RichMeetBeautiful Review (2022) - Is this sugar dating site worth it?

If you've ever thought about becoming a sugar daddy/sugar momma or a sugar baby, you've probably stumbled across popular sugar dating sites like Seeking Arrangement and Established Men. Maybe you've ever tried your luck at those.

What you may not have heard, though, is of RichMeetBeautiful. RichMeetBeautiful is a bountiful sugar dating site, but it's still pretty low-key when it comes to other sugar dating sites.

RichMeetBeuatiful is the place where rich guys can date young, hot girls in a non-judgemental atmosphere. The site was made for sugar dating, so if this site sounds interesting, keep reading to get our review.

First Impressions

The first impressions of this site are that it's well-secured and taken care of. Right on the landing page, it explains that the site has 256-bit encryption, has SSL trust, and is Norton secured.

Scrolling down the landing page, you'll see landing page-sized articles about various sugar dating topics. Further down, there are frequently asked questions, answering broad topics like, "What is a Sugar Baby?"

At the very bottom are reviews from sugar daddies/mommas and sugar babies alike. Fair warning, they are only positive reviews, so if you want to see more critical ones, you should probably check google.

Rich Meet Beautiful Sign-Up Process

When you're on the landing page of RichMeetBeautiful, there are two buttons you can click. One will ask if you want to join, and the other will ask if you're already a member.

After that, It will ask you your gender. Unfortunately, there's no option for attractive singles who don't identify as female users or male users.

Then you be asked to provide your email address. After that, you must create a username and a password. The site has a small meter underneath the password line to show if it's a strong one or not.

A pop-up window will ask you how you found out about Rich Meet Beautiful, giving you two options to answer from.

Profile Creation

Once you've signed in to Rich Meet Beautiful, you'll be asked a good bit of detailed questions about your body and physical attributes. The next page will ask you your location. RichMeetBeautiful is a location-based sugar dating site.

An email will be sent to validate whether you are genuine young women or real wealthy men. Once you validate it, you must provide your phone number, and then you can start to access the rest of the site and use all the features that are free.

After that, you can go onto your profile page and start uploading public and private photos. You can fill out who you're dream partner is, who you are as a sugar baby, what you want your sugar lifestyle to be, what are your dating fundamentals, your dating style, what kind of sugar daddy you're looking for, or if you want any fun meetings to take place. Just to give you an idea!

Rich Meet Beautiful App Features

RichMeetBeautiful offer special features to keep its customers happy. While there are only a few free features, there are loads of premium membership features. Check out the list of features the premium membership offers.

Search Filters

There are many search filters you can check through to get super accurate search results. These check boxes include:

  • Premium Users (Premium membership exclusive)
  • Relationship Status (Premium membership exclusive)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Net Worth (Premium membership exclusive)
  • Annual Income (Premium membership exclusive)
  • Life Style
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Body Type (Premium membership exclusive)
  • Looks
  • Smoker
  • Drinkers
  • Diet
  • Ethnicity (Premium membership exclusive)
  • Best Feature
  • Facial Hair/Beard
  • Has a Secret Love Nest
  • Interest
  • Personality
  • Piercing(s)
  • Seeking Type of Relationship
  • Tattoo(s)
  • Turn Ons

Private Keys

A neat feature of RichMeetBeautiful is the private keys. If you are messaging a few beautiful women on this site and want to see their private pictures, they would have to give a key to open the gallery.

Vice Versa, if you're talking to a few wealthy men and want to show them a little saucier side of yourself, you can gift these men with the virtual keys. This can show potential sugar daddies that you're interested enough to send them saucy photos.

Send Winks

One free feature you can use is sending someone a wink during a rich meet. This is like when you push someone's Facebook Account. This will send a notification to the other users you send them to and lets them know that you want them to notice you... but in a not-so desperate way.

Send Gifts

Much like sending winks, you can send virtual gifts to other members during a rich meet. This isn't free and does cost you a few credits depending on which gifts you choose to send, but it shows the young women that you're a rich man and you want their attention specifically. Enough to pay money for it!

Anonymous Browsing

One semi-unique feature RichMeetBeautiful has is anonymous browsing. Male members who want to browse other users more than a few times, but don't want to look like a creep, then you're in luck.

Other dating sites usually show people who all have viewed their profile and how many times (this is usually a paid feature as well, but you can browse for free on this site.)

Featured Users

Since the RichmeetBeautiful site attracts thousands of people every day, it only makes sense that there would be a paid feature to help people reach the top of the search results.

