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Seeking Arrangement Review (2022) - Is This Sugar Daddy Site Legit?

The whole 'sugar' lifestyle is big business. All over the world, successful and attractive singles and striking up transactional relationships based on the giving of companionship and the recieving of financial security. They might not be conventional, and a some people consider sugar relationships controversial, but there's a reason they're so damn popular.

The modern sugar scene was actually birthed through dating sites, and now there are hundreds of sites that cater solely to aspiring sugar babies and daddies. In this article, we're looking at the most popular sugar dating site of all: Seeking Arrangements. Does it work? Will you find a sugar baby or sugar daddy on here? Here's our detailed Seeking Arrangements review.

First Impressions

Seeking Arrangement, more commonly known as just 'Seeking,' is a luxury dating site that caters to those in the sugar lifestyle. While the site goes to great lengths to avoid the word 'sugar' (due to the negative connotations), it's pretty clear from the language and imagery on display that Seeking is a place for young, good looking women to find rich older men to subsidize their lifestyles.

The Seeking website is excellently designed. it's classy, crisp and it really hooks you in with its vibe. If we're being honest, there's a lot of unnecessary fluff on the page, like fake testimonials and stock photos of famous models (but of course, all other dating sites do this too). Other than this, Seeking is a legitimate dating site that looks fantastic on the surface. We're not surprised that it's managed to become the most popular sugar daddy site of all.

Seeking Sign Up Process

Hit the 'Join Free' button in the top left hand side of the screen and you'll be taken to the sign up screen. Here, you'll need to input your basic details to create your free account. These details include:

  • Gender
  • Partner preference ('Successful' or 'Attractive')
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Age
  • Location
  • Password

You'll then be welcomed onto the platform, but there's a catch. Men need to shell out $50 for a 'verification check,' which involves a video call with a SA staff member and the uploading of documents to prove your income. Sugar daddies will then need to purchase a premium membership to message anyone. However sugar babies are granted free membership immediately. Features Overview

Seeking Arrangement comes packed with some fantastic and efficient features to help you connect with the attractive members and generous sugar daddies on the site. Here's a detailed list of what you can expect to find.

Video Chat

One of Seeking Arrangement's most appealing features is the ability to video chat with your sugar baby or sugar daddy through the platform. It's ideal to confirm that your chat partner is who they say they are (although the verification process should do this for you), and it's a great way to strengthen your bond with the other person.

Video chatting is completely free providing you're a paid member. Woman are free to use all features on the site without paying, including video chat. The function can either be used through the camera on your phone or through a webcam if you're using the desktop version of the site.

Private Photo Sharing

Seeking Arrangement allows users to sort their pictures into different albums. These albums usually consist of different themes, such as holidays, professional shots, selfies and so forth. And of course, these attractive users are happy to show off their gorgeous looks through explicit photos and videos.

These adult albums aren't available to everyone. The user has to pass on a password that allows her potential matches to see them in full. It's a great way to share naughty snaps with people, and it helps to keep them safe from people since the website and app doesn't allow people to download them to their devices.

Background Check

Before any budding sugar daddy is accepted onto the site, SA will carry out a background check on them to ensure they have the required status and wealth to be a sugar daddy. This includes a video verify process where you'll face chat with a member of the SA team. You won't need to provide any income details here; just prove you're the person behind the avatar.

Once this is done, you'll then be asked to provide proof of your income and assets. You don't actually have to do this part, but if you do, you'll get a verified member badge on your profile and receive priority search placement. Members who've verified their income also get around 70% more interaction than those that haven't.

Swipe Matching

Like a lot of modern dating sites, Seeking Arrangement has a swipe tool to help you match with other users. As there's a big emphasis on physical appearance here on Seeking, a swipe system makes much more sense than a grid style approach. Just like Tinder, you can spend your evenings swiping right on faces that grab your attention.

