Cash App Sugar Daddy Scam

Can you get scammed on cash app? Sugar daddy scam explained.

Having a sugar daddy sounds great, but remember that nothing comes for free. If it sounds too good to be true, it very well might be. Yes, you absolutely can get scammed on Cash App, and here we will tell you how to avoid sugar daddy scams so that your new Cash App sugar daddy doesn't get his grubby hands on your bank account.

Who does this stuff?

You will be surprised! Sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships are booming as the economy stays uncertain and everything is at a premium, including money and love. The sugar daddies have the cash and the sugar baby has the love and attention. It's a match made in heaven, at least sometimes.

What is Cash App?

Cash App is a very popular instant cash transfer app that allows you to send money and extract money practically instantly via your mobile phone, and boy is it magic. Unfortunately, however, not all is perfect. Scammers are everywhere, and yes even on Cash App there are fake sugar daddies out to get you.

Every Cash App user is easily susceptible to sugar daddy scams as the app is directly linked to each user's bank account. And unfortunately for the sugar babies, scams are on the rise.

How does cash get transferred? Through the World Wide Web! Cash App is not a bank. It is simply acts as a middle man that allows two people to send money to each other while acting as a virtual cash wallet.

What's a sugar daddy?

You might be wondering if the concept of a sugar daddy is just a scam, but nope! A sugar daddy is typically an older man that offers money in exchange for things that we typically get from traditional relationships. Essentially a sugar daddy is buying companionship, and it's far more common than you might think.

This companionship can be simply platonic, but it can involve sexual activity as well. This is not typically illegal, as the two parties are not directly exchanging money for sex. Cash App is a great way to handle these transactions as it is relatively anonymous.

Sugar mommies exist as well, although they are far less common. The person receiving the cash from the sugar daddy would be the sugar babies. How cute!

OK, but how does the fake sugar daddy scam work?

It's easy for most sugar babies online to get caught up in it all and see those dollar signs but not see things that would be a huge red flag. They can spend days chatting with their sugar daddy and think it's the perfect match and then BOOM! They are blindsided when it ends up just like another Nigerian Prince scam.

Therefore, it is imperative that financially vulnerable users do their research and protect themselves as best they can so that they do not ever get scammed on cash.

Here are a few of the most common ways that these daddy scams tend to happen.

The Typical Way Most Sugar Daddy Scams Work

The classic scam that most fake sugar daddies pull is making the sugar baby believe that he already sent a huge sum of money, and now the supposedly generous sugar daddy wants some of it back.

I bet you can guess what happens next, can't you.

Once the person who've successfully received payment responds, the scammer requests some of it back. He then blocks you, disappears and the sugar baby is scammed on cash.

Lofty Promises

The Cash App sugar daddy looking for trouble will promise a huge sum of money, but will ask the victim for a small up front payment first. This is, in a way, the same base process as above as the small payment acts as a way of making sure you are real, or something equally shady.

Yeah, you are never seeing that promised money. Sorry.

Fake Websites

The evil scammer creates a fake website that looks identical to the real Cash App site. The sugar baby proceed to enter their unique login information, which is then taken over to the real Cash App site and used to send money from the victim's account straight to the scammer's account.

Sometimes, the fake sugar daddy will use this same tactic and ask the sugar baby send a little bit of money into HIS Cash App account. This is another sugar daddy scam, as he is taking your information and then your money.

Fake Funds

Yes, someone absolutely can fake giving you money on Cash App.

This bit of trickery is pretty similar to other common money related frauds. Your new Cash App sugar daddy sends you some money and you even see it right there in your Cash App account, which you then transfer over to your bank account.

There's a catch, though. Now he wants you to do him a little favor, such as giving some of that money back or buying him a gift card.

Eventually, the bank ends up finding out that those funds you saw came from fraudulent accounts and cancels the transactions. The sugar baby is on the hook for the money he or she spent in gift cards, and is now stuck holding the dreaded bag of greater financial hardship while while the fake sugar daddy leaves with a sweet Visa gift card from this fake transaction. Free money for him!

How To Avoid Sugar Daddy Scams on Cash App

For informational and reference purposes, here are some sure fire ways to avoid a sugar daddy scam on Cash App. A lot of these things may seem basic, but don't take it personally, we all need a gentle reminder sometimes!

DO NOT Share Sensitive Personal Information

Never, ever, ever, ever give out personal information to strangers over the internet. This includes your bank account user name and password, your Social Security number, your address, your anything. Be very careful!

The personal information that you easily give when a fake sugar daddy asks can easily be used to get himself some fake checks on top of all the other financial incentives he has. Next thing you know, you have some stolen credit cards as well.

DO NOT Give Out Your Cash App Sign In Code

Can you get scammed on Cash App sugar daddy? Of course! Here is a foolproof way to know if your new sugar parent is a big old faker.

Nobody who wants to send you money will ever need your Cash App sign in code. Cash App does not require anyone who wants to do Cash App transfers of money to have access to the receiver's account.

If this fake sugar daddy makes you give this information, it's another sugar daddy scam.

DO NOT Give Out Your Address or Phone Number to your Cash App Sugar Daddy

I know we just talked about sensitive personal information, and yes address and phone number count in that.

These two bits of personal information get their special shoutout as they can easily be thought of as basic information your sugar daddies might need. Cash App users, however, so make sure that they are the only ones that you give it too.

Nobody else. Promise?

Look Out For Cash App Sugar Daddy Red Flags

Usually, these sugar daddy or sugar momma scams have glaring red flags that you will be able to see a mile away. Here are a few of them.

He is willing to make his initial payment instantaneously

No one on Planet Earth is willing to part with their money easily, so if your sugar daddy wants to transfer money right at the start, you are probably getting scammed.

He Offers a crazy amount of money at the beginning

In a sugar dating relationship, the big money doesn't come until both parties know each other very well. If his first upfront payment is a hefty sum of cash, you might be dealing with a scammer.

You get propositioned out of nowhere

Yes, maybe there is a very lonely person out there offering large sums of money to strangers on Instagram hoping to find companionship, but you probably didn't find the needle in that haystack. Other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are not usually where these kinds of relationships start.

If someone offers you this type of relationship without you seeking it out first, you might be dealing with another payment app sugar daddy scam.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed On Cash App

If you think you have been the victim of an app sugar daddy scam, it is important that you take steps to stop the bleeding.

Contact Cash App

Cash App is the the first place you should get in contact with, as they can work on getting the fake accounts banned as soon as possible so that nobody else gets scammed on Cash App. 

They can also, at the very least, potentially reverse any payment fees that you paid. Even if it was the scammer paying, they can trace the account back to someone and maybe get some justice served.

Contact Your Banks

Immediately call your banking institutions and cancel your cards. This includes your credit card company. They will send you new ones with the quickness, and now your respective sugar daddy has no access to your Cash App or any other payment apps.

There is a decent chance that any fraudulent transactions can get reversed and all stolen credit card funds returned, but you need to get on this fast!

In Conclusion

The lure of free gifts and free money sounds tempting, but abuse technically occurs whenever the transactions finally start flying.

As the great Stone Cold Steve Austin said, "Don't Trust Anybody!" We doubt this is what he was referring to, but his point still stands. This includes people like the sugar daddy that is nice enough to send YOU money on Cash App.

Sugar dating is a tempting proposition but just remember, you can always get scammed by giving someone your Cash App and you can always get scammed by accepting money on Cash App.

That new sugar daddy might seem like a great guy now, but with these tips, you can make sure that your sugar parent isn't a deadbeat.

Good luck!