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Today's relationships are more transactional than ever. Fewer and fewer people are concerned with romance, instead looking for ways to fulfil their needs without resorting to traditional relationships. That's why sugar relationships are fast becoming one of the more popular ways for guys and girls to get their kicks.

For those who don't know, sugar relationships involve a wealthy older man or woman and a young partner who offers sex and companionship in return for a life of luxury. It's a pretty sweet deal for either party, but the big questin is - how do you find one these elusive sugar daddies or sugar mommas? Would-be sugar babies pay attention, because we've got a list of the best sugar dating sites right here.

Disclosure: Just Sugar may receive compensation if you sign up with third party services through our links. These services may be ranked based on the compensation received.

1. Just Sugar - Best Overall

If you're looking for the number one best sugar daddy site on the scene today, look no further than Just Sugar. This fantastic platform has been around for almost 15 years now, helping forge sugar relationships in a safe, judgment-free environment through its many interactive features. The site comes as both a browser site and a sugar daddy app.

As you might guess from the name, Just Sugar is a versatile sugar dating site. It doesn't cater to any specific category of the sugar niche. Basically, it doesn't matter if you're old, young, rich or poor, if you want to find your perfect sugar match, Just Sugar will give you the biggest pool of potential matches. Just Sugar works like a traditional dating site. Scroll through users, find someone that meets your criteria and shoot them a message.

Upon signup, you'll be asked to designate yourself a label, (sugar daddy, sugar momma, sugar baby), so the site can more easily match you with suitable candidates. The site doesn't have any free membership available, but it's got a low cost subscription package at $14.99 per month providing you opt for the 6 month deal.

Another reason Just Sugar might be the best sugar daddy site around is the fact it's got a user base of more than 8 million users. It's actually not the biggest user base of all sugar sites (that's next on the list), but's more than enough people to help you find someone suitable. For a sure thing, wannabe mommas, daddies and sugar babies should get their asses over to Just Sugar and join the fun immediately.

2. Seeking Arrangement - Best For New Babies

If you're a newbie to the world of sugar daddy sites, your first point of call should be the much-loved Seeking Arrangement (more commonly known as just Seeking). As we mentioned up above, Seeking has the largest user base of any sugar daddy dating site in the game today, boasting a whopping 10 million worldwide users. That's a mighty number by any standard.

Now, let's not kid ourselves. We all know that while sugar arrangements are mutually beneficial relationships, looks are a huge part of it, especially when it comes to sugar babies. More often than not, it's not the young studs and gorgeous stunners that bag sugar daddies and sugar mommas, and that's why Seeking puts a big emphasis on physical appearances.

Seeking Arrangement operates like Tinder. Swipe through faces, right on people you like, left on people you don't. You'll quickly find that pretty much everyone on here goes the extra mile to make themselves look like a million dollars (both sugar babies and sugar daddies), but if you're new to the scene and you're ready to make a big impression, Seeking will let you do just that.

SeekingArrangement isn't the cheapest sugar daddy site around, but you'd expect nothing less from such a vast and popular platform. The most affordable option will set you back around $24.99 per month, but Seeking's community is so vast you'll get as many sugar babies on here as you would every other sugar dating site combined. It's definitely worth investing in.

3. Ashley Madison - Best For Married Men

Ashley Madison isn't a sugar dating site as such, but you'll still be able to find a sugar daddy, momma or baby on here without any issue. Ashley Madison is actually an affairs site; by far the most popular affairs site in the online dating niche today. But its functions are as versatile as the kind of relationships on offer.

The secret is that, while Ashley Madison is full of men and women seeking extramarital affairs, sugar babies know that this platform is stacked to the brim with horny and often wealthy men. After all, they're the site's main target audience; guys who are dissatisfied with their relationships and are looking elsewhere. Wealthy retirees, rich CEOS, traveling businessmen - Ashley Madison has literally millions of these types of guys.

That's what draws so many sugar babies towards it, so even if you're NOT a married man looking to cheat, there's a vast pool of impressionable young girls and potential sugar babies prowling Ashley Madison's hallways every day of the week. You don't have to hit up a pure sugar daddy dating site to find a sugar relationship - you just need to get amongst the right target audience.

It's also good know to that Ashley Madison is big on discretion and anonymity. It has plenty of options to help keep a low profile should you wish to keep your sugar daddy desires on the down low. And even if you don't find your perfect sugar baby on here, there's just as much chance of getting laid with a naughty married woman too.

4. Established Men - Best For Female Sugar Babies

Established Men is a site for sugar daddies and sugar babies onlly. If you're an older man looking to treat a young girl, or a young girl looking for a daddy to subsidize your lifestyle, Established Men is one of the best sugar daddy sites to make it happen. It's something of a lesser known sugar dating site but it's definitely a hidden gem.