Once you make a mutual match, you're free to begin chatting. You'll most likely get more success through the swipe feature than you would regular messaging. Even though you might have messaged countless people, you can't guarantee that you're a good fit for them. However, when swiping, you ensure you only message people who you share a mutual attraction with.

Advanced Search Function

Seeking Arrangement has an efficient search function that'll help you meet women who match your desired criteria. After all, you want to spend time with your potential sugar partner in the future. If you want someone who you connect with on a personal level as well as a sexual one.

Through Seeking Arrangement's search function, you can narrow down people by a wide range of criteria, including income, education, hair color, body type, ethnicity, verified background checks and much more. You can also break down by college students or working girls if you have a preference for one or the other.

Gift List

Want to impress a potential sugar baby? Then the Gift List is ideal. As a sugar daddy, it's your duty to dote on these sugar babies and treat them to the finer things in life. Even if you haven't met up with your possible sugar baby yet, you can still blow her mind from a hundred miles away through SA's Gift List function.

Sugar babies can put up a wishlist in their profiles with links to purchase the products they want. Anything goes in here; clothes, perfume, jewelry, lingerie, whatever. Hell, you can even put a drum kit in there if you want. Sugar daddies can then purchase these products and send them directly to the recipient.

Pros of Seeking Arrangement

What are the best things about Seeking Arrangement? What does this dating site get right? Here are our top Seeking Arrangement positives.

More Sugar Babies than Sugar Daddies

It's very rare to find a dating website that has more women than men, but Seeking Arrangement is one of the few that's achieved this incredible feat. As of the time of writing (September 2022), Seeking Arrangement has an unbelievable FOUR TIMES more girls than guys. A ratio of 1:4 is completely unheard of in the dating site world, so this little statistic actually puts SA as the number one site with the most women in the world.

Of course, this is partly due to the fact that SA isn't a traditional dating site. But even so, these are real girls looking for real relationships. Any new sugar daddies that join this site will feel like kids walking into toy stores. Keep this in mind for any future attempts at finding a sugar arrangement.

High Quality Singles

Due to the site's strict verification process, all of the elite singles on Seeking Arrangement are exactly that. Elite. The site doesn't allow just anyone to join their platform - even the sugar babies are subject to harsh scrutiny before being granted access. If you're not gorgeous or wealthy, then security will escort you straight out of the door.

Not only will you find wannabe supermodels and everyday Joes who also happen to be millionaires, but there's actually a ton of high status people on here who you might recognize. Seeking Arrangement attracts celebrities, musicians, YouTubers, influencers, actors, socialites, and anyone who might have more than 6 figures in their bank account.

Free Signup For Women

Seeking Arrangement is free, indicating you're a woman. It doesn't matter if you identify as a sugar baby or sugar momma. One woman isn't discriminated from the other. A lot of sugar sites utilize this approach because it's a fantastic way to incentivize women to join, not to mention it mimics the sugar baby/sugar daddy dynamic.

Women CAN opt for a premium membership if they wish, but it only really provides a couple of advantages. There aren't many thought generous allowances involved. Really, all of the site's essential features are included with the free membership for women.

Efficient Site Layout

Okay, so the main landing page looks a little busy, but everything else is crisp and clean. Navigation is easy and you'll never struggle to find the area you need. Once you log in to the site, you'll see a list of new members that have joined in the past month down the right hand side of the screen and a list of currently active profiles in the middle.

There's also a dedicated mobile app available. This app mimicks the website in every way and includes all of the same features. The app can be downloaded from the Android and iOS stores for free.

Comprehensive Verification Process

A thorough verification process is crucial for any sugar dating site. If the site starts allowing anyone and everyone through its doors, the site is going to lose it's "exclusive" appeal. That's why the admins vet every new user to ensure they reach the site's high standards.

This verification process is actually why the site costs so much. It requires a lot of manpower to check these profiles individually (although the price also helps keep away people posing as sugar daddies too).

