What Does PPM Stand For?

What Does PPM Stand For? Pay Per Meet And How It Works.

Parts per million? Pay per movie? Nope! What does PPM stand for?

It’s a term used in a sugar relationship for “pay-per-meet.” It’s a way that sugar daddies pay for their babies' lifestyles, who in turn take care of them. 

So, what makes this different from sex work? What does PPM stand for? How much PPM should you shell out? We’ve got all the answers you need for how pay per meeting works in sugar relationships.

What Do Sugar Daddies Want?

Let’s get this out of the way first. Generally speaking, most sugar daddies want sexual intimacy from their sugar babies in return for a PPM. The sugar daddy pays for dinners, jewelry, fancy toys, and financial support. The sugar baby, in turn, takes care of their sugar daddy with sex. 

Occasionally, sugar babies will run into a salt daddy. This is an individual who, like everyone, wants sex, but they aren’t willing to spend much of anything on their sugar babies. They usually get a pretty bad reputation for their below-average PPM and overall dodginess.

Remember that not every sugar daddy is really a daddy! Plenty of women are sugar mammas too. These mammas want to spoil their sugar boys just like the daddies!

What Does A Sugar Baby Do?

In a sugar relationship, the sugar daddy gives the baby an allowance. It’s up to the baby to take care of sugar daddy in whatever way he likes. If she does that, the relationship will flourish! It’s a great cycle. The more money a daddy will pay for dates, the more the sugar baby does fun stuff for him.

Do Sugar Babies Sleep With Sugar Daddies?

Nah! They usually just play Scrabble. Just kidding. Of course, at the core of sugar dating is sex. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t be worth the financial commitment. By definition, both parties get something out of the sugar relationship, and that’s usually sleeping with the sugar daddy.

What Is A Good PPM For a Sugar Baby?

Sugar daddies usually want to know how much PPM to shell out for their sugar baby. It’s really tough to give one answer to this question. Whatever you decide, it should be part of a mutually beneficial relationship.

So, if your sugar baby isn’t putting out, it may mean you need to up her monthly allowance. When sugar babies feel well taken care of, they’ll reciprocate! So, lavish them with expensive dinners, maybe a car, or whatever you can afford. It will be well worth your time!

What Does High PPM Mean?

If a PPM is high, this usually means that the sugar daddy will pay a higher amount because the sugar is well worth it. That’s why it’s important for babies to try and impress on the first date. 

Are PPM Arrangements Legal?

At first glance it seems there’s a fine line between sex work and sugar relationships. In reality, the difference is pretty stark between the two. First off, there’s a clear exchange of cash for sex with prostitution. The hooker says, “Give me $50 and I’ll give you a blowjob.” 

With sugar dating, there’s never a guarantee of sex, so PPM arrangements are legal. It’s about giving gifts and gratitude. Treat your sugar babies right on the first date, and there will be more dates to come! The hope is that your sugar dates will take care of you if you take care of them.

On your first date, it’s okay to discuss a specified amount for the sugar daddy as a pay per meet. Just remember that it’s a sugar relationship, not just money for sex.

Another pro tip: avoid using a payment app to receive PPM money for a date. This could definitely put you a little more on the radar of the IRS. Cash and other items are a better way for your daddy to pay for your lifestyle.

Why Do Pay Per Meet?

When you are sugar dating, it’s really nice to have some predictability. After all, most sugar daddies and sugar mamas (let’s not forget about the women!) aren’t made of money. They work hard every day, and they want to see something for their money when they date.

With traditional dates, you may or may not end up in bed with your date. However, most people who agree to sugar daddy dating understand that there is a strings attached element to it.

In other words, you’ll receive a monthly payment, or an allowance each week which is a huge benefit to you. All you need to do is show your gratitude!

Why Not Do Pay Per Meet?

If you have concerns about how your friends and family might perceive you getting paid in cash for dating, then it might not be a good idea to take part in sugar dating. There’s also the risk that you could sleep with your sugar daddy, and they won’t really spend anything on you, and you might feel pretty used.

Remember, if you don’t get paid the way you think you should after a date, just move on to the next sugar daddy. Make it clear that you need an allowance that lets you live the lifestyle you deserve. 

What Affects a Sugar Baby's PPM Allowance?

One thing is certainly for sure. The average sugar baby loves to be spoiled! The problem is that several sugar daddies out there don’t exactly have Saudi oil money. So, how much should a sugar daddy pay?

A great rule of thumb is that they should pay as much as they comfortably can, as long as they are getting something in return on a date. So, if they don’t feel taken care of, the sugar baby’s allowance is probably going to go down. 

A few sugar babies are excellent at being little teases when they are out on dates. They can entice a potential sugar daddy after one date and end up becoming one of the highest-paid SBs around!

What Are PPM Used For?

When you receive a PPM allowance, it’s up to you to use it however you like! When your sugar daddy takes care of you, you can possibly afford things like:

  • A new car!
  • Tech gadgets like an iPhone or Apple Watch
  • Jewelry
  • A week in Cabo, Hawaii, or even Europe!

How Much Should a Sugar Baby Charge Per Date?

Remember that a sugar baby shouldn’t really be “charging” a set amount, or it gets dangerously close to sex work. Instead, a sugar baby should discuss a monthly allowance with their sugar daddy, and leave it up to them.

This way, both parties have some control. The sugar daddy decides what sugar baby allowance to fork over, and the sugar baby can decide how much fun she’s going to let him have. 

What Are Some Good Sugar Dating Sites?

It’s a little tough to just walk into a bar and say, “Hey! Will you be my sugar baby?” In fact, this could be a bit problematic. Some ladies aren’t super stoked to be approached this way. 

Sugar Dating is usually facilitated by some really great dating sites. These are places where you can feel comfortable using a slang term like “PPM,” and potential dates will understand what you mean! Here are some of the best:

  • Ashley Madison: If you are looking for a PPM relationship in big cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York, this sleek website is for you. The Ashley Madison logo communicates it all: sex, style, and fun.
  • Secret benefits: This is another great spot if you are looking for dating on a set schedule. The women here know all about PPM dating, and they won’t disappoint. The Secret Benefits logo illustrates how clean and uncomplicated the site is. There is a bit more loading time here, but it’s worth the wait.
  • Seeking Arrangement: This PPM site really started the whole sugar dating craze, to begin with! That’s why it’s one of the top sites for pay-per-meeting arrangements.

Final Thoughts

Having a PPM arrangement can be beneficial for both parties. The key is good communication between sugar daddy and sugar baby. Another thing to remember is that it’s really great if you spend time getting to know each other, it might blossom into a long-term relationship! 

Most ladies know a fake when they see them, so if you decide to choose PPM, make sure to still be yourself, be kind and have fun!