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Best Sugar Baby Website Without Meeting (2022) - Earn Money Easy Online

A lot of new sugar babies to the scene wonder if they can engage in fruitful sugar relationships without actually meeting their sugar daddy in person. An online-only sugar relationship might sound odd, but it's actually a very real possibility - providing you find the right sugar dating site. Thankfully, virtual-only sugar babies have a ton of choice out there.

Sometimes, your ideal sugar daddy lives hundreds of miles away. Sometimes, sugar babies or sugar daddies are too busy to actually get together. There are a number of reasons why people might engage in long-distance sugar relationships, and we've put together a list of the best sugar daddy sites to meet your virtual sugar daddy tonight.

1. Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement (also known as just Seeking), is perhaps the most popular sugar daddy dating site of all. In the past few years, and particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic, the site has seen a massive boom in popularity, helping wannabe sugar babies and sugar daddies find companionship and financial security - both in person and virtually.

With its sleek design and massive user base, Seeking Arrangement is usually the first point of call for a new sugar baby on the scene, and rightly so. Everything is easy to get to grips with on here, and since Seeking Arrangement uses a swipe system like Tinder, it's easy for the good-lookers to stand out from the crowd.

Sugar babies can join this sugar daddy website for free, although the sugar daddies themselves will need to hand over the cash for full membership. Free features are limited for sugar daddies, and unlimited messaging is reserved for premium members only. But for all of the interactive features and large pool of potential sugar daddies, the cost is more than worth it.

Given its 10 million plus user base, your chances of finding rich sugar daddies who just want virtual fun is higher on Seeking than it is on most other sugar daddy dating sites. Providing you give them a little something for their money; usually steamy pics, good conversation and naughty video chats, you'll get a sugar daddy through Seeking Arrangement in no time at all.

As well as swipe-based matching, Seeking Arrangement offers a range of community features to help connect you with a rich sugar daddy. Premium members are given access to chat rooms, forums and personals sections to detail your desires. Profiles are highly detailed on here too, giving you the opportunity to connect with your potential sugar daddy on a conversational level as well as a physical one.

2. Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits is the granddaddy sugar daddy website. It's been around longer than most sugar babies have been alive. Not only is it one of the best sugar dating sites of all time, but it's constantly updated and evolved to keep up with the times. Despite it being over 20 years old, you'd think Secret Benefits was created last week by looking at its classy contemporary design.

This sugar daddy app is a place to create "secret relationships." This means one of two things: sugar relationships or affairs (and sometimes the two go hand in hand). Secret Benefits is a little less appearance-based than most other sugar daddy sites, instead focusing on emotional connections and personality bonding. Therefore, it uses a grid-style approach to connect people.

Since it's been on the scene for so long, Secret Benefits has amassed a massive, loyal user base over its career. The site has just under 10 million registered users, with over half of them regularly active every month. This makes it one ofthe top sugar daddy sites around, at least in terms of sheer numbers. Only a handful of sugar sites (and dating sites in general) could match these figures.

Secret Benefits isn't cheap by any means, but as with most sugar dating sites, you're paying for the quality of users. As Secret Benefits is chocked to the brim with as many sugar daddies as you can handle, expect to pay a hefty premium for the privilege. A full year's membership will set you back around $25.99 per month, but it's worth it for what's on offer.

3. Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet has been around since 2007, now boasting almost 7 million users on its excellent platform. The website is modern, sleek and easy on the eye, and it puts a massive emphasis on class, elegance and discretion. It's got everything a girl needs to get a sugar daddy in record time, including interactive features for virtual fun.

The site throws the word "upscale," around a lot, thus appealing to the wealthy folk who prefer the finer things in life. The sugar daddies on here aren't just rich, they're the kind of guys who like fine wine, expensive holidays and flash cars. These guys are also required to verify their income and status before they're fully accepted onto the site.

The features here on Sugar Daddy Meet are minimal. You'll get daily matches thrown at you, but apart from that, it's a typical grid style searching site. Browse, find someone on your online sugar radar. It's as simple as that. But such simplicity is what makes Sugar Daddy Meet the best sugar dating website to come out before 2010.

