Established Men

Established Men Review (2022) - Is This Sugar Dating Site the Real Deal?

Whether you're looking to become a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, you've probably tried your luck at a handful of websites. If you're wealthy or looking to sugar date successful men, then look no further than Established Men.

This dating site hosts an array of new members joining daily. With premium features that most other sugar dating sites don't have, Established has been a trusted and important website in the development of sugar dating culture. Keep reading for our in-depth Established Men review.

First Impressions

First impressions when first loading onto the site is that you're immediately asked a few questions about who you would be interested in on the site. You're asked your location (this means Established Men can hook you up with local matches) and if you're looking for single women or men or rich men and women.

They also ask about your preferred age range. You can choose any number above 18 and at or under 65. This means your search results most likely won't include wealthy men older than their mid-sixties. It's from there e you'll be asked to fill out a profile to join Established Men.

EstablishedMen Sign Up Process

Once you fill out the questions on the landing page, this online dating site will take you to a profile to fill out. You're first asked to provide your email address. Once you provide your email address, you'll be asked to create a username and password.

Next, you'll move on to the "Personal Details" tab, where you'll be asked to provide a greeting for all potential sugar daddies or sugar babies you'll send messages to. Next is gender. You can only choose from male or female with no other options.

Your birthday is next, followed by your location, birthday, height, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity. These features are mainly targeted toward women on the site, as most of the sugar babies are younger women.

As mentioned earlier, Established Men is a location-based online dating site. This means if you're in Las Vegas, Nashville, or anywhere else, you'll be matched with sugar daddies in your area. However, you can also change your location to anywhere and meet people from said area!

Once you've completed all of that, finding beautiful women or generous men is a few clicks away.

Established Men Features

Profile Creation

Once you've completed the generalized profile mentioned above, you can upload photos of yourself and fill out more personalized and intimate questions the dating site offers its users to fill out.

There are also tabs where you can fill out your privacy settings (hide your profile from the search results and privatize your more sexy photos), notifications, and you can view your purchases. Purchases are usually for the male members to use as Established Men is free-to-use for female members, but not the men. More on that later.


Once you've completed the general profile yourself, you can start to filter out local singles. This dating site allows you to filter out things like body type, eye color, hair color, and even ethnicity.

There are other criteria you can filter out like if someone is online or not if they're available now, has private photos, and if they're available for a date this very night. These features make Established Men stick out amongst other dating websites. Most dating sites (specifically sugar dating) let you choose from the first list, but not many have the option of "available for a date tonight."

Private Photos

This feature is a pretty cool one if we do say so. Women can post private photos for free, but if any elite singles want to few them, they only can if you grant them access to a special key. it's almost like a gallery opening for your photos.

Other services usually keep something like this behind a direct paywall, and while it requires a paid membership to message women on the app, it doesn't cost anything to receive a key.

Search Tool

The fact that it's called a search function is a little ironic, considering you can't directly search for anything. Instead, there are extremely specific filters you can fill out and find people who match the filters.

The filters include:

  • Has Photos (This is a check box filter)
  • Has Private Photos (This is a check box filter)
  • Is Online (This is a check box filter)
  • Available For Chat (This is a check box filter)
  • New Member (This is a check box filter)
  • Exclude Members I've Contacted (This is a check box filter)
  • Available for Dates Tonight (This is a check box filter)
  • Body (This filter is one you fill out)
  • Eye Color (This filter is one you fill out)
  • Hair Color (This filter is one you fill out)
  • Ethnicity (This filter is one you fill out)
  • Keywords (This filter is one you fill out)

Send Gifts

Younger women are able to receive "gifts" from a mature man, such as chocolate hearts, a single red rose, a designer bag, a white lady drink, a shopping spree, designer shoes, a bottle of perfume, and a romantic getaway.

Pros of

Free For Female Members

This dating website is great for mutually beneficial relationships, especially if you're a young girl looking for alternative rich men. By alternative, we mean those who want sugar relationships, and not just to prey on young women.

Men are required to upgrade to a premium membership to start searching, chatting, and sending virtual gifts. Women get to browse free and chat with all premium members, and don't have to pay to exchange messages. Men can send three messages and must pay to gain access to the rest of the conversations.

Non-Judgmental Atmosphere

Probably the best thing about this online dating website is that finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby or any other type of mutually beneficial relationship, you're doing so in a non-judgemental atmosphere.

Women who are into dating older men can do so without fear of ostracization of their community. This lets you put all of your emotional energy towards finding your perfect match.

Lots of Members to Browse Through

Established Men boasts over 50,000 active weekly users, with over 200,000 users from the United States alone. You're bound to find a sugar daddy or baby in your area.

Cons of

No Mobile Application

Unfortunately, there's no mobile version of Established Men. You can only access this online dating website on a web browser. Luckily, you CAN access the site on a mobile phone through their web browser. There's just no app.