Rich men who want female users to know about them all over the world can pay a small amount so when someone looks up someone who fits the physical and income descriptors.


One way you can keep tabs on all the people you've messaged or plan to message on RichMeetBeautiful is the favorites tab. Most dating sites don't offer something like this, so we would call the one a unique feature of RichMeetBeautiful.

You can also see who has favored you back if you both happen to favorite each other. Once you favor someone, the algorithm works to see if the sugar daddies (or sugar babies if you're a daddy) favored you too.

If you do, you can send private messages to each other, and send winks and gifts if the conversation progresses.

Blogs (or so We Thought...)

If you scroll down to the very bottom of the RichMeetBeautiful landing page, you'll see a blog tab. When clicked, you're taken to the blog's pages. Unfortunately, it seems while this website does have small bite-sized blogs on its landing page, you're taken to a 404 screen, indicating an error has occurred.

The major competitor's sites usually have blog pages that actually go somewhere. So this may be a red flag for some users, but don't make up your mind yet! We still have a lot to talk about.

Location-Based Sugar Dating

Another non-unique feature of this popular dating site is that it's location-based. When we say non-unique, we mean it's a feature for a lot of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. But, nevertheless, it is a cool feature to have on your online dating site.

Men and women who live in the same area can meet up with any attractive company all because of this feature, making everything feel closer to home.

Pros of RichMeetBeautiful

With any successful relationship site where you can date older, successful men like RichMeetBeautiful, you're going to have both pros and cons.

Good Safety Measures

On the landing page of the sugar daddy dating site, RichMeetBeautiful proudly lets us know that they have 256-bit encryption and SSL Trust, which are solid safety measures. SSL says on their website, "Website Security is an integral part of the internet and any website where your customers need to be secured. You need to make sure they have complete trust in your business.

SSLTrust provides SSL Certificates to help encrypt, secure and enhance your customer trust. We have well-established partnerships with leading Authorities including Comodo, GeoTrust, and DigiCert. And we bring you the leading products and solutions at fantastic prices."

Hundreds of Thousands of Users

Even though this sugar partner dating site is still not that well known, the site hosts over 400,000 active users on its platform. The gender ratio is a little high compared to other mutually beneficial relationship websites with 70% of its user base being females and only 30% being males.

Free Search Before Upgrade

Before you upgrade to a premium membership on Rich Meet Beautiful, you're allowed to use the free features like searching users with the filters to find genuine date-seeking people. You're allowed to send free winks to those you fancy.

Cons of RichMeetBeautiful

Pretty Expensive

One of the cons of RichMeetBeautiful is that it is a bit costly compared to many online dating sites. The only things you can do for free on the dating site are browse as an anonymous person and send winks.

You can't send free messages so you don't really have any way to contact free users or people with a premium subscription. We have a section down below that tells you the payment plans to become a premium member.

Some Fraudulent Accounts

Even though this is a paid site, you'd be surprised at how many people find fake profiles pop up in their search results, or later realize these fake accounts are scammers. Liz on TrustPilot said of the site,

"Got scammed by smetherjames aka James Thomas, claiming he was a boat investor and was beaten up by people who wanted to take his money. Long story short I helped him get back into the states, through loans ans unpaid bills, he presented documents of inheritance left by his father, and documents from the attorney firm stating such funds. 4 months of helping him, until funds get released of inheritance and wire transfer of sold boat. I made an FTC claim and will keep sending necessary requirements. Got an email and text from EFCC” investigating a scam which includes James Thomas aka smetherjames and others I sent money to in order to help him out. He even claimed his son was ill, a single dad with no siblings to assist him. BE AWARE..."

She's not the only one to say something about this as there are several more reviews complaining about fake accounts. These would-be entrepreneurs seem to get found out quickly, though.

High Gender Ratio

Another unfortunate con about RichMeetBeautiful is that it has a large gender ratio gap. About 70% of the website is female, and only 30% is male. This means the pool for a potential mutually beneficial arrangement is a lot larger for the rich men than the sugar babies have it.

No Mobile Application

Like a lot of other online dating sites that focus on finding people their own sugar daddy or sugar baby, they don't have a Google Play or Apple Store app. This site can be accessed on your mobile phone, however. You can access it by going to the site on your web browser.

For iPhone users, there's a hack to make RichMeetBeautiful accessible through your home screen. You can go into settings and make it a shortcut. This shortcut will appear on your home screen as a clickable icon.

