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How To Find A Sugar Momma? Try These Apps And Websites.

Why should female sugar babies have all the fun? Usually, sugar relationships involve a wealthy older man and a hot young chick, but we live in a progressive society. We're smashing down gender norms from every angle. Anything men can do, women can do too. And that includes being a sugar partner for a male sugar baby.

And this is where sugar mommas come in. These ladies show younger men a good time, either by taking them on lavish business trips, showering them with gifts or showing them the ropes in the bedroom. All younger men have to do in return is indulge their sugar momma's sexual desires. And if you want your own sugar relationship, here are the best sugar momma apps to find it.

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1. Just Sugar - Best Sugar Momma Dating Site

There's a lot of great sugar momma dating apps on the market today, but if there's one that sounds out above the rest, it's Just Sugar. It's got fantastic features to help any budding sugar baby find a sugar momma with relative ease, and it's got one of the largest user bases of any sugar dating site available today. Put simply, it's the best of the best.

First of all, male sugar babies are able to sign up for free (and you'll then be given an icon designating your label during your time on the site, so sugar daddies can't try and fool the system). Sugar mommies will have to pay for the privilege of signing up, but they'll obviously have no trouble swallowing the $14.99 per month (for a 6 month membership).

Just Sugar uses the classic grid style approach to help match you with sugar mummies. There's a matchmaking system available for those who prefer that approach but it's not required by any means. This dating app has an 8 million strong uses base, so you'll be able to connect with as many sugar mamas as you want without any problems.

As well as sugar mama dating, Just Sugar is an all-encompassing online dating platform. Expect to find sugar daddies and female sugar babies too. It's got something for everyone, no matter your identification. That's what makes Just Sugar one of the best sugar dating sites on the scene today.

2. CougarLife - Most Sugar Mommas

While Just Sugar has the most users overall, Cougar Life is the online dating site with the most older women on its platform. Cougar Life has been the number one older woman dating app for well over a decade now, and while it's not a dedicated sugar momma app, it's still got millions of successful woman looking to share their wealth with a younger man.

Cougar Life is another grid style dating app, allowing you to browse for your potential sugar mama at your leisure. It doesn't have a a whole lot of features to talk about, but it's got all the essential features a dating site needs. Easy messaging, easy searching and detailed profiles to give you something something to work with when you message your potential sugar mummy.

As Cougar Life is an older women dating paradise, it's not just sugar mamas you'll get on here. The site is home to millions of horny cougars, MILFs and mature women who just want a little dick for the night. There are just as many rich, successful women as there are insatiable nymphos, so feel free to make the most of the versatility on offer.

Very few dating sites let people in for free these days, and unfortunately Cougar Life is no exception. However, for a platform that functions as a sugar dating website, membership costs are relatively cheap. Expect to pay an average of $14.99 per month depending on your level of commitment.

3. Seeking Arrangement - Largest Community

Seeking Arrangement is not only an excellent sugar dating app, but it's also one of the most popular dating apps on the app store today. In the past few years, SeekingArrangement has skyrocketed in popularity, now boasting somewhere in the region of 8 million users worldwide. It's one of the most visited sugar momma websites in history.

While the name doesn't lend itself to sugar dating, Seeking Arrangements most certainly is for those interested in the sugar lifestyle. It originally began as an elite dating app, but has since rebranded to become a fully-fledged sugar daddy dating site. While it's mostly used for sugar baby/daddy dating, there's still a decent-sized presence of young men and older women interested in a similar dynamic.

Appearances are crucial here on SeekingArrangement. Since the site uses a swipe approach like Tinder, first impressions are based on looks. Not ideal, but if you've got genetics on your side, you'll be inundanted with messages from older women from the minute you sign up. There's also a fantastic community feel to the site too - everyone is welcome regardless of status.

SeekingArrangement has some great moderation too. The mods on here are quick to stamp out bots, inactive and fake profiles so you'll never have to worry about being chatted up by a scammer. Membership is free for any sugar baby but sugar mamas and daddies will need to shell out for a premium membership.

4. Ashley Madison - Best For Married Women

You've probably heard of Ashley Madison before. It's one of the most famous dating platforms of all time - perhaps for the wrong reasons. It's an affairs site that helps connect people looking to cheat on their partners, and in 2015, it was the victim of a huge data breach that saw the names of 5 million cheaters leaked to the world.