Most sugar dating sites, especially because they're aimed at an older demographic, tend to utilize the classic grid style approach. However, Established Men is a swipe-only site similar to Tinder or Bumble. That means everyone is judged based on appearances, so be sure to put your best foot forward when it comes to profile pics.

One area Established Men stands out compared to other sugar daddy dating sites is that membership is free for women. This naturally entices a lot more sugar babies in the long run, and it gives potential sugar daddies a massive pool of potential partners. On the flip side, Established Men is also quite cheap for guys in comparison to many sugar sites on the scene.

Most sugar daddies on here are based in North America, but there's a small presence of Canadian and European sugar daddies too. The UK is also heavily represented, so if you fancy yourself as a sugar daddy in these areas, you're good to go. And any sugar baby who wants easy searching at no cost, EstablishedMen is one of the best sugar daddy websites to do it.

5. Elite Singles - Best For Rich Sugar Daddies

Elite Singles isn't a dedicated sugar baby or sugar daddy site, but that doesn't mean it doesn't function as one. Elite Singles is actually an online dating app for singles who consider themselves slightly above average in terms of education level and income. Membership isn't awarded to everyone, so you can be sure you're getting the best of the best on here.

All women are allowed to sign up regardless of their position, but sugar daddies will need to verify income and education level before they're granted access. Once you get past the lengthy membership process, sugar daddies can expect to find a world of potential sugar daddy relationships waiting for them on the other side.

That's what makes Elite Singles such a gold mine of opportunity for both sugar babies and sugar daddies. Rich sugar daddies are given access to a massive pool of beautiful women and sugar babies will only connect with genuine, verified rich guys. It's a win win situation for everyone involved.

Membership isn't free for anyone, unfortunately, but very few sugar sites and apps are. But if you're a rich sugar daddy, the $16.99 per month (for a 6 month subscription) shouldn't be too difficult to swallow. It might not be a tried and tested sugar dating site, but guys and girls will be able to find a sugar daddy or baby without any trouble on Elite Singles.

6. Miss Travel - Best For Traveling

Young women and traveling - name a more iconic duo. A lot of sugar daddies are on the hunt for a gorgeous trophy girlfriend to accompany them on their lavish business trips, and the whole gimmick of Miss Travel is to find a companion for your overseas adventures. Therefore, it's a match made in heaven.

You will find a few people looking for genuine travel partners without a sugar element, but Miss Travel attracts a lot of sugar relationship seekers because the user base is their target demographic. Even better still is that you don't have to read between the lines - most people make their sugar intentions known right away.

Miss Travel has a very simple sign up process which takes no time at all. As it's not a dedicated sugar daddy website, anyone is welcome to join without the need for a convoluted verification process. The site is a grid style site that's short on features, big on users, which is what makes it such a fantastic sugar dating app.

7. AgeMatch - Best For Finding Younger Women

AgeMatch is something of an unofficial sugar baby app. The site specializes in age gap dating, so it helps older men meet younger women and vice versa. Put simply, don't expect to link up with anyone of your own age on here. It's for young studs seeking hot cougars and young chicks with daddy issues looking for an older man to treat them right.

While it's advertised as a dating site, AgeMatch is more of a social media community. Other sites incorporate this kind of approach too, but AgeMatch does it exceptionally well. It functions almost identically to Facebook in that users can post updates, pictures and add people to their friends list. And of course, you can message whoever you want.

AgeMatch also has a number of community aspects, such as forums, chat rooms and a personals section to help make finding your next sugar daddy or sugar baby a breeze. While AgeMatch isn't a direct sugar dating app, it's got all the trappings of one.

It's not the best sugar dating site around today, but if you're looking for a platform with a bigger community feel than other sugar daddy sites, you're in the right place. And if you're a wealthy man, you'll feel like a kid in a toy shop on AgeMatch.

8. What’s Your Price - Best For Casual Dating

What's Your Price is one of the most unique sugar dating websites you'll ever come across. It's sort of like the dating website equivalent of eBay, allowing wealthy men to bid on auction listings for dates with women. You might think it sounds like you're basically paying for an escort, but What's Your Price claims the idea is much different.

It's no secret that women have a hard time in the online dating space. They're often ghosted, manipulated, asked to send filthy snaps or indundated with dick pics. What's Your Price claims that by asking the man to pay for female companionship in advance, it tells the woman that the guy is serious about dating her. And of course, it makes sense.

Is What's Your Price one of the best sugar daddy dating sites around? While it works as a sugar daddy website, it's not specifically catered to that, so you'll find a wide range of relationship types on offer here. With that said, there are more than a few sugar baby types looking for a daddy to keep them in new shoes and holidays.

