What Is A Sugar Baby?

What Is A Sugar Baby? Myths and Facts Explained.

We have all heard of the elusive sugar daddy.

It almost sounds way too good to be true, doesn't it? Another human will PAY you to......not work? You mean you just get to be a friend, with benefits or not, AND get paid or showered with all the pricey gifts that you have always wanted?

Are you pretending? Are you acting? It is not prostitution, so what are you to this person?

Think of it as a relationship without love. A relationship without compromise. A friendship that comes with a price. It's not for everybody, but for those that get it, a sugar relationship can be extremely mutually beneficial. Read on for an in-depth look at what is a sugar baby, and how you can become one in 2022.

Definition of "Sugar Baby"

To put it as bluntly and easily as possible, sugar baby is someone who receives money or gifts in exchange for connection.

The sugar baby is usually a young lady, but it can be anybody. There are male sugar babies out there, however the majority of people who call themselves sugar babies are attractive, younger women. They can be single, they can be married, they can be black, white, green, whatever.

Sugar babies come from all walks of life, and are often the people you will least expect. They frequently do not "look the part," and do not look like strippers or prostitutes (not that there's anything wrong with that!) And while strippers and prostitutes can moonlight as sugar babies, a lot of time they are everyday college students, restaurant staff and the like.

Most sugar babies are drawn to the lifestyle as it helps them get every material thing that they desire without having to get a job for it. And how can you blame them? Why would an attractive woman want to wait tables when a Splenda Daddy is ready and waiting to give her the life she wants, intercourse free?

Even with the safety concerns, sugar dating is a very tempting, mutually beneficial arrangement that is extremely hard for some younger sugar babies to pass up. And an increasing amount of them aren't.

Becoming a Sugar Baby

If you are interested in becoming a sugar baby, you are in the right place. There are many different places you can go and many different websites where you can create your sugar baby profile. Just click here and let us show you how to get started, and soon enough you will be at parties with the rich men that you have always dreamed of. https://justsugar.com/how-to-become-a-sugar-baby/

How do you get a sugar baby?

Does being a sugar daddy sound fun to you? Starting a relationship with a sugar baby is a process that is not unlike traditional dating, with a few twists. You may be asked to provide your personal social media accounts, your google voice number or even your bank information.

Also, let's not forget about the sugar mamas out there. Although less common, sugar mamas perform the same role as the daddy, with them providing the resources in exchange for companionship and attention. Sugar dating is a growing phenomenon amongst all genders, so rest assured that if that's what you are seeking, there is a site out there for you as well.

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Sugar Baby Myths

Sugar dating is a very, very misunderstood topic. There are many people that simply do not get it, or do not approve of it. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the sugar baby lifestyle, and we will attempt to tackle some of them here.

Being a sugar baby is illegal

That would be incorrect!

Sugar dating and sugar dating sites are completely legal as there is no sex involved in the transaction. Sexual intercourse is only provided at the discretion of both parties ahead of time, so not all dates will end in sex.

Sugar dating is far more common than people may think. Women around the world are only dating their partner for the resources they provide, and marriage is never in the cards. The sugar dating relationship is an honest and transparent way to share resources and provide companionship, worry free.

Sugar babies are nothing but prostitutes in disguise

Sugar culture often gets a bad reputation because people automatically assume that sex is implied and happening in all transactions. People assume that the daddy is an older man that is simply lonely and only uses sugar dating because he cannot attract someone in his own age or wealth bracket.

In reality, not all sugar daddies want some bonking (as the kids say) from their sweet sugar baby. A lot of these men simply want the companionship without the drama that can sometimes arise, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Sugar dating differs from sex work because sex is not what's being paid for. In traditional prostitution, it is a seamless, usually quick and one time transaction of money for sex.

Sugar babies don't always sleep with their sugar daddies

A lot of women find dating sugar daddies to be empowering, as it puts them in control of the situation in almost all facets. The sugar baby is not obligated to have sex with their sugar daddy, and only does so if she agrees to it or wants to.

