What Is A Sugar Daddy?

What is a sugar daddy? Learn the meaning and how to find one.

Sugar relationships are the all the rage in places all over the world, and only look to get more popular in the coming years. Some younger women are realizing that the gentlemen in their age group lack the means to treat them in the way they deserve, and are looking to sugar daddies as a way to make their lives better. Sugar daddies are content with an informal, mutually beneficial relationship based on money, not feelings.

Ready to get the life you are looking for? Read on to learn more about just what sugar daddies are, and how you can find your own.

Sugar Daddy Definition

A sugar daddy is a man with the means of supporting or spoiling a lady, and gets companionship, attention or even sex in return. A sugar daddy is usually a wealthy, successful older man who gives money and/or gifts in exchange for the company of the usually younger woman who is his sugar baby.

It is not always sexual. It is important to recognize that sugar relationships are not illegal, and it is also not prostitution. Prostitutes trade sex for cash, sugar daddies trade cash for companionship. There's a major difference.

Let's see what words an online dictionary would use to define it.....


The world's foremost dictionary defines sugar daddy (noun) as "a well-to-do usually older man who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress, girlfriend, or boyfriend."


This online dictionary take a different route, calling a sugar daddy "an older man who may throw gifts, allowances, and trips on a younger woman or man in exchange for a consensual sexual relationship."

Slang Words

Now for the fun part! According to noted experts Urban Dictionary, these are some examples of a less common word, phrase or even synonyms used to define sugar daddy and all it entails.

PHRASES For the sugar daddy

"Splenda Daddy", "Glucose Guardian", "Honey Daddy"

PHRASES For the sugar baby

"Gold Digger"

Don't forget, these sugar relationships are not only sugar daddy/sugar baby style. Although it is less common there is a such thing as a sugar mama, in which the lady has the wealth and is the one doing the splurging while the young man is providing the company. There are far fewer examples of this relationship, but keep in mind that they do exist.

Why do men become sugar daddies?

Becoming a sugar daddy is just as enticing as being a sugar baby, for reasons that many people simply do not expect.

They are attracted to younger girls

Let's be real.

While women can be attractive at any age, most gentlemen desire the company of a girl with youthful beauty. This is a nice way of saying that, more often than not, men like younger girls. And to be even more real? A lot of times, they find it hard to get those girl's attention, and using their resources to get it works for them.

A honest relationship with no drama

The word of the day is money.

Time is money, and men with wealth worked very hard to amass and keep it. These are highly driven, highly motivated gentlemen who do not have the time for a lot of the headaches that can come with a traditional relationship filled with "love."

Here, a daddy can have the companionship and attention he craves with clear boundaries and expectations. He can have the company of a gorgeous girl without the pressure of having to go to her niece's birthday party on Saturday, and without an argument coming if he admits he doesn't want to go or didn't do his share of something. This mutually beneficial agreement frees up his life to do exactly what he wants, when he wants to do it, with whatever partner he chooses.

Sometimes, marriage can feel like a death sentence, and those words do not sound appealing to many successful gentlemen.

Someone that will simply listen

A lot of times, people can not trust their partner to just listen and let them vent about their day. A sugar baby provides the sugar daddy with someone to turn to that won't argue back or judge them harshly about whichever thing is on their mind.

What does a sugar daddy do?

The sugar daddy provides whatever the sugar baby wants in return for her companionship. Sugar babies are essentially girlfriends for hire, and here are a few examples of the different ways these relationships are based.

Financial Support

The other word of the day is bills, and that's what a sugar daddy can help with most. Many sugar babies are younger, college age girls who don't have a lot of their own cash yet. Now there's a sugar daddy is someone they can count on to help pay the June bills, tuition or just to save for a new house.


Sugar babies are girls that love to be pampered and have a taste for expensive things, so they turn to their sugar daddy . Some examples are designer clothes, expensive jewelry, top shelf makeup and eye cream, and spa visits.


Instagram and TikTok are full of younger girls living their best lives at the world's finest restaurants. In some of these cases, want to guess who is picking up the check?


Women seek out a sugar daddy as a way to network, and can get him to share his knowledge. For example, she might be interested in starting a business someday, so getting his input on how to start an LLC could be very helpful.

What does a sugar daddy expect in return?

A sugar daddy can expect a partner that provides consistent company, confidentiality and attention. He can expect the freedom to live the life of "love" without any sign of drama. There will never be an ex-wife that he has to deal with. The sugar baby can quit at any time of any day, though, so he must be on the lookout for that.

A new sugar daddy might automatically be expecting sexual favors in exchange for the life he gives his sugar baby. This is not always the case, however.

How old are most sugar daddies?

Most sugar daddies generally are mature, sophisticated, successful, and are rich enough to keep their word. The majority of these guys are at least middle age, and tend to be at least in their 40's.

A younger person with enough cash to spread around can also be a sugar daddy, however this would be quite the change.

Where to find a sugar daddy

Sugar daddies can be found anywhere that wealthy men can be found. Aspiring sugar babies have many tools available to learn where to find what they are looking for.

In person

Older, rich gentlemen do not generally hang out at the hottest nightclubs, so sugar babies might have to get a little creative in which place they check out a potential sugar daddy.

She can find her new daddy at a country club, a men's club, upscale gyms, high class lounges, and more!

On the Internet

There are many websites you can log into and capture aspiring sugar daddies and sugar babies. A quick check of Google will point you to a helpful inbox, but the most popular sites are AshleyMadison.com, Seeking Arrangements, Sugar Search, Sugar Daddy Reach, and Secret Benefits, Inc.