The "prices" of these potential sugar dates will vary depending on the girl on offer. Naturally, the hotter ladies will have more interest, but on average you can expect to pay around $100 for a single date. Of course, wealthy sugar daddies shouldn't have any issue with these kinds of numbers. For a sugar website with a difference, What's Your Price is well worth checking out.

9. Sudy - Best For Finding Older Women

Sudy is undoubtedly one of the top sugar baby sites around today, butthere's one little feature that make this site appealing - especially to any younger guys out there. Sudy's male to female ratio is around 1:2, making it one of the few sugar dating sites to have significantly more women than men. Almost no other sugar baby websites can make that claim.

One reason for this overload of ladies is that females are welcome to sign up for free - regardless of whether they're a sugar baby or sugar momma. Another reason is that Sudy keeps things classy. Rather than using overly-sexual language, it promotes "elite relationships" and female empowerment.

This is why Sudy boasts a large population of wealthy older ladies, because this kind of branding appeals more to them than other sugar sites that promote "hookups." Powerful businesswomen and academic professionals are the norm on here, so if the idea of being a mature woman's sex toy appeals to you, Sudy might be the best sugar baby app for you.

There's also a good selection of sugar daddy types on here too, so don't shy away from Sudy even if you're a younger lady. Not to mention that all women are able to sign up to the site free of charge.

10. Secret Benefits - Largest Community

Ask a lot of people in the sugar lifestyle, and they'll tell you that Secret Benefits is one of the best sugar daddy sites around today. As well as being a dedicated sugar app, Secret Benefits has a stellar reputation, a vast community and a number of interactive features to connect you with your next sugar partner.

It functions like a classic dating website, with users declaring their role via a little icon in their profiles. The site has 8 million worldwide members from all corners of the globe, but the most represented area is North America by far. Secret Benefits is a dating site created by the Match Group (responsible for and POF), so you can rest assured you're in safe hands.

According to website data, Secret Benefits has forged over 10 million sugar relationships over its 15 year career, and it continues to make them on a daily basis. Users come in a wide range of ages, so you'll find someone whether you're looking for a sugar baby, daddy or mama. You'll be spoilt for choice, especially as it's the largest sugar daddy website around (on par with Seeking) .

11. SugarDaddyForMe

SugarDaddyForMe is a hidden gem amongst all the other sugar daddy websites out there. It's a relatively new platform that has around 4 million worldwide members, which might not sound like a lot compared to other dating sites in the niche, but this number actually puts SugarDaddyForMe in the top 1% of dating sites in terms of user base.

As the name suggest, SugarDaddyForMe is for sugar babies and older sugar daddies only. You won't get any older women on here looking for a younger man, something which will definitely appeal to most sugar babies out there. The site uses a swipe matchmaking model to connect people, so be sure to include your best profile photos.

The site isn't completely free to use, but sugar babies receive a ton of benefits that sugar daddies don't. For example, sugar babies will get discounts on their memberships based on how many people they've interacted with. SugarDaddyForMe might be a new platform, but it's got everything it needs to be one of the best sugar dating sites going forward.

12. Wealthy Men

Sugar daddy apps sometimes have weird names, but there's no prizes for guessing what WealthyMen is for. If you're a sugar baby who wants to get right down to business, Wealthy Men is where it's at. Minimalistic features, lots of members and the site's intentions clearly emblazoned on its sleeve.

WealthyMen is another grid style site that allows users to scroll through other members, see pictures and read bios in full before messaging. As well as direct messaging, there's also a video chat function, but that's the extent of the site's features. Everything else is basic as it comes, which is always a good thing.

Men make up the vast majority of users on here, so any budding sugar babies should jump at the chance to get on here. They'll have their pick of the bunch, and the guys on here aren't just your average 6 figure earners. By the looks of their profiles, some of these users have some serious cash to throw around. Is WealthyMen the best sugar daddy app around? Not quite, but it definitely has its place amongst the sugar community.

Sugar babies in particular should throw themselves at this premium dating site because they won't find sugar daddies in such abundance anywhere else. On the flip side of the coin, wealthy guys should definitely consider finding their sugar babies on here too, because WealthyMen is going to be a big player in the sugar community.

Ready to start sugar dating?

If you're tired of short or long term relationships that don't get the results you crave, a sugar daddy app might be the perfect remedy. These relationship types might feel transactional, but they're massively popular for good reason. We hope you've found our list of the best sugar baby sites and apps useful.

We assure you that if you check out any of the sites mentioned above - whether you're a sugar daddy, sugar mama or sugar baby, you'll get amazing results providing you put the time in. For a mutually beneficial relationship like no other, add some sugar to your life tonight.