EliteMeetsBeauty Review (2022) - Legit sugar dating site?

Love is in the air. And so is money. Cash money.

Elite Meets Beauty is one of the newer matchmaking services that promises to deliver quality matches to those that are looking for a little love from people that may be a little, say, more qualified. In this EliteMeetsBeauty review, we will let you know if it is the place to be or not.

EliteMeetsBeauty is one of the relatively few online dating sites that caters to men that they deem "elite," which is an easy way of saying that they have achieved success and have money. After making headway in the European market, Elite Meets Beauty has come to the United States to serve the ladies that love them, as well.

The EliteMeetsBeauty dating site doesn't specifically say that they are a sugar daddy site, in fact they claim to be the complete opposite. But with a little wink here and a little nod there, you know what's up. Remember, since the sugar baby and sugar daddy (or mommy!) are not trading money for sex, a sugar dating arrangement is totally legal. Same goes for casual dating. You do have to be a little bit coy about it, however.

So not to worry, sugar babies. You can find what you are looking for on EliteMeetsBeauty and the EliteMeetsBeauty app, either for free or with a paid monthly subscription.

First Impressions

You never get a second chance at these, so it is important that EliteMeetsBeauty gets this right. And they did.

Clean and Professional Website

At first glance, the homepage and app look every bit as trustworthy as any other online dating site. This was an essential thing to get right as the seedier the homepage, the seedier the clientele. EliteMeetsBeauty is aiming for the intelligent and attractive niche of the online dating market, so a dirty website would not cut it.

Attractive and Smart Clientele

Judging on pictures alone, there are some good looking people on EliteMeetsBeauty. And they are probably brilliant as well, with Elite Meets Beauty claiming that 85% of members are "highly educated."

As always, you must hope that these people are who they say they are. However, that is a risk you take on any other dating site, no matter who it is.

Emphasis On Customer Support

According to the homepage, EliteMeetsBeauty provides customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is smart, as even they acknowledge that their target audience is those who expect that level of care and support.

EliteMeetsBeauty Registration Process

Making a dating profile on EliteMeetsBeauty is as easy as can be. The process works very similar to other online dating sites, with a twist or two to keep out the fake ones.

Enter Basic Information

You are going to need to enter a name, your gender, the gender of the other members you are seeking, and your age. It's the normal dating site fare, as you always need to put things like location in there as well no matter where you are. Be as truthful as possible, as you surely would have wanted that from the person you are talking to.

Customize And Write A Catchy Bio

This is the 2nd most important thing that will make your EliteMeetsBeauty experience the best in can be.

Take your time and create a creative and informative bio blurb that makes you stand out from the crowd. New members pop up constantly, and it's very important that you demonstrate how unique you are in a sea of attractive people.

Add A Photo

Here is the 1st most important thing, at least in my opinion.

Pick the best possible picture that you can. Even better, hire a photographer and get headshots taken, like you are a movie star. If you are or are looking for one of these sugar daddies, you have the money to hire someone to make you look as good as possible. Even if EliteMeetsBeauty frowns upon that kind of thing.

You can also link your EliteMeetsBeauty profile to your Facebook profile for added security and also to make entering information easier! Photos are visible to both those with a premium membership and to the free users, so if you wish to stay anonymous, consider things such as masks or getting creative with Photoshop.

Verify Your Identity

After all that info is entered, a captcha picture will come up that you must complete. This is to make sure that you are not a robot, and is common on almost any site you go to.

Finally, the last step is to verify your email. You have probably seen this before, and the process is the same. Check your email for the link, and click it to finish verification. Elite Meets Beauty uses "mainstream" third party providers such as Amazon Web Services and Norton in their security protocols, so you know that this is taken seriously.

Pick Your Membership Level

Not all EliteMeetsBeauty site memberships are created equal. In this respect, it works very similar to other sites. You have the choice of a free membership or purchasing a premium membership at various prices or various lengths, starting at $69.99/month for 1 month with discounts depending on how long you stay a member.

Elite Meets Beauty Features

There are many online dating sites to choose from, and EliteMeetsBeauty works very similarly to most of them. Considering who they cater to, explicitly or not, they do have a few different features that set them apart from the pack. Here are a few of the highlights that make EliteMeetsBeauty work.

Private Photos

Elite singles have the ability to keep a profile photo private via private keys, meaning that other members won't be able to see every picture you have unless you "unlock" it for them. This means a sugar baby can keep a little something special for the sugar daddies out there.

Send and Receive Virtual Gifts

Premium members have the ability to send and receive virtual gifts, which can be a very enticing way to take your dating prospects to the next level.

Another popular feature is the boost, which allows you to put your profile at the top of the site search results for maximum exposure. This is not free, however, and does not guarantee that people will still respond to you.

Send Winks

Winks serve as a virtual "hey, let's talk." It is a cute way of letting someone know that you are interested, and if they are as well, a conversation can start. It's a low risk icebreaker!

Remember, though, that those that are not paying are unable to send a message back. So if you wink at beautiful women that aren't premium members they will not be able to respond, however, they will be notified.

