How To Become A Sugar Baby

How to become a sugar baby? The secrets nobody talks about.

Becoming a sugar baby is something that crosses everyone's mind sooner or later.

It seems like a great deal: all the luxury you could ever want, and all you need to do is provide companionship and sexual fulfillment to someone who is a little more Robert DeNiro than Robert Pattinson.

But there are certain aspects of being a sugar baby that people don't talk about. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, and while having a sugar daddy can be great, there are some things to watch out for.

Our team of researchers did the dirty work, diving deep into the secret world of sugar babies to find out exactly how to become a sugar baby and the pros and cons of every arrangement.

Best Sugar Dating Websites

Let's assume you already did your research and you know you want to be a sugar baby. Here is a breakdown of some of the best sites for sugar dating.

Secret Benefits - Most Reliable

Our first pick is Secret Benefits. They're a top sugar dating site in the community, with millions of users seeking sugar relationships with rich men.

Secret Benefits has a great content management platform, allowing you to post secret albums to share with your favorite sugar daddies.

Best of all, it's totally free for sugar babies. Only sugar daddies have to pay to get that first date.

WhatsYourPrice - Best For Active Searching

WhatsYourPrice is a huge site - over a million people visit every month. That means there is no shortage of rich guys to seduce.

A key feature that distinguishes WhatsYourPrice is profile viewer information. You can see who viewed your profile, giving you the unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve if there is a sugar daddy you are particularly interested in.

EmilyDates - Best User Base

Another great option for aspiring sugar babies. There aren't any particular fancy features, but EmilyDates has a really strong community that's always growing.

Honorable Mention - Ashley Madison

While not technically a sugar daddy site, Ashley Madison is still a good place to find sugar daddies online. Ashley Madison is a cheating site devoted to helping people find sexual fulfillment and companionship outside of their loveless, sexless marriage.

This means the site is ripe with horny older men who sometimes have money. Sounds like potential sugar daddies to me!

Those are the top four sugar baby online dating sites. Check them all out and find which one works best for your needs!

How To Become a Sugar Baby in 5 Steps

Ok, so you got your site picked out, and you're ready to find a significantly older rich man to spoil you.

Obviously, you make an account, set up your profile, and get to swiping or liking. But there are many sugar daddies that are a little more difficult to impress than the average man.

To set yourself apart, follow these 5 steps.

Step One: Analyze The Competition

Sugar dating is inherently competitive. In a lot of cases, it can actually be more competitive than regular dating.

This is because sugar dating is transactional by nature. While they are mutually beneficial relationships for the parties involved, sugar relationships are literally give-and-take. Whereas in normal dating, the partners work as a team out of mutual love, most sugar relationships (at least at the start) are just about money.

Because of this, trying to become a sugar baby is like trying to find a job. There are many qualified candidates and, for better or worse, your primary competitive edge will come from your sexuality.

That's why it's imperative to study your competition and at least match what they are doing.

Take a look at the dating profile of the more successful female users on your chosen site. How do they structure their profile? What material benefits do they offer to these successful men?

If they put out on the first date, you need to consider whether or not you are comfortable doing that as well. Check out what financial benefits they command, and determine if that's enough for you to devote a good amount of your time to sugar dating.

What kind of content do they post? If you're comfortable with it, try mimicking the pictures they take. A lot of sugar dating sites vary on this point: Some disallow naked pictures, while some actually encourage them.

You need to determine what younger women are doing for these men, and then examine if you are comfortable providing the same for a given amount of financial compensation.

Step Two: Set a Hard Minimum For Your Monthly Allowance

Your sugar partner will pay you for your companionship, but sugar babies command different pay levels depending on a few things.

Attractive women command more than unattractive women. Sugar babies willing to put out on the first date command more than sugar babies who have reservations for a long time.

The good news is that no one can force you into a relationship if the money isn't good enough for you.

Set a hard limit on your lowest acceptable compensation, and stick to it. Find a sugar daddy who is willing to pay that amount for your company, and skip the ones who try to negotiate down.

Step Three: Determine If You Want Long-Term Relationships or Short-Term Sugar Arrangements

The average sugar baby relationship lasts about two to three months, and usually ends because one of the parties got bored. This is just fine if you have short-term sugar baby needs, but it's less than ideal if you're looking for lifelong luxury.

You need to determine what you want in order to minimize miscommunication down the line. Here are some examples of why a woman would want a short-term arrangement:

  • She needs money for school
  • She wants to travel but doesn't have the money
  • She needs financial support for housing or car expenses
  • She needs to pay off a loan
  • She wants designer clothes

This is the great thing about short-term sugar dating: You can secure financial support for any goal without the lifelong attachment of marriage.

Of course, some women want a rich sugar daddy to be their husband - and that's fine too! As long as you work out what you want and plan your search accordingly, there is a sugar relationship to fit anyone's needs.

