Review (2022) - Real Sugar Site Or Just A Scam?

Everyone knows traditional dating is less than perfect. And in a world where people are striving for perfection, regular relationships just don't cut it. These days, people want a mutually beneficial relationship that caters to their needs and doesn't suck the soul out of them at the same time. That's why sugar arrangements - relationships containing affluent older men and hot younger women - have shot up in popularity over the last few years.

Sugar daddy dating is big business in today's dating landscape, and there's no shortage of places to find such a relationship. One such sugar dating site, one of the pioneers of the entire sugar daddy and sugar baby scene. It's been around for a while, but does this sugar daddy site still hold up today? Here's the only review you need to read.

First Impressions falls short in the looks department. The site has a sexy little purple and green color scheme, but when you scroll through the main page you'll find yourself thinking you've stumbled onto a different site. The page immediately resorts to scammy tropes; blurred profile pictures, exaggerated statistics, reasons why you should "join up now." It's a shame, because the site has been composed really well.

The rest of the page then bestows the virtues of sugar dating and why it's so amazing. In fairness, they make some excellent points, but it all seems a bit unnecessary. After all, if someone's come to this sugar dating website in the first place, it means they're already very familiar with the sugar dynamic. It just seems like a ton of fluff to fill the main page up.

Overall, doesn't make an impactful first impression, which might be why the site only has 5 million worldwide users (not a bad number, but a drop in the bucket compared to some other sugar dating sites like Secret Benefits). But even so, we should mention that the site is 100% legitimate. This isn't some scam platform designed to take your money.

SugarDaddy Registration Process

Hit the 'Join Free' button in the top right hand screen to kick off the registration process. From here you'll first need to input your relationship preferences ("I am a man/woman looking for man/woman") then you'llhave to designate your sugar label; sugar daddy, sugar baby, sugar momma, male sugar baby. This will ensure you only see relevant chat partners in your feed.

From here you'll be asked to input the following details:

  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Country of Origin
  • Location
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Race
  • Marital Status
  • Body Type
  • Income
  • Education Level

You don't need to verify your email address. Once you've filled out the forms, you're free to begin crafting your profile. To message anyone on this dating platform, you'll need to purchase credits (more on that in the 'Membership Pricing' section). Note that female sugar babies are able to use the site for free.

SugarDaddy Features has a huge choice of interactive features available. Here's a detailed list of everything you'll find on this sugar dating site.

Advanced Search Function

Sugar Daddy makes it easy to find your next perfect sugar dating partner through its advanced search option. Usually, search functions on sugar daddy sites can be problematic to say the least, but there's no such issues on The function is streamlined and optimized for maximum search results that actually deliver what you want.

As well as keyword search options, users can also filter down results by age, distance away, body type, hair color, education level, income level, race, ethnicity and more. Keep in mind that you can only search for suitable partners. For example, sugar babies won't see other sugar babies in their search results (even if they're of the opposite gender).

Secret Photos and Videos

A sugar relationship can often be a discreet affair. For a lot of reasons, people don't want others knowing about their sugar desires or lifestyles, which is why a lot of sugar dating sites offer discreet ways to advertise yourself on their platforms. One such approach is the secret albums function which also boasts.

Rather than just showing off your explicit media to anyone and everyone, the site's Secret Albums allows people to keep their naughty snaps in a private folder. These folders are password-protected, so users simply give out the password to anyone they deem worthy of seeing their dirty pictures.

Pros of

What did we love about this sugar dating platform? Here's a list of all the positives.

Free For Female Members

Young women can utilize all the features on Sugar Daddy completely for free. Well, we should mention that it's only female sugar babies that can use everything at no cost. Sugar mommas, on the other hand, will need to pay for the privilege. It's understandable, since the whole point of a sugar relationship is that the wealthy one covers the finances.

However, male sugar babies aren't so lucky. If you're a guy, it doesn't matter if you're a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, you'll need to cough up the cash and buy credits if you want to message anyone. Is it fair? Not so much, but that's the game. Beautiful women get free things, but if it brings more women to the platform, then it's definitely a good thing.

Verification Videos

While Sugar Daddy doesn't have an email verification, it does have a video verification process. All of the successful men who join SugarDaddy will need to go through this process at some point, nad if they don't, they'll be promptly removed the platform. Why is it important? Well, these wealthy men can upload as many photos as they want, it doesn't prove who they say they are. That's why video call verification is needed.

It might sound like a big deal, but these verification chats are just 3-minute calls with a member of the Sugar Daddy customer service team. It's only the guys that have to go through this too. If you're a sugar baby, you don't have to worry about verifying yourself at all (although some sugar dating sites like Secret Benefits insist on this).

Large Number of Members has around 5 million registered users, around 2 million of which are in the USA. While isn't the largest online dating platform in the world, these are quite impressive numbers considering the current over-saturation of dating websites. There are members in nearly every city in the USA, although more-populated areas are better represented.

The male to female ratio is pretty great for a sugar dating website too. It's got around 56% women, 44% men. It's actually quite rare to find a site with more sugar daddies than sugar babies, making one of the few platforms to achieve this incredible feat. We should also mention that only a fraction of these members are fake profiles or scam users.

Credit Based System

Instead of a premium membership or diamond membership, utilizes a credit system to help people send messages. Some people love credit systems, some people hate them. Generally speaking, credits systems are cheaper in the long run than a premium or diamond membership. If people are more selective with their messaging, it means there's less decision fatigue.

Additionally, the costs of credits on are more than reasonable. Every message costs 5 credits to send, which at the best value option works out at about $1 per message. This won't be an issue for rich sugar daddies, and sugar babies obviously get unlimited messaging completely for free.

