, sign up with your email address (or alternatively you can join with your Facebook account) then verify your identity. Then you can start building your profile, uploading your pictures and searching through members. All sugar categories are on offer; sugar daddies, various ages of sugar baby, male sugar babies, sugar cubs and more.

As well direct messaging other users, SugarBook has chat rooms and forums dedicated to a wide range of (mostly sexual) topics. It's also got a personals section where people can detail their desires, and this section serves as a kind of hookup page. Something quite unique, since the sugar lifestyle rarely involves hookups.

Two stand-out elements that SugarBook one of the best sugar daddy sites is that it's A) completely free to use and B) has a dedicated mobile app so you can match with sugar daddies and babies on the go. Given its unique nature and lack of cost, a lot of lifestylers consider SugarBook the best sugar baby app around.

8. Sugar Search - Best Search Features

Sugar Search is one of the lesser known sugar dating sites on the scene, but it's got a number of stand-out features that make it one to watch. First of all, you can browse the entire site completely for free, even without registering. That means you don't have to waste time signing up if you just want to get a quick taste of who's on offer.

Next is that the site's search function is out of this world. Even the "best" sugar daddy websites don't have search functions this detailed, and it really makes finding your perfect partner a total breeze. You can filter down by pretty much anything you want; sugar type, relationship type, body type, income, exact location, hair color, job type - whatever you want.

To actually message these sugar daddies and mommas, you'll need to get a premium account. But since Sugar Search isn't the most upscale dating site in the world, premium accounts are super cheap at $49.99 for a 6 month membership. Even though it's not the most polished sugar site in the world, it still boasts a high caliber clientele.

How many sugar babies and sugar daddies are actually on here? The site doesn't give exact numbers, but we'd hazard a guess at somewhere between 4-5 million based on search results. Either way, you'll find a huge choice of sugar relationships through Sugar Search with ease.

9. Sugar Daddy Meet - Best Income Verification

One of the problems with sugar dating is that you tend to get a lot of "Splenda daddies." Basically, wannabe sugar daddies who don't have the funds to actually provide a sugar baby with a lavish lifestyle. They might say they do, but it's usually just a front to get women into bed. That's why Sugar Daddy Meet has gone the extra mile to keep Splenda daddies at bay.

The successful men that sign up to Sugar Daddy Meet need to prove just how successful they are. They need to provide bank statements and proof of income before being accepted, so sugar babies can rest assured they'll only find a sugar daddy that can deliver the goods each and every time. This reason alone makes it one of the best sugar daddy sites around.

There's slightly more sugar daddies than sugar babies on here, so sugar babies will have their pick of the bunch. Membership is pretty steep for sugar daddies at $39.99 per month, but sugar babies receive a few benefits. Membership as a woman only costs $9.99 per month (for 6 months), which is pretty decent for any sugar baby app.

The number of users varies depending on your location. The West Coast has a lot more users than other parts of the US, but the total number is somewhere around 3 million. Pretty good numbers overall if a little low compared to other sugar baby apps. However, Sugar Daddy Meet promotes quality over quantity.

10. SecretBenefits - Largest Number of Members

The tagline for Secret Benefits is "where experienced and attractive people meet." With that said, Secret Benefits isn't a dedicated sugar daddy app, it's actually more of an "elite" dating site that cates to people with higher status than the usual dregs you find on dating sites. But of course, wherever there's wealthy people, there's sugar daddy options available.

Secret Benefits keeps things simple and streamlined. As you'll see from its barebones website, it doesn't overload itself with unnecessary features or anything like that. It's motto is 'Join, Talk, Meet,' which is exactly what you want from a sugar website. But best of all, Secret Benefits features a whopping 10 million worldwise users - the most of any sugar daddy site.

It's a traditional online dating site utilizing the grid style approach to help you scour through users. There's a matchmaking system available for those who want it, but you'll find the same members through both methods. Membership is available to anyone and everyone - no strict select process - and it costs a reasonable $49.99 for a 6 month membership.

Don't expect to find any video or voice chat functions on here, and likewise, don't expect every user you met to be a sugar daddy. Some users are just educated, wealthy folk looking for sex and long term relationships, but with so many affluent people in one place, you'll be able to find a sugar daddy or baby with minimal effort.


If it's pure class and elegance you want, is where it's at. As you'll see from the erotic language and the black and white stock photos, this sugar dating website considers itself something of an upmarket platform. It attracts the super-wealthy men and the educated women looking to trade their looks and personalities for a lavish lifestyle. And of course, it works.

On, you'll need to be one of two things to stand out: super rich or super hot. If you're not, you're still welcome to join, but you might find it hard to get any attention. However, if you've got an incredible figure or your own yacht, you'll quickly find your inbox overflowing with messages from real people pining for your companionship.

Any sugar daddy app this classy obviously comes with a high price tag, right? Well yes, for the men, but like many sugar sites, women can join for free. No cost at all. For this reason, sugar mamas aren't allowed to join (since the site has no way to differentiate between sugar babies and sugar mamas). All the ladies are sugar babies exclusively.

Is the best sugar daddy site around? It definitely has all the hallmarks of the best sugar daddy app on the market. Minimalistic features, plenty of high-status members, fantastic search functions. For easy sugar daddy dating (and plenty of choice), put in your bookmarks today.


Despite the name, brands itself as a place to find your "perfect relationship." It's basically a premium dating site that attracts wealthy and highly educated individuals, and amazingly, the daddy to baby ratio is around 1:1 - something super rare for any online sugar daddy website.

The sign up process is quite lengthy and involves filling out a long personality quiz, but even though most people hate these things, it really helps match you with suitable partners. Very few sugar dating sites actually include personality questionnaires so it's nice to find one that does.

While you're free to browse users at your leisure, throws 5 matches at you per day. These people will all be within 50 miles of your location, which makes for a large pool of potential (and reachable) sugar dating partners.

The site's features include: video chat, voice chat, forums and chat rooms. It's also got an advanced search feature which is ideal to help you find attractive daddies or babies in your area. makes sugar dating fun, so we encourage anyone interested in the sugar lifestyle to check this one out ASAP.

Ready to find a sugar match?

Sugar daddies and sugar babies rejoice, because the online dating market is overflowing with sugar sites to help make your fantasies a reality. A sugar relationship is the ideal way to satisfy your needs, be them sexual, emotional or physical, and with the sites listed above, we have no doubt you'll be able to find a sugar daddy, sugar baby or sugar momma without any issues.

While each sugar dating site has their own pros and cons, we've made sure to only select reputable sites that deliver on all fronts. You can rest assured you're in safe hands with any choice off our list of the best sugar dating sites. Go wild; try one, try them all, and find out just how satisfying a sugar dating relationship can really be.