How To Be A Good Sugar Baby

How to Be a Good Sugar Baby? Expert Tips and Advice You Need to Know.

If you're an aspiring sugar baby and want to know how to be a good sugar baby, keep reading. Whether you want to know how to be the best you can be, or you want to improve your craft, we've got you covered.

What are the Perks of Being a Sugar Baby?

Rather than just being a pretty face and the woman of your sugar daddy's dreams, there are a lot of upfront benefits that come with being a sugar baby. Other than the obvious ones like intimacy, a mature man to take care of you, designer clothes, and expensive gifts, there are other perks as well.

Every sugar baby requires something different, and lucky for them, they'll most likely get everything they want!

1. Financial Compensation

The first perk that we'll touch on is financial help and/or a weekly allowance (or monthly allowance) provided by the sugar daddy. Rich sugar daddies pay sugar babies based on several things. Most sugar daddies like to provide enough money to pay bills, car payments, rent, and a weekly bonus for things like shopping and self-care.

The kindness of your sugar daddy entirely depends on what you can bring to the table. If you're sexy, take good care of yourself, are smart, have a great personality, and have high intelligence, you can expect to find a sugar daddy that will be attracted to you and want to help you financially in any way they can.

2. Companionship

The next perk is you'll have a strong and fun companionship with successful men. Sugar daddies are looking for someone they can spoil, as well as develop a relationship with. Sex doesn't always have to be in the picture, but if sex is something you desire in the relationship, then there are plenty of sugar daddies who will be eager to meet you.

The most important thing to remember is, generally speaking, to wow them on the first date. The ideal partner for you should meet all of your expectations, as well as potential sugar daddies meeting yours.

3. New Experiences

Any successful sugar connection will provide you with brand new experiences. Many sugar babies go into sugar relationships with the intent of making money and finding a rich man to grow old with. They usually don't take into account the other real-life experiences they'll get to enjoy.

Many sugar daddies bring their sugar babies along on business trips, parties, and even vacations. A really rich sugar daddy might even pay for you and your friends!

4. Traveling

Many mutually beneficial relationships like sugar dating come with the perk of travel. And we mean A LOT of travel. The best sugar daddies might have things like a private jet that can take you to exotic places. If you manage to find a sugar daddy like this in your first sugar relationship, then congrats! You've reached the peak of sugar dating.

A good sugar baby usually will be responsible for a lot of the relationship aspect if she wants to travel a lot with her sugar daddy. If you can communicate effectively and develop a strong emotional and sexual connection to your sugar daddy (or even sugar mommy if you chose this route), that's an attractive quality to a lot of sugar daddies, and they'll often reward that behavior with things like vacations and trips.

5. High-Class Dating

The last exciting feature of sugar dating is the high-class aspect. A mutually beneficial relationship like this lets you live the life you've always dreamed of. Plus, if you meet an attractive sugar daddy who has a great personality, is smart, and has a good sense of humor, the high-class part is a bonus!

By being in a high-class relationship, you also open yourself up to a brand new world of opportunities. Things like becoming an influencer, a blog writer, and other hard-to-achieve things are a lot easier when you have someone who is financially supporting you as well as emotionally.

You might even get access to a lot more people with connections in whatever industry you're interested in!

What is a Sugar Daddy?

Now that you know the fun extra perks that come with sugar dating, we should give a quick rundown of what a sugar daddy is. A sugar daddy is someone who:

  • Is typically an older man
  • Is very wealthy
  • Someone who wants more than an average relationship
  • Is hopefully a good person
  • Demands respect wherever they go (as in, people respect him just by the way he carries himself)
  • And is not one to complain about a beautiful woman giving him attention

Men who are all of these things without the money are called Splenda daddies, while men with money but none of the above traits are called salt daddies.

What are Sugar Daddies Looking For?

Typically, daddies are looking for someone they're attracted to and someone they can respect and spoil. Being a sugar baby means having a good sense of humor, being open to sex, taking good care of yourself, and, the most important thing, being a life-long partner is imperative if you want to spend time with a daddy and form an emotional connection. It'll also probably earn you more money!

Not every dad is looking for a good sense of humor, however. Some might have specific preferences. You'll typically find these pickier types of daddies on websites that host the best of the best when it comes to sugar parents.

What Types of Sugar Relationships are There?

There are several different types of successful sugar-baby relationships out there. Which one you end up in is entirely up to you and the sugar dad you end up with. Down below are the four most common types you'll see.

1. Platonic

Some sugar daddies are only looking for platonic relationships, meaning that they want a sugar baby, but they don't want the romantic/sexual aspect of it. Instead, they usually want someone they can talk to and confide in. They want a friend.

Usually, they'll want someone who can hold an intelligent conversation and is a conversation starter. Any sugar baby who isn't wanting to have sex or develop a romantic attachment might thrive better in this type of connection.