They (Supposedly) Do Not Tolerate Sugar Relationships

That might be a bummer, depending on your point of view. Right there on the front page, the EliteMeetsBeauty site claims to "not tolerate any form of arranged relationships or any sort of pay to play agreement. Punishment for such a thing comes in the form of disabled accounts and a permanently banned IP address.

Despite this, we are reasonably certain that successful men looking for the right person can find what they are looking for. Be careful, however.

Pros of EliteMeetsBeauty.com

Let's start with the good news first. There are some good things about EliteMeetsBeauty, here's where you get your money's worth.

Mobile App

EliteMeetsBeauty has a top notch mobile app that allows for full access to the platform, including sending gifts and sending messages, no matter where in the world you are. You can find this app on Google Play.

Private Profiles

Non members can not see your profile through the site itself, but even with registered users, you have another line of defense in regards to your anonymity. Members have the ability to make their profiles private so that only certain users on the platform can see their photos or information.

Upfront and Professional Website

Obviously, there is no judgement on our end. And even if there is on someone else's end, so what? It's your life and sugar dating is not illegal.

But, say you leave your laptop open with your EliteMeetsBeauty profile open, and someone sees it. Not to worry! The site looks like like any other online dating site out there, and there is no nudity or anything that would prevent you from having to immediately closing your laptop if you get caught in a coffee shop looking for your next fling.

Cons of EliteMeetsBeauty.com

Now on to the bad news. Elite Meets Beauty is sadly not perfect.

Unclear Cancellation Methods

Let's be blunt, they do not make it easy to cancel your membership. Even a quick Google search took us to their website FAQ's....which led to a page not found. That cannot be good.

All site memberships are preset to auto renewal when you sign up, so be sure to keep that in mind.

It's Heavily Skewed Towards Men

As you would expect, young women are the catch on EliteMeetsBeauty. So it goes without saying that the gender distribution is rather off, with female members being outnumbered by potential sugar daddies by quite a large margin. All premium members must keep that in mind before deciding if they want to sign up for this site.

Also, attractiveness and success are often subjective. Not everyone finds older men attractive, and it's impossible to determine a users true income level no matter what kind of account they have. Plus, photos don't always tell the whole story. So both women and men need to do their due diligence before entering into any sort of dating arrangement.

Limited Free Membership Features

Without paying, your EliteMeetsBeauty dating experience is going to be rather lacking. There is only so much you can do for free on this site, and since most members are men, your engagement level is going to end up pretty limited. Without the ability to actually send messages to other members, your potential sugar babies are most likely going to be few and far between if they can't read messages and only send winks.

Some Fake Profiles

Of course, fakes and catfishes are going to slip through the cracks. Even with the amount of verification that member profiles go through, EliteMeetsBeauty would be the first dating site in history to be completely clean of fake community members. Therefore, it is best to expect some catfishes and a scam here and there.

Premium Membership

A premium membership is almost required to have any success on Elite Meets Beauty. It allows all of the features of the free membership, plus a lot more.

A premium member can view who looked at their profile, view unlimited profiles and photos, and have more search options, including which profiles are of active members currently on the site.

Final Verdict: Is EliteMeetsBeauty legit?

EliteMeetsBeauty is absolutely a legit dating site. Whether it is safe to be used as a sugar dating service is another story, however.

Their homepage states, clear as day, that "this is not sugar dating, this is elite dating for relationships." Knowing that, you can go about finding your own

Yes, there are fake profiles and a scam here and there. Every online matchmaker app or site has those, however, and EliteMeetsBeauty is absolutely a legit dating service full of real people with real profiles looking for real love. That includes successful professionals on the search for dating that matters.

And if you are looking for real money in return, you can probably get that too. Just be discreet about it.


Is there something we missed above? Here are a few more answers to a few more questions you might have about Elite Meets Beauty.

Is EliteMeetsBeauty safe?

Rest assured that the site and app are as safe as can be.

Verified Profiles

As we talked about above, all members are verified to make sure that the person on the other end is, in fact, a real person. Fake profiles will slip through, but no more than any other dating site.

SSL Encryption and Fraud Detection

Users can enter their credit card information on the EliteMeetsBeauty website and app knowing it is not a scam. However, never give out your banking information to other users, and if something looks wrong, call your bank to put stop payments on anything that does not look right to you.

How to I cancel my EliteMeetsBeauty account?

Whether you found your dream partner or just need to preserve anonymity, here is how to cancel your EliteMeetsBeauty account. Keep in mind, canceling your membership and deactivating your account are two different things, as canceling your paid membership will simply revert you back to the free one, and still cause you to show up in search results even if you are inactive.

Head Into Settings

In your profile page, hit 'settings' then 'deactivate profile."

Contact Customer Support

If you are still having issues, customer service is available via chat 24/7. They should be able to assist you with deactivating your account, temporarily or for good.

Write A Letter

If you prefer the snail mail route, write to....

Nextlove Limited
Nextlove AS. Regus Offices Nydalsveien 28
0484 Oslo