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Elite Singles Review (2022) - Is This Dating Site Worth Your Time?

There's no shortage of incredible apps in today's online dating world. We now have a dating site for every niche imaginable; young, old, rich, poor, vanilla, kinky, whatever, and one niche that's rapidly grown in popularity recently is the "elite dating" scene. Rich men, stunning women, high status singles. Elite dating is for those who consider themselves above average in certain avenues, whether it's their looks, their talents or their bank accounts.

One of the most popular dating sites in this niche is Elite Singles. This platform has been around since 2013 and boasts around 2 millon active users, but will it actually deliver what you want? Will you meet high status singles or will it leave a hole in your heart and wallet? We've personally tested this site to give you the low down. Here's your ultimate Elite Singles review.

First Impressions

Elite Singles doesn't lok like your average online dating site. It doesn't have the bright neon colors or the erotic stock photos. It doesn't have the subtle allusions to casual sex and passionate encounters. In fact, it uses a color scheme that's anything but sexy. It's brown and dark green, which is something you'd expect from a landscaping service rather than an online dating site. But while visuals aren't super impressive, everything that follows is on point.

The site implies right away that this is a place for classy individuals. Instead of stock photos of muscular men and gorgeous women engaged in pre-sex acts, all of the imagery features reasonably atractive middle aged people doing typical middle aged things. Drinking coffee on window ledges, laughing with office colleagues, smiling as they overlook Brooklyn Bridge. It's all very reminiscent of scenes from a Julia Roberts romantic comedy.

Therefore, it's quite obvious this isn't a place for casual hookups. Elite Singles is a premium dating site for those seeking something more substantial in their romantic lives. A lot of people mistake Elite Singles for a sugar dating site due to its abundance of wealthy and successful members, and while there's a few sugar relationships on offer, it's by no means a majority.

As well as being a dating site for big-brainers and high-earners, Elite Singles also uses the term "senior dating" a lot too. The average age on here is around 42, although members of any age welcome to join Elite Singles. First impressions of the site are quite good, especially as it's nice to find a serious dating site that doesn't bombard its users with outlandish claims like you'll find hookups in 10 minutes. Everything is crisp, sleek and efficient.

EliteSingles.com Registration Process

Hit the 'Get Started' button in the top right hand side of the screen to kickstart the sign up process. Select your dating preferences from the boxes ("I am a man/woman looking for man/woman") then input the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Date Of Birth
  • Location/Zip Code
  • Sexual Preferences

Confirm your email address then you'll be welcomed onto the platform to create your profile. Before you get to that point, you'll need to go through the personality profile test. Everyone knows these things are a pain in the ass, but if you want accurate matches, it's crucial to endure it. Once that's out of the way, you can start browsing the site for people to message.

Features of Elite Singles

Elite Singles has a huge choice of interactive features to help you meet like minded people. Here's a detailed look into all of them.

Personality Test

One of the top things that turns people off dating apps is an influx of questions upon your sign up. Call them whatever you want; personality quizzes, personality tests, personality questionnaires - these things take ages and they dig into everything about your character. They'll ask you about your lifestyle habits, your key personality traits, your interests, your relationship history, your education and everything in between. Put simply, they can be a nightmare

Elite Singles does indeed make all its users go through an extensive personality test, but this one is actually crucial to the elite dating process. Elite Singles prides itself on matching suitable members together, and to do this, it needs to know about your experiences and your personality traits. It might take about 20 minutes to go through in full, but it's worth it in the long run, especially if you're looking for a long term relationship and not a simple hookup.

Intelligent Matchmaking Algorithm

What does Elite Singles do with the results of this detailed personality quiz? They use it to give you accurate partner suggestions and help you find your perfect match. You might think that the algorithm simply matches you with people who share the same personal preferences as you. For example, a man who loves fishing would probably suit pretty well to a woman who loves fishing, right?

Maybe, but Elite Singles' algorithm goes much deeper. The questions are specifically designed by psychologists and dating experts to help engineer fruitful matches. The questions are worded in order to get a full picture of someone's personality profile and their outlooks and philosophies in life. The personality test results are actually more like psychological evaluations that help determine what type of person you'd be most compatible with.

View All Member Photos

As a free member, you can only view blurred photos on the Elite Singles site. Literally every single photograph will be blurred out, although you can still get a vague idea of what the other person looks like. Obviously, this isn't ideal, but apparently the site does this for privacy purposes so that search engines can't add people's personal photos to their databases. We understand, although it's a bit of a pain in the backside.

But once you upgrade to a paid membership, all of the photos on the site become visible. Likewise, your own photos and dating profile will then become visible to the rest of the user base. Some people see this as a negative, but it's really no different to dating apps that only allow users to view tiny thumbnails of photos rather than full size ones.

