Wealthy Men

Wealthy Men Review (2022) - Meet wealthy men or sugar babies?

You got the money, now you want the girl. Or you got the looks, now you want the mutually beneficial relationship with rich man you have been looking for this whole time.

WealthyMen.com is an online dating site that brings together men with wealth with the arm candy that desire them. It is no secret that rich guys and hot girls go together like peanut butter and jelly, so if you are willing to pay for premium access, this site will be a delicious dream come true.

If you have been seeking the wealthymen.com review that helps you decide if a paid membership is for you, you have come to the right place. Read on to see if WealthyMen.com is worthy of your wealth, or isn't worth the change in your couch cushions.

First Impressions

In our humble opinion, the first impression leaves us wishing they had another chance at it.

The WealthyMen.com home page looks generic and bare. There are photos of members that are "online now" to talk to, but all of them are so obviously fake that we automatically think that the entire website might be bogus.

Thankfully, after signing up, we saw a more traditional dating site experience. We did get the impression that there are real people that use it, so the main reason to pay for premium access is still in tact.

WealthyMen.com Sign Up Process

The sign up process for WealthyMen is easy. You can go from "free sign up" to looking at the rich men and attractive women in no time flat.

Starting from the homepage, all you have to do is enter your age, email and pick a password. You also enter your zip code, so that you have a chance to meet someone that is actually in a location near you.

Next, you need to pick an option that tells the service what kind of users you're looking for. The WealthyMen site does not discriminate over sexual orientation, so those that are gay or bi sexual are welcome to find their match here, too.

Lastly, you are asked to add your gender, choosing from man, woman or couple. This is an interesting option that many other wealthy dating sites lack, and is a welcome addition here. Couples with cash can find other couples with cash for the fun arrangement that makes life a lot more interesting.

Once you're in, you can add details that make your profile much juicier. You can add your income level, profession and even religion. Don't forget to add a photo, and we advise that you make it a good one! Hire a professional photographer to capture you in all your glory, as a nice headshot will get you much farther than a photo ID or a webcam shot.

WealthyMen Features

As you would expect, WealthyMen shares a lot of the same features that the other, shall we say, "mainstream" dating sites provide. Other dating sites such as Match or eHarmony dominate the online dating scene thanks in part to their slick advertisements that bring in a potentially ideal match by the boatload, while the WealthyMen service caters to a more upscale clientele.

Here are a few things that set the WealthyMen site apart from the rest.

Advanced Searches

Once you are past the initial signup page, WealthyMen allows you to perform a more thorough search for potential matches. You can create searches for other members based on almost anything that you are interested in, such as location, income profession, desired relationship, body type, gender and more.

Income Verification

It is very easy for someone to lie over the internet. Take it from us, we were all once Presidents of the United States until we found this profession.

All jokes aside, WealthyMen has a fantastic feature where they provide verification that your potential date has the income that you wish for. A copy of a business card or something scribbled on company letterhead aren't going to cut it on this site. A male member (or woman) can securely upload a tax return or bank statement along with a photo ID that goes under review, and once accepted will prove to a potential partner that your cash flow is what you say it is. Women are sure to love this site feature, so expect your matches to skyrocket if you take advantage of this!

Favorites List

WealthyMen allows you to favorite the profiles of other members that you are interested in, so that free members can shoot their shot when and if they have the ability to shoot shots. Don't waste too much time, though!

Pros of WealthyMen.com

There are definitely a few things that the Wealthy Men does that make it a worthwhile dating site for members that have the means to take advantage of it. Here are a few of the highlights.

Good Member Verification

As we spoke about before, the personal verification feature is a potential game changer.

Being one of the members that have their income verified can make a huge difference in the amount of matches that you get, and can make your online dating experience that much more fruitful.

Relatively Affordable

We don't say this often, but we may have found an online dating site that is reasonably priced!

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to Gold Membership subscription length. You can purchase memberships that last from one month to three months to six months, with pricing that goes from $30 to $50. They even offer lower rates for those members that have been around for awhile, with monthly rates dropping even more.