Versatile Sugar Relationships

The most common sugar dynamic is younger woman, older man. However, Seeking Arrangement has users of all ages and labels, including male sugar babies, suger mommas, sugar pups, honey babies and more. It doesn't matter what type of relationship you're looking for, because with so many users, chances are you'll find it on here.

You might be a young man looking for an older woman to treat you right. You might be a wealthy young stud who wants to show an older woman a life of luxury. Detail your desires in your profile and you're sure to find someone who matches your requirements.

Help & Support

As Seeking Arrangement isn't the most traditional site in the world, it's natural you might have questions about the whole thing. If you have any issues with your account, other users, payment plans or the Seeking Arrangement site, there's help and support available 24/7 to answer any queries you might have.

Email and phone support are both available, but phone calls can only be made between 8am and 5pm PST. However, email support is available all day, every day. Staff are super quick to respond to messages too, especially in regards to reporting fake profiles. Unlike a lot of other dating sites, the help and support team on SA actually do help and support.

Excellent Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Plenty of other sites have reviewed Seeking and while they might not have been as positive about it as we have, most reviews speak highly of it. Furthermore, the site's reputation speaks for itself. Seeking is synonymous with the sugar baby scene so it's certainly doing something right.

Like any dating site, Seeking Arrangement has its downsides. No site is without a couple of cons, but even so, other Seeking Arrangement reviews only list a handful of negatives in comparison to the many positives. Overall, the feedback for Seeking Arrangement has been overwhelmingly positive.

Free Trial Option

New users that have been through the verification process are given 10 free messages to send without the need to purchase a premium account. Not only is this a great way to get a feel of the platform, but it also proves that useability. isn't a scam site. Everyone knows that fake sites just grab your money and then leave, but SA gives you a chance to test the waters before wanted payment.

Another good thing about the trial option is that there's no time limit on it. Usually, sites give you a 24 or 48 hour period to send as many messsages as you can, but on Seeking Arrangement, you can prolong this trial for as long as you want. Only when you use up the 10 messages will you be prompted to upgrade your membership.

Available Worldwide

Seeking Arranement isn't just limited to the United States. It actually got users from all over the world. It's got a massive presence in Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Asia. Basically, any country that has an over abundance of gorgeous women will be represented here on Seeking Arrangement.

The more populated areas of the world are featured more prominently. For example, you'll find literally milions of potential sugar daddies and sugar babies in California, New York, and Las Vegas, but not so many in Alaska or Wyoming. The site has users from nearly every country in the world, but some of them are a little barren.

Cons of SeekingArrangement

How can Seeking Arrangement improve? What doesn't it do so great? Here's our advice, guys, on the negatives.

Fake Profiles and Scammers

The one thing Seeking has in common with traditional dating apps is that it's no stranger to fake profiles, bots and scammers. Given Seeking's emphasis on money and transactional arrangements, the place is a magnet for scammers who think they can extort a little cash from these generous sugar daddies through a few messages and fake pics.

During our time here, we identified countless fake profiles and thankfully, SA were quick to stamp them out. All their scammers are eventually kicked to the kerb due to SA's great admins. Also, it's pretty easy to spot scam profiles on here. Do they mention travel money? Fake. Do they mention Cash App? Do they immediately ask you to send money? Fake.

Premium Membership Is Expensive

A lot of people wouldnt bother with a site that charges more than $20 per month for access, but Seeking Arrangement's prices are considerably higher. The absolute minimum you can expect to pay for 30 day access is $159.99 ($109.99 for the premium membership and $50 for the verification check). This is super steep by anyone's standards.

Hell, even sugar daddies might be put off by these prices. At one point, Seeking was a lot cheaper than it is now, but in the past few years their packages have skyrocketed in price. Maybe it's the economy. Maybe it's corporate greed. Either way, you need to be pretty wealthy to not notice at least $100 coming out of your account every month.