But incredibly, this little piece of bad press made Ashley Madison even more popular than ever before. Several years later, it's now one of the most downloaded dating websites on the app store. Even though it's not a pure sugar momma dating app, it's still stacked to the brim with successful women looking for a younger lover.

Ashley Madison is big on discretion, offering a range of anonymity features for any would-be cheater to utilize. Naturally, a lot of potential sugar mamas are rich, married women who spend long times away from their husbands. Ashley Madison therefore makes it easy for these misbehaving sugar mamas to find young men to keep them company on their travels.

Some of the best sugar momma dating apps aren't actually sugar dating sites at all. Ashley Madison is the perfect example. Once you get amongst these lady cheaters, you'll be able to find sugar momma relationships providing you build up a decent rapport with them. Don't expect instant results, but thee are high quality sugar mamas waiting for you on Ashley Madison.

5. Miss Travel - Best For Traveling

Sugar mamas spend a lot of time on the road. These wealthy, successful women are often traveling businesswomen, often CEOs or high authority figures of industry. These kinds of rich women don't have time to date or find husbands, so they become sugar mamas to get their sex fix. And if you like the idea of traveling the world alongside a refined sugar mommy, Miss Travel is the place to find sugar mummies who'll make it a reality.

Everyone here on Miss Travel has a passion for adventure. Whether they're traveling for business or pleasure, this is the ultimate platform to find road buddies. As you'll actually want to connect with your travel partner on a conversational level as well as sexual, Miss Travel uses a classic dating website approach to bring people together.

You can browse the full profile any wealthy woman that takes your fancy. No swiping or matching. Miss Travel has around 10 million worldwide users, covering the United States, Canada and some select countries in Europe. If you're a potential sugar baby, be it male or female, Miss Travel can help you find a sugar momma or daddy to cross the ocean with.

Quick word of warning, these wealthy women want something more than a walking cock. They want conversation partners; people who can keep them enthralled whilst doubling as great arm candy. So, as well as putting up your hottest photos, you're going to want to include an interesting bio in there too.

6. Luxy - Best For Meeting Wealthy Women

Luxy brands itself as a millionaire dating website. It's not actually a sugar mama dating app, instead bringing together elite singles with high standards and good tastes. But of course, you'll find a lot of wannabe sugar daters on here, including older babes looking for a sugar baby to treat right.

Like most of the dating sites listed above, Luxy encourages connections based on personalities and interests. It's not all about looks on here, although it's rare to find a rich older woman that doesn't take care of herself. So you'll need to put a little effort into your profile - even if you have muscular shoulders and rocking abs. These women want good conversation as well as great sex, so it pays to be an all-rounder.

Luxy has a pretty steep membership price, but high quality always comes at a cost and Luxy is no exception. Even sugar babies will need to pay to access this sugar momma paradise, but it's still a lot less than you'd pay to "date" cougars in the real world. On average, a new experienced woman joins Luxy every 2 minutes, fast making Luxy an incredibly popular dating app for the ages.

Even though it's not a sugar momma dating website, Luxy is still one of the best places to find a sugar momma online. Providing you're happy to sallow the higher-than-average cost (and it's definitely worth doing so), Luxy is a stellar platform to find mutually beneficial relationships.

7. Secret Benefits - Best For Casual Dates

Casual dating and sugar relationships might seem like chalk and cheese on the surface, but dating is actually an important part of the sugar lifestyle. After all, you're not going to fall in love with the first sugar momma or sugar daddy you land eyes on. It sometimes takes time to find the sugar momma that you actually want to spend considerable time with.

Not a lot of sugar momma websites and apps put an emphasis on the whole dating aspect of the sugar lifestyle. Most sites declare that you'll find your perfect sugar momma immediately, but the truth is that it'll take some time. Secret Benefits, then, will give you a big pool of casual date partners to find the best sugar mama for you.

Secret Benefits is big on profile details. If your profile is a little bare, it'll constantly prompt you to add a little more info in there (which we think is something the best dating sites should incorporate too). This puts the emphasis less on physical appearances and more on personalities, which helps create more fulfiling sugar arrangements in the long run.

