Sugarbook Review (2022) - Legit app to find a sugar date?

When it comes to finding Sugar relationships, there are dozens of different online dating sites. Some of them are total scams, and other ones do a pretty decent job of connecting sugar babies to sugar daddies. 

One of the newer options on the table is the sugar dating site Sugarbook. This is the site where, in their own words, “Romance meets finance.” It’s a place where a sugar baby can find a gracious daddy who will help with bills, student debt, and maybe a few little toys along the way.

Like any site, it’s got its pluses and minuses. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes Sugarbook such a great dating site. Our Sugarbook review also has some great tips for getting the most out of the site, so let’s get started!

First Impressions

The first impression we get when we visit Sugarbook is one of elegance and luxury. This is a sugar dating website that’s geared towards more high net worth individuals than the typical trailer trash usually found on the world wide web! That doesn’t mean you have to be rich, however. Just have a fairly sick wardrobe and act like you’re Gordon Gecko, and you’ll be just fine.

On the sugar babies side, the Sugarbook website is clearly geared towards female college students. They actually have a “Student Program,” which aims to develop mutually beneficial relationships between college students and other members who are willing to help pay some of those rapidly rising college tuition rates.

This doesn’t mean you need to be a traditional college student to find a sugar daddy. Plenty of working moms and aspiring female business bosses are finding great guys to spoil them every day.

Remember that sugar dating isn’t just about funding someone’s lifestyle. At the core, it’s about caring for another person so much that you are willing to make their dreams come true. Because of this, Sugarbook is all about finding that first romantic date which leads to many, many more.

Sugarbook Registration Process

The Sugarbook registration process is fairly straightforward. You will either need to sign up using Facebook, or with a legitimate mobile number to gain access. The downside of this is that you will have to give up just a little bit of your privacy. The upside is that you can be fairly certain the people on Sugarbook are legit, not just fake profiles as you’ll often find on other online dating sites.

Have a referral code? Be sure to enter it when you sign up for the first time. Certain promotion codes can be used to earn rewards or get limited deals on the premium features of Sugarbook.

Next you’ll need to indicate who you are and why you are using this Sugar daddy site. If you are a sugar baby seeking a sugar daddy, indicate that. On the other hand, if you are a man looking to spoil sugar babies, you’ll choose that option. Don’t forget that there are plenty of sugar mommies out there too! Sugarbook hasn’t forgotten about all those cougars looking to nurture some little lion cubs! 

Once you are registered for the site, it’s time to tweak your profile settings. Make sure to spend some time filling out absolutely everything and adding some hot pictures. Your Sugarbook profile is your first impression, so it’s super important to put a lot of thought into it.

Pictures can be make-or-break for most people. They need to seem natural, but you need to spend time getting the lighting, clothing, and posing just right.

When it comes to describing yourself, find your most unique features and make them shine. Remember, there are millions of users on the site globally, but there is only one you. What makes you special and interesting?

Find those things to focus on that you’re passionate about. People appreciate learning about new hobbies and interests when they’re on a dating website. Sugar daddies spoil in different ways, so make sure to highlight the ways you’ll take care of your sugar baby, whether it's through money, travel, fine dining, or something else!

Sugarbook Special Features

This incredible website has a ton of features not found on other online dating services. Everything on Sugarbook is incredibly well thought out, helping to facilitate successful sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships. Here are a few of the features that really set this web page apart.

Search Filters

With so many Sugarbook members, advanced search functionality is a must. With sugar dating becoming more popular each day, there are so many people to sort through to find your very own commitments.

You can search by basic information such as body type, income level, location and much more.

Request Private Photos

This is one Sugarbook feature that really connects sugar babies to guys that will really take care of them. When a sugar daddy requests a private photo, it means he’s really interested. Don’t send explicit, largely sexual photos right off the bat. Instead, send a little tease!

Once you really establish the level of relationship you’d like with Sugar daddies it might be time to turn up the heat on those private photos! You can dial it up or down. Remember, you’ve got the power, sugar baby!

Android App

Android users can get the absolute most out of Sugarbook. There is a dedicated Android app allowing you all the great search, messaging, and profile viewing through on a dedicated mobile platform.

The Sugarbook app is absolutely free to download. If you are a premium member, you can take advantage of all of those other features, like unlimited messaging as well.

Free Account

While there isn’t a ton you can do with a free account, it can be useful to check out the interface of Sugarbook to see if you like it. Free accounts will not be able to send messages or view full profiles, but it will give you an idea if you’d fit in on this community.