Quite often, the streamlined sugar daddy websites are the best ones. You don't have to concern yourself with an abundance of unnecessary features, thus making your virtual sugar dating experience an easy one. Whether you're looking for a real sugar relationship, online fun or just great connections, you'll find such sugar arrangements easily on Sugar Daddy Meet.

4. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison might not sound like a great place to find a sugar daddy, but you'd be surprised at how effective is. For those who don't know, Ashley Madison is an affairs site. Every user is either married or looking to sleep with someone who is, so if you want to find sugar daddies who aren't exactly single, Ashley Madison can make it happen.

This approach is actually perfect for online only sugar babies because, since a lot of these married men struggle to get away from their lives, an online sugar baby lets them enjoy a sugar relationship without constantly having to meet in person. It's a much more convenient way for a daddy and sugar baby to interact, not to mention much safer for the sugar daddy.

Unlike the other popular sugar daddy sites on this list, you'll have to get specific with your search results to find an online sugar daddy on Ashley Madison. Since there's also a massive presence of men and women who just want extramarital hookups, you'll have to trawl through a few users before you find one that suits your needs.

Ashley Madison comes at a reasonable cost, although women can join the site completely free. Since it's not a dedicated sugar daddy app, the site doesn't differentiate between sugar baby, sugar mama and so forth. Men, however, need to use the site's credit system to send messages and advertise their services.

5. gets right down to business. If you want to be a sugar baby without meeting in person, even has a section dedicated to just this. The site has a fantastic advanced search function, and young ladies can tag themselves as an 'online-only sugar baby,' thus making it easy for a potential virtual sugar daddy to find them.

But this isn't the only thing that makes one of the best sugar baby websites for virtual fun. It's got a ton of immersive features including; location based services, video chat, roulette chat, video calls, forums, and more. It goes the extra mile to provide extensive virtual engagement, thus encouraging a mutually beneficial relationship in a virtual envronment.

Not only that, but is purely for daddy and sugar baby relationships. No sugar mamas or sugar cubs in sight. It's a place to find a "real" sugar relationship, promoting traditional gender roles which certainly appeal to a lot of these rich older folk. also has strict verification for its members, ensuring all of its clientele reach the required high standards. has around 3 million users throughout the United States. Not the highest of all sugar daddy websites, but a respectable number by any metric. Memberships cost $59.99 for the 6 month package, which is more than reasonable for its incredible services. is sugar dating made easy.

6. Victoria Milan

Another place to find extramarital fun, Victoria Milan brands itself as something of a "classy" affairs site. Even though it's not completely dedicated to sugar dating, sugar babies will still find a sugar daddy on here providing they spend a little time trawling through users. As a premium dating site, Victoria Milan boasts a whopping 7 million members across the US.

What makes Victoria Milan different to other sugar baby sites? Well, women are in charge on here. To skirt the traditional sugar daddy stigma, women can message any potential sugar daddy completely for free. The site includes plenty of mature cheatin women, as well as both sugar babies and sugar mamas. If you're a woman, you can utilize all of VM's features at no cost.

How does VM help to find an online only relationship? Much like Ashley Madison, Victoria Milan is teeming with successful men and generous members looking to share their wealth with lucky young women. As many of these men are already married, they can't always escape their wives to meet up in person, so virtual fun is the most convenient way for them to get their kicks.

It's certainly one of the more unique sugar baby websites out there, but Victoria Milan makes it super easy to find a sugar daddy online. It might not take a conventional approach, but after all, sugar daddy arrangements are as unconventional as they come. If you to become rich older man's side piece, Victoria Milan gives you the best chance of finding it.

7. EliteMeetsBeauty

EliteMeetsBeauty is the most popular sugar daddy dating site in Europe with just less than a million members throughout the continent. It functions like most sugar daddy dating sites, but you won't find any Americans or Canadians on here. Europeans only, so if you're on the wrong side of the Atlantic, you'll need to check out one of the other free sugar daddy apps on this list.

This sugar daddy site is actually still in its infancy having only been introduced in 2018. That's one reason why it's not as populated as many other sugar dating websites, but it's still amassed a respectable user base in its short career. EliteMeetsBeauty uses both a traditional grid system and a swipe system to make matches so you can choose what's best for you.