In fact, a lot of new sugar babies are surprised to find out that their new sugar relationship doesn't involve coitus. They report that many of these guys are just normal men who want someone to just watch a movie with, or to simply just listen to them. These are things that normal relationships provide, but they come with emotional responsibilities that they either do not want or cannot get.

Sugar babies don't only go for married men

Quite the opposite, in fact.

There are a lot of older men who crave the companionship of a beautiful young woman, but let's be real. For the most part, these potential sugar daddies are not going to the club and picking up these beautiful, desirable young girls whenever they wish. Dates with ladies 20 years younger can happen, but so can winning the lottery. Age gapped relationships that are NOT the sweet sugar style are the exception to the rule.

Sugar relationships fill the gap by creating a mutually beneficial relationship that gives the single man the type of companionship he desires, while giving the sugar baby the type of lifestyle she desires. It's a win-win for both sides!

Why do women become sugar babies?

As we touched on before, young people look to sugar relationships for many reasons. The sugar baby is usually one that finds that their company and companionship is something that men desire, and have decided to provide that companionship in exchange the things listed below.

She needs the financial support

Since sugar babies tend skew on the younger side, sugar dating allows her to get the money needed to pay the bills without getting an overrated "real job." Since sugar babies come from all walks of life, she might need help paying for these sky high apartment rents, high tuitions, and rising food costs.

She loves to be spoiled

There is a chance that the sugar baby can attract men that are willing to give her anything that she wants, but aren't willing to pay for it. Or they expect a relationship to blossom into something that she is not comfortable with or that she does not want. The sugar daddy steps in and takes her on lavish sugar dates with no strings attached.

Strings that already haven't been agreed upon ahead of time, that is.

She likes the finer things

Since most sugar babies tend to be on the younger side, they most likely lack the cash to spend on the expensive dinners and designer clothes that they wish for. Also, since others in their peer group are in the same predicament, they tend not to date men conventionally that can give them this lifestyle, either.

The decision to date sugar daddies then becomes easier, as they are suddenly living the lifestyle that she has always wanted.

She does not like conventional dating or does not want a serious relationship

Let's talk for a second about why sugar daddies look for sugar relationships.

These men are often successful and wealthy, and they got that way by being relentlessly focused and hard working. They simply do not have the time for the drama that can, and usually does, come with conventional relationships. They do not have the time to waste on things they don't want to do, and a dating like relationship such as sugar dating allows them to spend time with someone that they desire for a few months or more without worry.

So why not the sugar baby? A lot of times, these are attractive girls who are sick of the nonsense themselves. They are also tired of the ritual that is going on a first date with someone that they are not compatible with and doesn't have what they are looking or. A sugar relationship allows them to be as picky as they wish, while also receiving needed financial support in the process.

She is looking to network

The type of rich man that has the disposable income she wants must also know other successful people, right?

When it comes to the world of business (and many others), it's not always what you know, it's who you know. Being the sugar baby for the right person can be the difference in making it in her chosen field, as she is now has the chance to maybe rub elbows with other knowledgeable, powerful people.

She is looking for a different perspective

Believe it or not, not all girls who join a sugar dating site are doing so for the money.

The dating pool for younger people is what it is. They simply have not had the time and usually do not have the resources to look at life and provide guidance in the way that an older man can, especially if the sugar baby does not have a father around to lean on.

With age comes a wisdom and confidence that the guys in their 20s simply cannot replicate.

Genuine attraction

Seeing that most sugar daddies are older, and let's not forget that many young women are (secretly or not) very attracted to men that are older. Sometimes they are called "silver foxes," and the babies like their more mature and learned perspective. Also, sugar daddies are often experienced in life, love and lovemaking. So if sex is what the sugar date leads into, the baby can expect a more wild ride than she might get from guys in her own peer group.

In Conclusion

Hopefully by now, you have the answer to the burning question, "what is a sugar baby?" Now you can make the most informed decision that you can before seeking out and entering a sugar relationship, and can get out there and find successful men ready to provide you with the material benefits and expensive gifts you have always wanted.