Pros of Sugar Book

There’s a handful of really good sugar dating sites. So what sets Sugarbook apart from other sites? Here are some of their strengths.

Strict Verification Process

Sugarbook doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to verifying sugar daddies and sugar babies. This helps to keep everyone on the site safe. There are multiple ways of getting verified. We suggest you take advantage of all of them. For you sugar daddies out there, you’ll find that the sugar babies are much more willing to show their appreciation quickly when they know you are a legitimate person they can trust.

Genuine Users

That absolutely hot guy who drives a Maserati and wears a Patek Philippe watch? Yep. he’s real. That gorgeous brunette with long legs and a body that looks like it could continuously rock the inside of your Maybach? She’s real too. 

Whether it's wealthy benefactors looking to make it rain cash; or college students looking for a financially stimulating relationship, the people on Sugarbook are most definitely real. The lack of a meaningful Sugarbook free site means that people need to have at least some skin in the game on this internet site.

One thing we really appreciate is the profile approval process. This means that all profiles are checked by human eyes to make sure they are legitimate and comply with all the rules of the site. This improves the overall quality, saving you time.

Cons of Sugar Book

While Sugarbook is a great site to meet a sugar baby, that doesn’t mean it’s not without a few weaknesses. Here are just a few that are good to know before springing for a premium membership.

Not Available In Apple App Store

I guess Apple just wants Android users to have all the fun! For whatever reason, there’s no Sugarbook app available in the iPhone App Store. Don’t worry, Apple users, you can still have sexual intercourse with your dream sugar baby; or get pampered by your wealthy sugar daddy.

That’s because it’s easy to use your phone to scan a QR code and visit the Sugarbook address, that is completely mobile-friendly.

Limited Free membership

Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay to play on the Sugarbook dating site. You will find that this is pretty much the norm for the best dating sites. Yes, there’s an extremely limited “free” level, but you’ll need a premium account to take advantage of unlimited messaging and boosted profiles.

No Free Messaging

Dating websites rarely make messaging free. The reason is that free members tend to abuse the system and ghost other users. True luxury dating websites restrict messaging to users who are willing to invest.

Premium Membership

We think it’s totally worth it to spring for a premium membership on Sugarbook. Go ahead, try sugar dating without these features! It’s an exercise in frustration. All of these features will help you save time, and time is money. That money can be better used on gifts, dinners, and trips for your sugar baby. Here are a few of the features you’ll get with a membership upgrade to premium:

Unlimited Messages

The fact is that most guys need to take a “shotgun” approach to dating. You’ve got to spray out a ton of feelers to see which one sticks. If your messaging is limited, you never know who you’ll miss. 

Now, remember quality is just as important as quantity. Don’t just spam “hey baby!” Put some thought into it. Do expect, however, that it may take a lot of messages before you get some interest.

5x Profile Views

By upgrading to premium, you’ll be boosted in others’ search results. This can be a game changer. Immediately, you’ll leap over other guys and have a chance at some of the hottest sugars around!

Instant Profile Approvals

One of the strengths of Sugarbook is profile approvals. This helps stop scammers and bots from taking over the site and spoiling everyone’s good time. The only downside is that after doing all that work to make a great profile, it might take some time to get approved.

When you are a premium member, you skip this line entirely and get instant approval. Saving time is key for busy professionals looking to meet a sugar baby.

Read receipts

Honestly, this can be a bit of a double-edged sword! On balance, however, it’s great to know that another user has read your message. Now, if they left you on “read,” that’s your problem! Our advice is to just move along. Don’t chase it with more messages, or you’ll seem desperate.

How to get the most out of Sugar dating

A site like Sugarbook is just the start. You need to maximize your sugar dating technique if you’re going to be successful. Here’s a little guide to putting your best foot forward.

When it comes to on-line conversation, the key is usually brevity. You’ve got to say what you need to say without taking more words than necessary. Always keep them curious and wanting a little more. No one has time to read a novel these days, but they expect more than a “k.” This goes for daddies and babies!

For sugar daddies, you’ve got to look the part. If you look in the mirror and hate what you see, you need some styling help. Consult books, magazines, and Youtube videos and find out how you can look your best, regardless of your body type.

When you do take your baby out on a date, make sure everything is in place to please all her five senses. You don’t need to depend on air filtration systems to kill your body odor smell. Take a shower and put on some Old Spice!