Automatically Renew

According to a lot of more genuine young women and men, RichMeetBeautiful has a problem when it comes to pre-charging the premium subscription without letting the RichMeetBeautiful account know of the charge.

Premium Membership

To sign up for a premium subscription on RichMeetBeautiful it will cost you anywhere from $15 a month to $40 a month depending on what bundle you purchase.

  • One month is $40.
  • Three months is $30 a month, for a grand total of $90
  • Six months is $20 a month, for a grand total of $120
  • Twelve months is $13 a month, for a grand total of $156

Final Verdict: Is RichMeetBeautiful Legit?

While RichMeetBeautiful is a legitimate sugar daddy dating site, we can't confidently suggest this sugar relationships site for many reasons. The first reason is how many members are female and how male. 70% to 30% to be exact.

The second reason is the hefty amount of men and women who have been scammed by fake profiles or scammers. These fake profiles seem to have good luck when it comes to scamming other members on this site.

One quick google search on the site will show all the reviews of other members who have received private messages from a RichMeetBeautiful account that claimed to be someone they're not. and it happens...ALOT.


Is RichMeetBeautiful real?

This online dating site is 100% real. Unfortunately, RichMeetBeautiful is not the best dating site for prospective sugar men and women.

Can I use RichMeetBeautiful in the US?

Yes, you can use RichMeetBeautiful is the USA and all around the world.

How can I delete my RichMeetBeautiful profile?

Click on your profile icon and go to the settings tab. The 'deactivate profile' link should be clicked. They'll ask you if you're positive you want to.

What Type of Photos are Allowed on RichMeetBeautiful?

For public photos, nothing with nudity or contraband of any kind. Basically, things you wouldn't post to your Facebook account. On private photos, though, you're allowed to post more risque content like lewds and nudes - stuff you definitely wouldn't post to your Facebook account!

What Payments are Accepted on RichMeetBeautiful?

These are the acceptable ways of paying that RichMeetBeautiful takes:

  • Credit/debit card payments from most card brands.
  • Entropay
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Entercash
  • Google Play or Apple Pay

RichMeetBeautiful Reviews: the Positive and the Negative

Down below are some real first-hand reviews of the site. There are some positive, but there are also some negative ones as well. This might help you get a better idea if this article didn't.

The Negative

"Well there are only broke and ugly guys and when I say completely broke and completely ugly I mean it. Mostly homeless guys, jobless guys, guys with the least paid job who all dream to find rich beautiful models who will worship all the homeless jobless and completely broke extremely poor dudes. I think no girl should ever go to those sites and I literally mean no girl should be there." - Diana

"This website just so full of phony me anybody that reads this all the man all they wanna do is try to give you your allowance but you got a give them your information you don't know who they are where they came from I don't know if they're scam but they want your information they want to get them a prepaid card if not and that's all you need to do and then when you send a prepaid card you need another card or they're going to ship you anything you got a pay the fees this place is not but dam lie all the men here are all funny as hell don't believe the website I thought I was good but I don't believe in nothingThey want to give you 50 K or 1 million or whatever but you got a pay they want to information they want you to get a prepaid card it's than the money is gone thay are fake phony men this website is no good fake rich men They don't even tell you let's meet let's talk don't know you want to talk all they wanna do is text and you know they also like how phony is that but I really really want to give you your allowance without talking who does thatThey just start talking to you like one or two days and they love you're ready everything you read on this is fake" - Victoria

The Positive

"The site looks terrible, to be honest, but found what I was searching for. Lots of hot girls from all over the world looking for rich guys. Morally questionable? Maybe. Does it work? After several dates with a Belgian student, I can assure you it does." - Bruno

"I am Robert, 57, English, living both UK and Thailand, I am CEO of companies and a skilled mentor and entrepreneur. I have always dated girls 18-25 approximately. I have been sugar dating at least 20 years. I provide a high level of benefits and lifestyle to my sugar partners and I needed a website which attracts a higher quality of membership as I simply don't have time to waste. I've used many sugar dating sites and RichMeetBeautiful is by the far the best I have encountered. I've been a premium member since early 2018 and RMB is the first site I have joined where there is genuine customer service value and feedback from the administrators. I've found the quality of members is considerably higher and more genuine than on many major competitor's sites." - The Sugar Rush. (It's important to keep in mind that reviews like this can be fake/bought. Nobody pays for negative reviews.)

There you have it! As long as you keep your head on a swivel for potential scammers and fake profiles, RichMeetBeautiful is a great place to find a sugar relationship.