Expert Profile Advice

We all need a little advice from time to time, especially when it comes to the dating game. Fortunately, Elite Singles have a number of top dating experts on hand to dispense top dating advice to maximize your chances of meeting someone special. As a a paid member, this advice will come to you passively. Once a month, you'll be given updates on how your profile is performing against other people on the site and how you can improve it.

As well as helping with your profiles, the dating experts will also give you personalized advice on everything else dating related if you request it too. You might be struggling to lure people in. You might be finding it's hard to strike up conversations. Whatever your issue, as long as it's related to your online dating experience, the experts on Elite Singles will happily help you out.

Mobile App Available

Like the best dating sites, Elite Singles has a dedicated mobile app. The EliteSingles app is sleek, fast and fully optimized for maximum efficiency. It includes all of the features available throgh the desktop version and even includes a video chat function (which is only available through the app - it can't be used through desktop even if you have webcam capabilities).

Not only does the app function perfectly, but it also proves that Elite Singles are a serious and reputable platform. Only the best and most dedicated sites pump out apps for their platforms, so it goes a long way to giving Elite Singles some legitimacy. The app is available to download from the Google Play and iOS app stores.

Advanced Search Criteria

Elite Singles' search function is as good as it gets. Usually, dating app search functions suck the big one, but Elite Singles' has put the effort in to ensure their search filters work as intended. The function is only available for premium members, but such users are allowed to search by:

  • Search Radius; minimum of 50 miles, maximum of 1000 miles
  • Age
  • Location
  • Pictures Included
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Relationship Preferences
  • Smoker; No, Casually, Regularly, Heavy Smoker
  • Drinker: No, Casually, Light Drinker, Heavy Drinker
  • Body Type; Skinny, Athletic, Average, A Few Extra Pounds, Curvy
  • Education: High School, Some College, Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Graduate Degree, Post-doctoral Degree
  • Children; No Children And Don't Want Any, No Children But Want Them, 1 Child, 2 Children, 3 or More Children,
  • Ethnicity

Wildcard Matches

Wildcard Matchmaking is Elite Singles's version of a swipe system ala Tinder or Bumble. If you've spent any time in the online dating niche, you probably know how it works by now. Swipe right if you like someone, swipe left if you don't. If you and your partner mutually match with each other then you're free to start chatting.

However, Wildcard Matchmaking is a little different, hence the name. It actually gives you match recommendations for people you wouldn't normally see in the regular matching section. The idea is to help users broaden their horizons and give thought to chatting with young and senior singles they usually wouldn't.

EliteSingles Pros

What do we love about Elite Singles? What does the site do better than average? Here's a list of the site's many positives.

Above Average Education

According to the site's statistics, nearly 85% of Elites Singles members hold a bachelor's degree or higher qualification. Sure, a bachelor's degree isn't solid proof that someone is super smart, but it's a good start. The fact that Elite Singles is so stacked with educated singles means you're given access to a better caliber of people. It's hard to find someone that doesn't boast either a big brain or a big wallet on here.

One of the biggest complaints of modern dating sites is that the quality of users is pretty low. Gym rat dudes with shirtless selfie posts. Shallow women with plump lips and bad fake tans. You know the types we're talking about. However, Elite Singles is full of educated professionals looking for serious relationships, so it's pretty tough to find any brainless people on here.

High Quality Profiles

This one goes hand in hand with our point above. Anyone with a brain knows that the first step to finding a serious relationship through an online platform is by having an outstanding profile. If you give your potential matches some info to latch onto, they can use it to initate conversation and boom, you've laid the foundations for a white hot connection. Thankfully, the profiles on Elite Singles are super in-depth and detailed.

Profiles tend to include at the bare minimum; a bunch of personal details, at least three photos, education level, occupation and a few interests. If you don't have these in your profile, you'll be prompted by the admin team to update it at the next available opportunity. Elite Singles goes above and beyond to ensure its platform retains the high quality it's become known for.

Constant Activity

Elite Singles claims to get around 381,000 new members every single month. That's a pretty impressive number for any online dating app, especially one with such a high price tag. This means that there's never any shortage of activity on here, and it ensures a constant stream of new and interesting paid members to mingle with. It's not just the same few million people browsing the site like you find on some of the more casual dating dating apps.

And this itself is a testament to Elite Singles' success. The site boasts that it rarely tops the 3 million registered user mark, which means the entire user base is constantly shifting around. Therefore, it shows that even though 300k new people join per month, the older users are deleting their profiles because they've found someone they want to stick with.