Step Four: Find Sugar Daddy Relationships Online

Once you have the nitty-gritty worked out, it's time to find a sugar daddy. By this point, you should be seeing some sugar daddy profiles on your chosen sugar daddy website. In fact, there are probably so many sugar daddy dating site profiles that you're having trouble narrowing down your list.

To help with this, check out this quick checklist for how to become a sugar baby online without getting overwhelmed by the number of sugar daddies:

  • Assume every man is financially eligible.You can eliminate men later if they don't cut the mustard in the cha-ching department. For now, focus on other things to narrow down your search.
  • First scan: Looks.You have to start somewhere, and the first thing you'll usually see on a sugar dating site profile is a picture of the man in question. This means you can start eliminating potential sugar daddies very quickly. If a man is just nasty-looking, nix him.Maybe he's too short. Maybe he's too fat. Maybe he looks like a cross between a railroad tie and a naked molerat. Whatever it is, you should assume that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and you shouldn't settle for someone who grosses you out.
  • Second Scan: Authenticity.This takes a little longer than eliminating men based on looks, but it's still an important step. Plus, it doesn't take too long once you know the basics. Look for any profile where the headshot is obviously a stock image.If any profile mentions Bitcoin or crypto trading, run the other way. Every sugar dating website is different, but try to stick to one that has user verification. Sugar daddy scammers are common, so be vigilant.
  • Third Scan: Interests.Ok, this one is a little more in-depth. We're in the quarter-finals. Now that we've eliminated all of the fake accounts and those with, shall we say, unfortunate looks, it's time to try and find men you'll actually like.Whatever you're into, you should try to find a mutually beneficial relationship. Look for sugar daddies on your dating app who wants such a relationship.While money is a key part of the sugar baby relationship, it never hurts to try to end up in a relationship that at least doesn't make you miserable. A lot of sugar daddies link their social media accounts to their sugar daddy app account, so take a look and make sure the man in question likes what you like.
  • Fourth Scan: Financial EligibilityBefore agreeing to any sugar dates, you should ensure that the men you're meeting on these sugar daddy dating sites are the real deal.You already determined your minimum acceptable allowance, so now just go through your short list of sugar daddies and ask them about compensation.If they try to negotiate down, block them. You don't have time for men who are only pretending to be sugar daddies (often called "Splenda daddies.")Most sugar daddies on top sites will be ready for the demands of most sugar babies, but it never hurts to double check. If your minimum allowance is in the five figures, you definitely need to make sure your sugar daddy knows that.

Step Five: Maintain Your Income With Relationship Maintenance

Once you have gone through all of the work of finding the right sugar daddy, you need to make sure you keep him around.

Men get bored easily, so try to stay exciting by suggesting new sex acts or changing up your wardrobe.

Men are very visual creatures, so nudes go a long way in keeping them happy. If you're one of several potential sugar babies in a man's DMs, nudes can also help you set yourself apart. A quick booty pic works wonders for keeping a man engaged.

You should also watch for more holistic relationship maintenance opportunities. Support your man in his work, and let him know you're proud of him. Do some chores so he can relax when he gets home.

After all, becoming a sugar baby is all about building and keeping an income outside of traditional employment. If you treat your relationship like a job and take the initiative, you might build yourself a long-term relationship - and income - for life.

If you followed all of the steps above, you should have a solid sugar daddy (or sugar mama) to spoil you!

Can I be a sugar baby online?

Yep! If you're not comfortable spending real-life time with a man for money, you can keep all of your sugar baby activities online.

You can still use the same top sugar daddy websites, but make it clear you're online only so no one is disappointed.

Once you have potential sugar daddies on lock, you can move the conversation to a different platform or stay on the same great sugar baby sites.

A sugar daddy online relationships typically consist of sending nudes for money (which is totally legal but talk to a lawyer to make sure that what you're doing is legal also,) or accepting an allowance for general sexiness and chat.

A sugar relationship can be any form of relationship - the "sugar" just refers to the money aspect. Many sugar babies prefer to stay online because it's safer (in most respects) and easier.

Sugar Baby Safety Precautions

Great, so you're a sugar baby to a deliciously handsome tech executive now. But even if you're with a verified, vetted sugar daddy, becoming a sugar baby still requires situational awareness. Here are some red flags for sugar baby dating, sugar daddy sites, and sugar relationships in general:

  • If your sugar daddy has multiple complaints from any past sugar baby, run away.
  • If he asks you for an in-person sugar daddy meet after you specified you're online-only, be careful.
  • If he loses his verification on the site, break up.
  • If he gets aggressive with his sugar baby, run.
  • If he loses his job, you might need to jump ship unless you really like him.
  • Any time you go to a sugar daddy meet-up in public, tell your friends where you're going.

A happy and safe sugar baby is the best kind of sugar baby.

By following this guide and staying aware, you can become a sugar baby in no time. Show off your slutty side, and get paid for it!