And if that isn't enough, you can even get a cheap trial membership. There are plans that last for only two days, allowing a user to get a little taste of what is offered before taking the full plunge.

Cons of WealthyMen.com

Unfortunately, like us all, Wealthy Men has it's share of blemishes. It isn't a perfect dating site experience, and here are a couple of things that drag it down.

No Dedicated App

We are willing to bet that part of the reason a person is on a dating website to begin with is because they are married to their phones, and would rather be married to a human being. And while WealthyMen.com works perfectly fine on your smartphone's chosen browser, we would rather have a dedicated app to play with. A legit app creates an air of legitimacy that we feel attracts a better clientele, and more real users on the service means better odds for those with paid memberships.

Some Fake Accounts

The online dating world is a rough one these days. Just ask, well, anybody. Most dating sites are plagued with the problem of fake accounts, and it's impossible for every member on the site to go under review. The kids call these fake people "catfishes" or "scammers." We prefer "jerks," but that's just us.

Regardless, Wealthy Men has it's share of men who aren't actually rich, as well as women who aren't as attractive as their photos claim to be. If they are women at all.

Scams are everywhere on the world wide internets, so you must do your homework and avoid making yourself the latest victim of a scam. NEVER send money to someone that you haven't met in real life, and even then be careful. Trust your instincts, and if your potential beau doesn't want to diverge basic information, consider that a red colored flag. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Limited Free Membership Features

Another con that Wealthy Men shares with other dating sites, sugar style or not, is that it really is pay to play. Sure, you can just be a free member and do your best, but to really get the most out of a sugar dating site like this, you pretty much have to cough up some of that hard earned cash.

A free membership only allows you to view profiles and photos read, and if you find what you were seeking, you can send some winks. Winks allow you to initiate contact with your potential date and maybe get them to send messages to you.

Wealthy Men Gold Membership

As with most dating sites, the WealthyMen experience is taken up a notch after paying some money. You are severely limited with what you can do as a plain old free member, so we are pretty certain that a paid membership is the one for you.

Gold memberships have the ability to do anything that everyone else can, plus more. You are buying the ability to test out the best features, such as sending messages, at a lower price.

Finally, the site offers a three month guarantee for gold members, so if you strike out before your subscription lapses you get a few months of access free of charge. This makes committing to a longer membership on the site a much easier decision.

Final Verdict: Is Wealthy Men Legit?

We feel that WealthyMen is a legit site for rich men to meet the beautiful women that they adore. The user base is hit or miss, though, as the amount of available singles or couples tends to be higher in the big city. The lengths of membership as well as the pricing is reasonable, so we feel that WealthyMen is worth a chance. You just might find the person of your dreams.

As always, the editorial opinions expressed in this WealthyMen.com review are ours and ours alone. Each person's experience on any dating site is subjective, and the success that you look for is unfortunately not guaranteed. Good luck!


In case we missed something, here are a few of the common questions that people have about Wealthy Men.

What do others think of WealthyMen.com?

Other reviews of this website were rather mixed. Most liked the large selection of search criteria, and others enjoyed the income verification feature.

The most common negative issues that another site's reviews mentioned, however, were much more numerous. The amount of fake profiles is a common complaint, especially when the women, as well as the lack of a dedicated phone app. Most reviews do not recommend that you pay for access.

Is WealthyMen.com real?

Oh it's real, and it's spectacular.

Not so obscure TV references aside, we want you to know that WealthyMen is, in fact, a service that can connect men with money with the potential partner that will appreciate it. It takes a special person to amass the kind of wealth that turns heads over the internet, so if you have it and are willing to put in the effort needed to create a profile that is irresistible and interesting enough to turn heads, you will have great success.

How do I delete my Wealthy Men account?

If you have found your match and want out, cancelling your WealthyMen account and premium membership is very easy.

You can find the options to cancel in the settings on the right hand side of the screen. Remember that there is a difference between deactivating your account and closing your account, as deactivating simply makes your profile unable to be seen in search results. Canceling your profile makes it go away forever, and if you wish to return, you will have to start from scratch.

If you are still being billed, or need more help, WealthyMen has a customer service link that can get you the help you need via chat.