Sugar Options

Any site that deals with generous or attractive people as a gimmick is going to attract sugar seekers. For those not in the know, sugar relationships are typically sugar baby/sugar daddy dynamics. A wealthy older man will subsidize the lifestyle of a hot young women in return for sex and companionship. Sound like escorting? It kinda does, but it's a little different. Think of a sugar baby as an escort you're also in a long term relationship with.

While the sugar baby/sugar daddy arrangement is the most common form of sugar relationship, it's not the only type of relationship available. There are a ton of rich, single professionals who happen to be women, and some of these ladies are looking for a young man to spoil in return for sexual gratification. While Elite Singles isn't a dedicated sugar dating site by any means, it's still worth checking out if you're interested in the sugar lifestyle.

Personality Test

As we said, no one wants to take a personality test from the moment they sign up to a dating site. What's crazy is that the personality test comes before you'll even fill out your bio or upload photos, however, it's a fundamental component of the site's matching system. If you want to find a committed relationship, and most people on here do, then you'll need to fill it out in full.

The test consists of 120 multiple choice questions covering lifestyle choices, personal interests, hypothetical scenarios, eating and drinking habits, opinions on topical issues, political opinions and more. We advise any potential user to take it seriously because it really helps strengthen your Elite Singles profile.

Very Few Fake Profiles

Elite Singles does an incredible job of keeping out fake users and scammers. Not only does the high membership costs dissuade scammers from signing up, but the site admins vet every profile that comes through their doors. Once new members sign up for the premium membership, the site admins will check to make sure the person behind the username is indeed legitimate. This check is done in the background so users won't even know about it.

That's not to say a few scammers won't slip through the cracks now and then, but when compared to a user with an above average education, it's pretty easy to distinguish the fakes from the reals. They tend to make their scamminess quite obvious, either through the use of stolen photos or badly-written bios. Chances are if she's too hot to be using a dating site, then she's a scammer.

EliteSingles Cons

What don't we love about this dating app? What areas could Elite Singles improve? Here's a short list of the site's negatives.

High Membership Pricing

We understand that Elite Singles has to keep its prices high because it keeps out the less-desirable users. However, it would be nice if the site gave free members a little more freedom to see if the site is right for them (more on that in the next point). Sometimes, a lot of sites use terms like "elite" in their names in order to jack the membership costs up, and even though Elite Singles genuinely has high status users on its platform, the cost is still super high.

Even the 3 month option, which is supposed to be the option that newbie users consider the most, will set you back nearly $200. That's a lot of money to spend on something that might not even work for your circumstances, not to mention that these users don't even know if the site is legitimate at this point. For all they know, it could be Scam City. We really think Elite Singles should consider lowering these costs to something more manageable.

Limited Free Trial

Every dating app needs a free trial. There's no excuse to not have one. If the platform is legitimate and not just some scam front, then a free trial will lure more users in than it will turn away. Elite Singles does indeed have a free trial option, but it only lasts for 24 hours and it begins from the moment you create your account. This is barely enough time to get a feel of the site, let alone actually get any interaction from other members.

It can often take days for the replies to start rolling in. Not everyone checks their account multiple times a day. So, by the time someone has replied to your message, your free trial is already up. 24 hours of usage doesn't exactly give a good overview of what to expect from the site, and if Elite Singles made a minor change such as extending the trial period to 3 days, they'd probably see asignificant rise in users.

Negative Reviews

There are some incredibly negative Elite Singles reviews out there. Really, we're not too sure why, because Elite Singles is a legitimate dating platform with a stellar reputation. Some of the more negative Elite Singles reviews seem to focus on the high cost of the premium membership packages, which is a fair point, but in a lot of cases, quality is more important than quantity, and here on Elite Singles you're paying for quality.

Every other Elite Singles review also seems to point out that there's a high number of fake profiles on the platform. But really, we've tested nearly every dating app in the world and Elite Singles barely has any noticable fakes or scammers whatsoever. In fact, the irony here is that the high membership cost keeps these scammers away! In the interest of fairness, we'll mention that other reviews say the personality test is too long. We agree with that one.

No Hookups

You've probably gathered throughout our EliteSingles review that this isn't a place for casual sex. Casual dates, sure, but don't expect to find a harem of women through the matches page on here. Most users are looking for their special someone, not their next friend with benefits. If that's your intention, you might need to head elsewhere.

We should also mention that there's a big presence of Christian singles on the site. Why? We don't actually know. Maybe it's because the site is more focused on committed relationships that it attracts the Christian crowd.