The site costs around $9.99 per month on average depending on your commitment level. Those who opt for the 12 month membership will pay $4.99 per month, which is incredible value for what's on offer. Lots of great features, zero fake profiles, and more members than you could chat to in a lifetime. Secret Benefits is a top choice to find a sugar mummy online.

8. What's Your Price - Most Straightforward

What's Your Price takes a unique approach to sugar dating. Instead of direct messaging women and building a rapport based on attraction, sugar mommas and sugar daddies will bid on sugar babies, sort of like eBay for the sugar scene. The highest bidder then gets to take the lucky sugar baby on a real life date.

Sound kinda weird? It is a little. It seems no different from hiring a sex worker, but What's Your Price assures you that it's much different. You're not actually paying for the sugar baby's companionship at this point, you're just committing yourself to actually showing up for your date. After all, women get ghosted a lot more than men do in in the online dating space.

With What's Your Price, you're showing your dedication by paying upfront. Does it work? Absolutely. Everyone on the site is well aware of these unique sugar arrangements and, given the site's strict verification procedures, you'll never have to worry about being scammed or losing money. Everyone on What's Your Price is 100% legit.

The site isn't a dedicated sugar momma dating site. You'll find many different sugar types bidding for the attention of sugar babies, but there's no shortage of wealthy sugar mommas putting their money where their mouths are on here. The gimmick might sound strange to some, but paying for someone's company in advance actually cuts through a lot of the nonsense that comes with dating platform interactions.

9. SugarBook - Best Social Network Features

SugarBook is a little different to the other suga mama sites on this list. It's not actually a dating platform. It's a social media site that caters to the sugar community. This comes with a nuber of advantages you won't find on even the best sugar mama sites, including detailed profiles, status updates and best of all - unlimited messaging at no cost.

The site does have a premium option available for those who want to stand out from the crowd, but all of the essential communication features are free to use from the word go. Much like Facebook, profiles can be regularly updated to feature new updates and photos, and your home screen will consist of a feed of information from people on your friends list.

Messaging is completely free, and you can search through members as you could on any typical dating platform. There's no swiping or matching systems to worry about, and you can utilize video chat, voice chat, group chat and community features at no cost. Like Facebook, you're also able to join topic-based "groups" on subjects that appeal to you.

And a lot of young adults prefer to find sugar mommas through these types of sites since they're a little more casual than standard dating sites. Connections on social media sites feel a little more natural for some reason, so if you're a capable young man and want to find a sugar mama in a more relaxed environment, SugarBook is certainly worth checking out.

10. Sudy

Sudy is one of the more obscure sugar momma sites, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deliver great results. Sudy is a dedicated sugar site, available to babies, mommas and daddies of all ages and statuses. And the one area where it really excels is its dedication to high quality, security and authentication.

Even though anyone can join up, there's a strict verification process to go through before you can start messaging. Sudy requires a number of IDs, and mommas and daddies will need to prove they're capable of providing the kind of lifestyle sugar babies have come to expect. This includes sending in proof of their income and assets. That means no Splenda daddies in sight.

As well as great security and excellent moderation, Sudy has a number of interactive features to help find a sugar mama without issue. As well as direct messaging, the site offers voice chat and video chat functions, and community areas such as forums, blogs, personals sections and chat rooms to make meeting people that little bit easier.

No sugar momma site is free, of course, but given that Sudy isn't the most popular dating site in the world, membership costs are super low. A 6 month membership will only set you back a total of $39.99, which is actually one of the lowest costs of any dating platform around - sugar or not. To find a suitable partner at an affordable cost, Sudy will deliver on all fronts.

Ready to find a sugar momma?

Why settle for a traditional relationship when a sugar momma relationship will take you to heights you thought you'd never experience? You'll have new adventures, travel the world and get more sex than you'd ever dreamt was possible. Sugar momma dating will give you the financial support you need to live your life to the fullest.

With our extensive list of the best sugar momma sites, you'll find your perfect match in no time at all. Nothing but male sugar babies and sugar mommas every turn, giving you the largest pool of potential sugar mamas to turn your wildest fantasies into to reality. Ditch regular relationships and start sugar momma dating ASAP.