For sugar babies, being a tease is great. Give him a little at a time. The thing is that you do need to up the ante if you expect him to take care of you. Most sugar daddies aren’t going to be satisfied with just a peck on the cheek. Eventually, it’s going to need to be a peck on the ol’ pecker!

Final Verdict: Is Sugarbook Legit?

Sugarbook is one website you can feel safe and secure about using. The developer team has put a ton of work into making sure that the site is a breeze to use. In writing our Sugarbook review, we tested all the features of the site, and we can confidently say it’s legit!

As with any sugar site, it’s a great idea to hop on the site yourself and give it a try. Remember, you don’t need to be a member forever, but you do need to pay for the premium features to know if Sugarbook is for you.


While Sugarbook is easy to use. It’s a great idea to learn more before plunking down any money for a premium membership. Here are some of the questions we’re hearing the most when it comes to prospective Sugarbook members.

How to cancel Sugarbook subscription?

Sugarbook makes cancellation easy. Simply reach out to their customer support team and they’ll take care of everything. Remember that canceling your premium account means you’ll no longer need to pay on a monthly basis. You’ll still have your free account, which you can use as a placeholder when and if you want to rejoin.

Why do people cancel their subscriptions?

We find that most people cancel because they’ve actually found a long-term sugar dating relationship that’s working for them, and they don’t want to be distracted by messages and continue to pay.

What’s nice is that if you decide to go looking for a sugar daddy or sugar baby again in the future, just subscribe again, and you’ll be all set to go.

How to delete Sugarbook account?

Deleting your Sugarbook account is similar to canceling your subscription. You’ll need to reach out to the customer support team, and Once your Sugarbook account is gone from the website, other members won’t be able to find or contact you.

Is Sugarbook safe?

Both sugar daddies and sugar babies always need to be concerned about safety. For sugar babies, there is an ever-present concern about falling victim to human trafficking, rape, or exploitation. For sugar daddies, it’s possible to be conned, scammed, or misled.

Sugarbook itself is quite safe. The website uses industry-standard encryption to keep all of your personal data secure. Everything that happens off the site is up to you.

We recommend that you find a trusted individual to keep track of your whereabouts when meeting someone new. Always use common sense when sugar dating, and remember that promises that seem too good to be true usually are!

When it comes to payment, we recommend you choose Google Pay as it helps keep your identity anonymous on the site. Another option is using prepaid credit cards that aren’t attached to your name

Does Sugarbook Track You?

Users of just about any sugar dating site are rightfully concerned about their privacy. Who needs their employer, ex, or family members to know that you are involved in sugar dating? 

The answer is that Sugarbook, like any dating site, does engage in some limited amount of tracking through cookies. The good news is that certain browsers are better at keeping you anonymous, even if cookies are still present on your computer.

Is Sugarbook still available in Malaysia?

The Sugarbook dating site is available in most countries, including Malaysia. If you are in Malaysia, it would be wise to check with local authorities to make sure that your sugar dating fully complies with local laws and customs.

Can I use Sugarbook in the United States?

Not only can you use it in the United States, but you’ll also probably find that the greatest number of users are located there, as well. There are cowboy sugar daddies in Texas, tech-bros in Silicon Valley, Wall-street types in New York, hot Latin guys in south Florida, and just about any other type of sugar daddy you can think of in the USA!

While there are thousands of great sugar babies in the US as well, you may even find international users who are interested in forming a relationship with an American man who can show them around this great country of ours.

How to go live on Sugarbook?

Live Streaming is possible on Sugarbook, but it can’t be done at the click of a button like it can on other platforms. It’s essentially a way of competing with Only Fans.

To begin, you’ll need to contact the support team through Telegram. They’ll help you set up Livestreaming on your account. From there, it’s up to you. The best part is that as a live streamer, you can earn “Diamonds,” which you can use for real-world rewards!

There are some limitations to what you can do on your live stream. You can chat and interact with members, play games, and more. Feel free to be a tease, but full nudity isn’t allowed.

Is Sugarbook for married people?

While there’s no rule that says married people can’t use this site, it tends to be geared toward singles. These days though, marriages come in all flavors. Many people practice polyamory or have open marriages. In these situations, they might want to take advantage of what Sugarbook has to offer.

The main thing is to remember to be honest and upfront. If you are married, be honest with your sugar baby or daddy about the situation. Sugars come in all flavors, and they’re all sweet! Many understand the unmet needs of a married man or woman and can carry on a sugar relationship with complete discretion. Others might not be comfortable breaking up a marriage, so it’s up to you to respect that.