Elite Singles Membership Pricing

Elite Singles uses a standard monthly subscription model. It comes with a choice of three membership options (and one very short free trial option). With a premium subscription, the following perks will become available:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • View unfiltered photos
  • Access to dating tips
  • Access to profile advice
  • Search filter functionality
  • Wildcard Matches feature

How much does Elite Singles cost to use? Here's a breakdown of the membership packages:

  • 1 Day Trial - Free
  • 3 Month Membership - $173.00 ($57.95 per month)
  • 6 Month Membership - $269.00 ($44.95 per month)
  • 12 Month Membership - $383.00 ($31.95 per month)

Memberships can be purchased through credit card or PayPal. The site doesn't currently accept crypto payments. Members are billed once every 30 days, so payment won't always be taken on the same day every month. EliteSingles subscription packages are auto-renewed after every individual cycle, so a 6 month membership will automatically restart after 6 months.

Final Verdict: Is Elite Singles Worth it?

Elite Singles definitely delivers on its promises. It has millions of wealthy, intelligent and attractive users, it's got an intelligent matchmaking system and it does everything it can to keep away fake profiles. For these reasons, it's a force to be reckoned with in the dating game, but that doesn't mean the site is 100% perfect. It only has a few flaws, but those flaws could be the deciding factor in checking it out or not.

Overall, Elite Singles doesn't draw in any young people looking for easy casual sex, but there are plenty of other dating sites for that crowd. Anyone interested in finding a high quality parter will find something worth checking out on here. Elite Singles stacks educated professionals and high status individuals into one convenient location to ensure people find compatible singles without much issue. If you can look past the high prices, you'll have a great online dating experience here on Elite Singles.


Need to know the basics of Elite Singles? We've put together a short list of the most common questions for your convenience.

How does Elite Singles work?

Elite Singles is a dating app for wealthy and educated singles looking for love, romance and casual dating. It functions like a traditional online dating site, allowing users to browse through other members' profiles to find potential matches. Users can then exchange messages through the site's built-in messaging system.

How to deactive Elite Singles account?

Follow these steps to deactivate your Elite Singles account:

  • Log in to the Elite Singles members section on the website or app
  • Navigate to 'My Account' and find 'Deactive My Account.'
  • Click or tap on the link then click 'Confirm.'
  • Select a reason from the list and then tap or click to continue.
  • Enter your password to confirm deactivation.

How to delete Elite Singles account?

Follow these steps to completely delete your Elite Singles account:

  • Log in to the Elite Singles members section on the website or app
  • Navigate to 'My Account' and find 'Delete My Account.'
  • Click or tap on the link then click 'Confirm.'
  • Select a reason from the list and then tap or click to continue.
  • Enter your password to confirm deactivation.

What age group is EliteSingles for?

EliteSingles members have an average age of 30 to 55, although there's no rules against people of any age joining Elite Singles. The majority of the users on Elite Singlers are looking for serious relationships and long term dating.

Why are the pictures on EliteSingles blurry?

Only premium members are allowed to see unfiltered photos on Elite Singles. Therefore, all photos will be blurred out for free members until they upgrade to a paid membership. Elite Singles does this as a form of data protection so that search engines cannot add people's profile photographs to their image databases.

Is EliteSingles worth paying for?

Elite Singles is an efficient online dating site that's worth paying the high cost for. Like all other online dating sites, it has its pros and cons. But given its massive user base, its high levels of activity and its quality of members, Elite Singles is worth the membership price.

Can I get a refund from Elite Singles?

Elite Singles doesn't usually offer refunds on premium subscriptions, but there are exceptions. If you believe you are eligible for a refund, follow these steps:

  • Open the Elite Singles website or app
  • Select the 'Contact Us' button near the top of the page
  • You will be asked to submit your email address, a subject line, and a description of your request. For your subject line, write "Requesting a refund because of X."
  • In the description box, make sure to provide as much information as possible. Include information such as the charge amount, the charge date, your account number, and why you believe you are eligible for a refund.
  • Under the 'Please select the topic that your request is related to,' from the scroll-down menu, choose the 'Payment' option.
  • Select 'Submit.' You will receive a response from the EliteSingles Customer Care team within a few business days.

How do I hide my profile on Elite Singles?

You can't completely hide your profile on Elite Singles but you can stop yourself from being recommended to other members.

  1. Navigate to 'My Account' via the menu.
  2. Scroll down to 'Matching Settings.'
  3. Click or tap the toggle next to 'Matching is enabled.'

You should then see 'Matching is disabled.' Your profile will still be visible to the existing matches you had prior to deactivation, so you may still receive profile visits and messages.

How do I cancel Elite Singles?

Follow these steps to switch off the automatic renewal of your premium membership

  • Log in to your Elite Singles profile
  • Navigate to 'My Account' via the menu and select 'Membership.'
  • Select the 'Cancel' option.
  • Select your cancellation reason and click or tap 'Continue.'
  • Enter your password and click or tap 'Confirm.'