2. Romantic

The next common type of sugar dating is romantic. If you're a woman sugar baby, an important thing to remember is you'll most likely you'll be in this type of sugar daddy relationship, especially if strong feelings develop.

This type usually requires you to spend time with your daddy, go on dates, and of course, receive a gift here and there.

3. Sexual

The third, and most common, type of sugar dating is a sexual one. Women may find they enjoy this type of sugar dating treat. Sex is an important part of most dating and can be fun if you do it with the right person.

Fooling around, making cash, and being in an arrangement like this can fulfill you in more ways than one.

4. Online

The last type of sugar dating we'll be discussing today is an online sugar-baby relationship. Several sugar daddy websites can facilitate the connection between babies and daddies. Being an online sugar baby can be tricky as you most likely won't meet in life and are cut off from making any meaningful connections.

This could also reduce the amount of money the sugar baby could make. It's because of this that it's the least popular type of sugar dating - although the pandemic made it way more popular than it was.

How Do I Be a Good Sugar Baby?

You're probably wondering how you can be a good sugar baby to your sugar daddy. The answer is quite simple. When you make an agreement and set boundaries with your daddy, make sure to meet the expectations and requirements laid out. A sugar baby's work is to make sure you please and make your sugar daddy feel loved and accepted by you.

The last thing you want to do is turn your sugar daddy into a salt daddy, meaning the golden goose might turn nasty. While the money and gifts will keep your interest in the relationship if this happens, it won't be fun.

Where Can I Find a Sugar Daddy?

Now that you know what makes a good sugar baby, you're probably wondering where you can meet other sugar babies, and, most importantly, sugar daddies. Here's a list of the best places to meet a sugar daddy.

1. Online Dating Sites

Our first place is the numerous sugar daddy websites on the web. Top sugar daddy sites like Seeking Arrangement, SugarDaddyMeet, and Ashley Madison are great sugar daddy sites to check out if you're a newbie.

Other sugar dating sites like Elite Singles, RichMeetsBeautiful, and Established Men are great for any person looking to find high-value sugar daddies to have fun with. Top sites like these are mostly free for any woman to use as a sugar baby, but sugar daddies will have to pay a monthly fee to talk to them.

These sugar daddy websites are typically reserved for the more wealthy daddies out there. But, you can create a sugar baby profile on any of these sugar dating sites and start chatting with prospective daddies.

2. Real World Meet Ups

If a sugar dating site isn't for you, there is a small chance you can find someone in person, without the use of sites and apps. It might be a little bit more difficult this way, but it can still be done.

Usually, you can find older men who have the same interest as you at fancy gatherings and nice restaurants. It's because of these things that you most likely already have to have good standing in - *sips tea with pinky raised* - high society.

While it can be difficult, if you have a sense of humor and are attractive, you could charm any man if you try hard enough. But for time's sake, we recommend just using sugar baby websites to help find a sugar dad.

3. Sex Work

Our final way of finding a sugar dad is if you're in the line of sex work. This is the most dangerous way, and it's not recommended if you can help it. But, if there's a person of interest while out on the job, women can get a sugar daddy from sex work.

Sugar babies who are in a sugar relationship are often compared to sex workers, but there's a difference between sugar babies who are with one person and those who have anonymous sex with strangers directly for cash - which is illegal.

Is Being a Sugar Baby a Good Idea for Me?

If being a sugar baby sounds like a good idea to you, we'll always encourage those who want to branch out and try something new. Life is all about trying new things and experiencing something different.

If any of the aforementioned information is worrisome to you or you don't feel comfortable with the requirements that being a sugar baby has, then being a sugar baby may not be a great path for you.

Tips on How to Stay Safe

Now that you know how to be a great sugar baby, it's time we discuss the best tips to keep you safe physically, but also mentally, and emotionally.

  • Wear Protection. This one goes without saying, but if you and your sugar daddy are entering a sexual encounter, make sure to always wear protection. Unwanted pregnancies are one thing for women, but an STD or STI can do some serious damage. That's why it's imperative for women (and men) to use some form of protection.
  • Always meet your potential sugar daddy in public before you go home alone with them. If you're an attractive woman, this is especially important for you. If you meet them in public, you'll be able to get a good idea of who they are and if there's still interest there. You'll also be able to gauge any red flags.
  • Never give too much personal information out at once. Save that kind of intimacy for when you feel more comfortable with your daddy or momma. If you give too much away, you run the risk of getting taken advantage of.
  • Be wary of scams. There are a lot of people who claim to be someone they're not in real life. If someone asks you for things like your banking info, or credit card number, or if they ask you to send a small number of funds over CashApp or Venmo, this is most likely a scam, and you should cut contact with that person.
  • If a profile on a website seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

In conclusion, if you want to be a good sugar baby, make sure you keep this article in mind when pursuing a sugar daddy relationship. But most importantly, remember to enjoy this new experience. After all, that's what life is all about!