Choice of Sugar Relationships is more than just a site to find typical sugar daddies and sugar babies type dynamics. Users can find a wide range of mutually beneficial relationships on offer, not just the "traditional" relationship types. This includes male sugar babies, sugar mommas and even same-sex sugar style relationships.

Naturally, these types of relationships aren't as represented. The majority of the user base is made up of female college students looking for someone to provide them financial security and rich men who are willing to do just that. But if you dig a little deeper, you'l find a vast choice of sugar relationships on offer.

Cons of

What could improve on? Here's a short list of the things we didn't like so much.

No Income Verification Process

Usually, sugar dating sites find a way to verify the income of the sugar daddies on their platforms. After all, how can these wealthy men guarantee that they're actually wealthy men? They could just use pictures of other rich people to lure in impressionable young women, then haul ass once they've got them into bed? Unfortunately, this happens a lot, especially on sites like where there's no income verification process.

This attracts an influx of what's known as salt daddies (or Splenda daddies). These are the men who claim to have big bank accounts but can't actually provide the luxurious lifestyle a sugar baby would come to expect. It's a bit of a downer and one that could easily be fixed with a few adjustments. If you're a sugar baby, watch out for salt daddies on here.

No Video Calls

Most other websites in this niche have a video call function. Not These days, video chats are one of the dating fundamentals. They're much more beneficial than text chats because they give that real-time interaction with the other person, not to mention they're much better for creating quick intimacy and connections.

Unfortunately this sugar dating app has no such option. Instead, users need to take their conversation off the platform, which isn't a problem but it means giving out your real phone number. Some people don't like this, especially the sugar daters who want to keep their activities on the down low.

Not Worldwide is only operative in four countries; United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. It's understandable since these are the biggest sugar markets, but it's missing out on a wealth of opportunities by excluding Europe, Russia and Ukraine. There's a huge sugar scene emerging in these countries, and while it doesn't quite rival that of the USA or Australia, it's still a missed opportunity.

Two million of this registered user base are in the USA, then Canada, Austalia and the UK have around a million each. These are fairly strong numbers in the long run, but it pales in comparison to sites like Seeking Arrangement and Secret Benefits that have 10 plus million users.

No App doesn't have a dedicated mobile app. Instead, everything has to be done through the SugarDaddy site. Luckily, the site is fully optimized for mobile browsing and includes all of the necessary features, but it's still a pain to fiddle around with, especially as the elements on the SugarDaddy site are so densely packed together.

The lack of app also gives SugarDaddy somewhat of an amateur feel. All the best sites have apps these days, so this leaves SugarDaddy in the dark. This is also one of the reasons why the platform doesn't boast as many registered users as its competitors.

Membership Pricing

Instead of a standard monthly subscription, uses a credits system, meaning you only pay for the features you use. Credits are crucial to using the site as you need to use them to make contact with other members. As a free member you'll have access to the following:

  • View other users’ profiles
  • Add other profiles to favorites
  • Report spam and scams
  • View people who were interested in you
  • Send kisses
  • Respond to members who have paid for Full Contact package
  • Sort users by age, gender, distance

But if you want access to messaging and several other premium features, you'll need to buy credits. Credits come in three bundles and break down as follows:

  • Introductory - 100 Credits - $59.00 - $0.59 per credit
  • Elite - 500 Credits - $169.00 - $0.34 per credit
  • Best Value 1000 Credits - $289.00 - $0.29 per credit

Providing you have credits in your account, you'll also unlock the 'Full Contact' feature. This allows you to respond to received messages without needing to pay credits. So basically, across the whole of, it's the only the initial message that costs credits. Paid users also get access to the following:

  • Highlighted profile in search results
  • Priority placement in search results
  • Faster profile verification
  • Highlighted messages in other users' inboxes
  • Weekly matches

Final Verdict: Is worth it? is one of the best sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies available today. It's been around for a long time and it's kept up to date with modern advancements in the dating scene, and while it's not the most popular online dating site in the world, it's still a force to be reckoned with in the sugar market.

Like any sugar dating platform, has its issues. If it's pure choice you want, there are other sugar sites that'll do that. But if you want quality over quantity, then has some of the most accomodating sugar babies and sugar daddies you'll find on any similar site. In conclusion, we definitely recommend you give a try for your next sugar dating relationship.


Need to know the basics of We've put together a short list of the most commonly asked questions for your convenience.

Is legit? is a genuine and reputable online dating website. It has around 5 million users throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. The site gets around 500,000 active visits every month. As well as sugar babies and sugar daddies, it's also a place for to find sugar mommas, male sugar babies and gay sugar babies.

Is safe? is a safe platform that emphasizes the security of its members. The site does not ask for your real name or exact address, so such information is safe from leaks or data breaches.'s messaging system is fully encrypted so even the site staff can't access your personal conversations.

How does work? functions like a traditional dating site, allowing users to browse through other people's profiles at their leisure. The site does not utilize a swiping system to match users together, instead offering a classic approach. Once users have found a desirable member, they can message them through the site's messaging system.

How to delete my account?

Follow these steps to delete your account:

  • Login to your account through the website
  • Go to the 'Settings' section via the main menu
  • Click 'Membership'
  • Scroll down to 'Change My Membership Options'
  • Click 'Delete My Account'
  • Choose a reason from the drop-down list then click 'Confirm'
  • Input your password to confirm deletion.

Does have a free trial membership?

SugarDaddy does not currently offer a trial membership. The site uses a credits system as opposed to a monthly membership. However, female sugar babies can send unlimited messages at no cost.