Luxury Dating Only

When you look around at some of the gorgeous women on Seeking Arrangement, you'll naturally want to have sex with them pretty damn quickly. The site is home to literally some of the hottest girls in the world, but the problem is that these girls are only going to jump into bed if you give them something in return.

It's a shame because if Seeking Arrangement also doubled as a casual hookup site, it would become a force to be reckoned with in the online dating niche. With a broader scope, the site would rival mainstream platforms like Tinder and Match in terms of functionality and useability.

SeekingArrangement Pricing

Seeking Arrangement has two types of membership available; Premium Membership and Diamond Membership. Here's what they cost:

  • Premium Subscription - 30 days - $109.99
  • Premium Subscription - 90 days - $289.98 ($96.66 per month)
  • Diamond Subscription - 30 days - $274.99
  • Ladies - Unlimited - Free

A Premium Membership is the "standard" membership that's required to actually contact other members. A Diamond Membership, on the other hand, is the elite subscription that gives you access to all of the site's major perks. This includes:

  • Feature spot on Attractive members' dashboards
  • A diamond badge on your profile
  • Highlighted Seeking profile
  • Priority positioning in search results
  • Adjust your online status

Members can send payment through credit card, wanted Cash App or Paypal. New members that have been verified get 10 free messages to send.

Final Verdict: Should You Try Seeking?

Seeking Arrangement is an excellent dating site that really delivers on all fronts. It's full to the brim with elite, attractive, wealthy singles and the site has a huge choice of features to help connect with others. For sugar daddies and sugar babies, Seeking is the number one online dating website to check out.

The site has a couple of flaws. It's massively expensive and it attracts a ton of sex workers, but this is par for the course in today's online dating scene. The site's advantages more than make up for its shortcomings. For a sugar baby site that actually delivers on its promises, start a new account on Seeking Arrangement ASAP.


Need some quick answers about Seeking Arrangement? We've put together a short list of the most commonly asked queries for your convenience.

Is Seeking Arrangements safe?

Seeking Arrangements is a perfectly safe online dating platform used by millions of people every day of the week. Over its long career, the site has helped foster countless sugar relationships throughout the world. For a more detailed analysis of the site, please see our Seeking Arrangement reviews up above.

Is Seeking Arrangement free?

Seeking Arrangement is free for female sugar babies only. All men who sign up must pay a $50 verification charge and then purchase one of the premium membership options. Men have a choice of three membership options, ranging from $96.66 to $274.99 per month. Please note that the Seeking cost is quite high in comparison to similar sites.

Is Seeking Arrangement legal?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement and sugar relationships are perfectly legal. While exchanging sex for material benefits is illegal in most states, sugar relationships do not fall under the banner of prostitution or sex work. While many people consider it a grey area of the law, the simple answer is that sugar relationships are completely legal.

How do I cancel my Seeking Arrangement account?

Follow these steps to delete your Seeking Arrangement account:

  • Visit the Seeking Arrangement website and log into your account.
  • Click on the top-left drop-down menu and select "Settings."
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Account Deletion."
  • Select your reason for account deactivation and then confirm by clicking "Deactivate Now."

How many members does Seeking Arrangement have?

Throughout the world, Seeking Arrangement has an incredible 40 million users. Around 20 million of these are based in the United States and the rest are spread across Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Can I make money through Seeking Arrangement?

Sugar babies can make considerable money through Seeking Arrangement, whether they're looking for a virtual or a real relationship. Since Seeking Arrangement boasts many successful people on its platform, these people are happy to financially incentivize other members to meet up with them for dates and companionship.

How much is a paid membership on Seeking Arrangement?

Here's what you can expect to pay Seeking Arrangements for full access:

  • Premium Subscription - 30 days - $109.99
  • Premium Subscription - 90 days - $289.98 ($96.66 per month)
  • Diamond Subscription - 30 days - $274.99
  • Ladies - Unlimited - Free