EliteMeetsbeauty has some interesting features that a lot of other sugar baby apps don't. Video chat, voice chat, virtual gifts, private photos and a strict verification process. The average sugar baby on here is actually around 27 - a little older than most other daddy and sugar baby apps. So, if you're on the younger side, chances are you'll stand out from the crowd here on EliteMeetsBeauty.

These interactive features also make it ideal for virtual fun, at least initially. EliteMeetsBeauty also features what's known as the 'Sugar Baby University,' which is a little program that helps any budding sugar baby pay for their tuition or college fees with the help of a generous sugar daddy. It's a super unique idea, and just another reason EliteMeetsBeauty is one of the best sugar baby sites for European users.

Membership isn't free for anyone, but the cost is kept low. Expect to pay around 9.99 euros per month for access, but the site is worth it for what's on offer. Since the site covers the length and breadth of Europe, there's no shortage of attractive women and wealthy sugar daddies to claim ownership of.

8. Established Men

Established Men isn't the largest sugar daddy website in the world, but it's something of a hidden gem in the sugar dating scene. Most sugar daddy apps require their sugar daddies to verify their status or wealth in some way, but Established Men goes the extra mile. The guys on here are the richest of the rich, which is what makes this such an elite platform.

This is a dream come true for any sugar baby, because the sugar daddies on here have more money than they know what to do with. Not all of these men are looking for a traditional sugar daddy relationship either. As they tend to be wealthy, workaholic businessmen, a lot of them are happy to indulge in some virtual companionship too.

Established Men is small on features. There are very little community aspects to the site, instead relying on direct messaging and swiping to match users together. Membership cost is quite steep for the guys, but since the site is an exclusive platform for only the richest sugar daddies, it's not exactly going to break their bank accounts. Women get a little leeway with membership options too.

For sugar babies who want to make easy money online, Established Men is definitely one of the best sugar daddy apps to hit up tonight. You'll need to be pretty hot to stand out from the crowd, but providing you put your best pictures forward, Established Men will help you bag an online sugar daddy in record time.

9. What's Your Price

What's Your Price is a very unique sugar daddy site. Rather than direct messaging other users and building up a rapport, sugar daddies bid on sugar babies through an auction-style system like eBay. The sugar daddy with the highest bidder is then able to take their sugar baby on a date, be it real life or virtual. If you're a sugar baby who wants to make easy money, there's really no better place than What's Your Price.

As a sugar baby, you'll receive the auction amount (minus 12% for the site's fees). Then, if you and your sugar daddy hit it off, you can expect a lot more where that came from. Now, most sugar daddies will want a real life date, however, sugar babies can lay out their requirements in their profiles beforehands. If you want virtual fun only, then just state it in your listing.

Female sugar babies can make a ton of money without meeting through What's Your Price pretty easily. You'll have to go on a lot of virtual dates, and perhaps even indulge your virtual sugar daddies through steamy text and video chats, but it's an easy way to build up a harem of online-only sugar daddies for passive income.

Another great advantage of What's Your Price is that sugar daddies from all over the world will bid on you, meaning it's quite difficult to arrange a real life date afterwards anyway. Therefore, a lot of these sugar daddies will go into the arrangement fully expecting online-only fun anyway.

Very few sugar baby sites can offer the freedom and versatility of What's Your Price. Many would argue it's the best sugar daddy site of all time given its unique gimmick, and better yet, it's a completely free sugar dating platform for women. The only costs that sugar babies will incur is the 12% fee the site takes from your auction amount.

Ready to find some online sugar?

As you can see from our extensive list of the best sugar daddy websites, finding your perfect virtual sugar daddy is easier than ever before. Ever since the global pandemic, we've been finding mutually beneficial relationships through dating sites and adult chat rooms, and those in the sugar lifestyle have been doing the same. Digital sugar babies and sugar daddies are a very real thing!

More and more people are ditching traditional roles and striking up unique relationships that provide all the sexual and emotional satisfaction they need. The sugar lifestyle is absolutely booming in today's dating climate, so if you want to find a sugar daddy or baby that you don't even have to meet in person, sign up to some of the sugar daddy sites up above.