If you have an iPhone, you can make the web link a shortcut on your home screen. People use that for sites that don't have any mobile app, like OnlyFans.

Some Fake Profiles

With most sugar dating, or regular dating sites in general, you're more prone to finding fake profiles rather than helpful links to real sugar. But the ratio seems to be less than on other sugar dating sites. Prime examples of websites that seem to have a lot of fakes include Seeking Arrangement and RichMeetBeautiful.

Even though there are some fake profiles, there seems to be a good bit of real women and men on the site. A cool way you can make sure someone is real is by having them send voice messaging or videos.

Another way you can tell if someone is fake is by reading their dating profile. New members may not have their profiles completely filled out yet, so maybe keep your eye on profiles that have been on the site longer.

Another way you may be able to tell if someone is fake is if they refuse/don't give a reason as to why they can't go on a last-minute date. That being said, not everyone who refuses is fake, but if they seem to make up excuse after excuse as to why they can't go out, you may want to look at other premium members.

High Membership Fees

Established Men is trusted by many high-class sugar daddies and babies, and because of that, they have high membership fees for men wanting to use the site. Check down below to see the different payment levels you can pay to obtain a membership.

Premium Membership

A cool part of Established Men is that men have to pay to become premium members. By saying this, we mean men have to pay to continue to see the site, unlike other online dating sites.

If you're a single woman, you don't have to worry about becoming a premium member. You won't have restricted access and will be able to access all of the features the site has to offer.

The fact that a man is required to be a premium member is another good way to determine that there are fewer fakes on the site. Since they have to pay to use it, why would they use it when their goal is to steal money? But alas, there still are some fakes out there, so be aware!

Final Verdict: Does Established Men Work?

Women can rest a little bit easier when using this site. You won't have to worry about many forms of snail mail when using this site. Other members usually respond rather quickly compared to other sites, since there are more real accounts on Established Men.

Established Men is great if you want to go on a first, second, and third date. It's great for women who are looking for wealthy sugar daddies.

Our verdict? Established Men: safe.


How to Delete My Established Men Account?

If you want to deactivate your account, there are luckily a few steps to follow.

  1. When you log in to your account, go to your account page and select the "account" tab.
  2. There will be a button that says "deactivate." Click on it.
  3. It will ask you if you're sure you want to. Click yes, and there you go, you've successfully deactivated your account.

Is Established Men free?

In a sense! Established Men is completely free for women who want to use the site to find a daddy. However, the site isn't free for men who are wanting to find sugar babies. There are different payment plans that sugar daddies can pay to keep using all of the cool features Established Men has to offer.

Payment plans:

  • $79 for one single month
  • $49 for a 3-month subscription, totaling $147
  • $25 for a 12-month subscription, totaling $225

Again, this payment plan is only required for men who plan to use Established Men.

Do you have to give sex on Established Men?

There are no sites out there that will demand sex, nor are sugar daddies usually going to require it immediately. Every sugar daddy is different, so we can't speak for all of them, but we can say that sex is not something to be demanded.

What is the Ratio of Men to Women on Established Men?

The ratio of women to men is about 4:1. That's around the average ratio for all sugar dating sites. Just because there are other members that are sugar babies, you can still find daddies who may be looking for more than one baby.

The best way to ensure you get noticed is to make your profile stand out. Put a lot of yourself into it. Meaning, be honest and open about yourself - think of it like a news outlet for yourself.

How Long Does it Take for my Established Men Account to Get Approved?

Once you finish the sign-up process, your account is immediately ready to be used. But if you're dealing with custom photos and private photos, the approval may take up to 24 hours to be approved.

It only takes that long because you're not allowed to post photos with nudity on your public profile picture, but you can post risque photos in your private ones.

Is There a Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, there is a no refund policy. Established Men has to pay the credit card processors a fee every time a transaction is made. It's because of that that they can't provide refunds. The site does have a free trial period though, so you can get a feel of if you want to spend money on a premium membership.


It's important to remember that everybody has different experiences, and while this site be great for some, it may be lackluster for others.

"Been using it for a couple months and can't say that it's a scam, but on the other hand did not really work for me. I think there are great options out there which work quite well (Paymedaddy and also Seeking) so no reason to get frustrated IMO." - Mallowbag

"This is website is another one which is unbelievably bad. You can send free flirts, but have to pay a hefty subscription to read women's messages and gaze at gifts sent to you, which doesn't tell you when you sign up, which is again false advertising. The amount of messages and response you get is better than say POF, but the majority of them I've spoken on their hangouts are fake, and scammers. They can't get their own story right without them looking phony. Stay away from this website." - Johnathan.

The biggest beef with this site is that it requires you to pay for features that are free on another site. Of course, that could mean there are fewer fake profiles, so if you have the money, it's worth a shot! Happy hunting!