AgeMatch Review (2022) - Is This Age Gap Dating Site Legit?

AgeMatch is a premier dating site that helps older men meet younger women and vice versa. It's been around for a while, but does AgeMatch still deliver? How does it compare to other online dating sites in the age-gap niche? And most importantly, will it help you meet your next older/younger partner?

AgeMatch is often lumped in with the influx of sugar dating sites that have permeated the dating scene in recent years, but AgeMatch is actually a different beast entirely. We've put together everything you need to know about this age gap dating site for your convenience. Here's the only AgeMatch review you need to read.

First Impressions

AgeMatch looks like pure class. Right away, you'll know exactly what this online dating site is all about. It's got a real elegant visual style and the main page features tons of photos of sexy-but-attainable MILFs, DILFs, cougars, silver foxes and general older hotties. The website looks like a total dream and it runs equally as smoothly too. The site's introduction claims:

"AgeMatch has been the first and the world's largest age gap dating site since 2001. Are you looking for the excitement of an May-December romance? It's our mission to help millions of users find and fall in love with perfectly suited matches. Whether you're an elite gentleman, an attractive woman, a cougar or a young man, you're in great company! We take your privacy very seriously, and we never employ fake profiles. That's why we're the age-gap site that people trust with their heart. Don't be lonely for another minute! Sign up now and find your ideal match!"

Below the introduction, AgeMatch has a bunch of success stories from older/younger couples who've found love through the site. How true are these testimonials? It's always difficult to tell, but given that AgeMatch is a completely legitimate online dating site, it stands to reason they're genuine. Overall first impressions - AgeMatch certainly looks like a top dating app, and don't be surprised to find yourself drawn in. Next comes the registration process. Sign Up Process

Hit the 'Sign Up' button in the top right hand corner to kickstart the registration process. First you'll be asked for an email address and nothing else. Once you've verified your email you'll be able to begin setting up your account. Next input your username, password, gender, age, zip code, sexual preferences and relationship preferences. Once that's done, you're free to begin crafting your own profile and viewer other members.

A free membership offers the following features:

  • View other members' profile
  • Join forums
  • Send wink and likes
  • Access members' first date ideas
  • Basic search filters
  • Add public photos
  • Add private photos
  • Check the latest activities
  • Like and comment on profiles, photos, and blogs
  • Answer questions on forums

Only premium members are able to actually interact with other members, be it through direct messaging or forum activity. Both guys and girls will need a paid account on here. Unfortunately, AgeMatch doesn't give much away for free.

AgeMatch Key Features

AgeMatch has a huge choice of features to help meet suitable partners. Here's a detailed look at what's on offer.

Social Media Elements

Age Match functions more like a social media site than a dating site. It utilizes all of the key features you'd find on a social media platform, including blogs, status updates, friends lists and groups. Your home page is actually a feed of all the recent happenings within your sphere, allowing you to find people without searching or scrolling.

This approach is becoming more popular amongst similar dating sites too. The casual social media atmosphere lends itself more to natural interactions based around mutually-loved topics. The traditional approach still works for people who just want hookups and casual sex, but as most users on Age Match are looking for something more substantial, the organic, social media-style approach facilitates helps lay better foundations for future relationships.

Advanced Search Options

The easiest way to find your perfect match on AgeMatch is to use the advanced search function. Hit the Search link on the banner at the top of the page then you can search all suitable partners by keyword. You'll then be given a list of users based on proximity to you, and you can then use the search filters to narrow down further.

The search filters include: Age, Body Type, Hair Color, Ethnicity, Race, Height, Facial Hair (Yes or No), Single or Couple and Education Level. You can then dig into the profile of a potential partner and message them directly. The advanced search options are only available for premium members.


SPARK is AgeMatch's equivalent of a swipe feature, except instead of wiping you'll click Like or Pass. Every day you'll get given 10 potential matches, and you both click Like on each other then a chat window will pop up. You're only limited to 10 per day so you can't spend your entire evenings swiping through faces - which is a good thing.

The limited availability forces users to get out there and view profiles rather than basing their matches on physical appearances. But still, it's a good way to power through users if you don't have time to look through the site in the regular way. Free members can match with people through SPARK but you'll need a paid membership to actually message any matches.

Members Forum

As well as direct messaging, you can also communicate with other members through the forum area. The forums are broken down into a bunch of different sections including; General Talk, Lifestyle, Sports, TV & Media, Music, Dating, Photos & Videos and Off Topic Discussions. Unfortunately, the forums don't have sections catering to different areas of the country.

Even so, the forums are a fantastic way to build connections without having to contact people directly. Sometimes, relationships are formed in the most unexpected ways. What starts as an innocent conversation about Game of Thrones could easily progress to a fruitful relationship. Forums still have a great place in the modern social media place and we wished more dating websites utilized them.

First Date Ideas

Need some inspiration for your next date location? AgeMatch has a funky little section simply entitled 'First Date Ideas.' This section is actually fully in the hands of the site's members - not the mods or admins. Users can discuss some of the places they've taken their dates on to help out people who are struggling.

These date ideas can be pretty specific too. It's not just general things like hit the bowling alley or go to a theme park. It lists exact locations, the best times to go, places that might be similar to them in your own area. It's quite a unique idea that we've never seen used on any other sites.

Dating Advice & Safety Tips

Everyone knows that meeting people online can be a dangerous game. Many women have horror stories about being touched up, being ghosted, being manipulated and so forth. This isn't just limited to younger women either - a ton of older daters will have endured such troubles throughout their online dating careers. That's why AgeMatch promotes safety and security at all times.

Every week, there'll be a new front page post about staying safe while you're chatting and meeting people. It's not just the little things either. This advice comes from industry experts who keep informed on the modern trappings that come with meeting strangers. Advances in technology have made it easier to stay safe and ensure the person you're chatting to is genuine - so make the most of it.

Pros of Age Match

What did we love about AgeMatch? Here's a detailed list of the positives.

Limited Free Membership

Giving users the option to look around is a fantastic way to prove that your dating site is genuine. Age Match allows its users to browse everything on offer, including full profiles and full-sized pictures, and allows access to the forums, safety tips, first date ideas and SPARK sections (although posting on the forums are a premium feature only).

This freedom allows new members to decide whether or not this is the best app for them before committing. Not every site offers these kinds of special features as part of the standard membership, so it's a neat little perk that helps cement Age Match as a trustworthy and reliable platform.

Mobile App

Only the top dating sites have mobile apps, and Age Match is no exception. The AgeMatch app is an incredible piece of work, offering all of the functionality you'd expect from a top tier dating app. It's efficient, streamlined and runs like a dream. Not to mention it's as visually striking as the desktop version of the site.

You can download the AgeMatch app directly from the Google Play or iOS app stores. Because the app doesn't use a ton of sexual imagery or language (like a lot of modern dating apps do), it doesn't violate any app store rules. It's available for any mobile device; Android, Apple, Windows, Huawei, Nokia and Sony.

Long Term Relationships

The simple fact of the matter is that Age Match is for serious relationships. In today's dating climate, there are a milion places to find online hookups and casual encounters. Strangely, there are fewer and fewer places to find long term relationships because dating websites constantly get invaded by casual sex-seekers.

But Age Match has stayed true to its core mission - helping people find fruitful older/younger partners. This is very much a place to address that gaping hole in your love life. It's not a place to find a revolving door of sex partners. For new happiness in a long term relationship, Age Match can deliver.

Vast User Base

When we hear terms like age gap dating, we tend to think of the typical older man/younger woman dynamic. While this is indeed the most popular form of age-difference dating, Age Match has plenty of users looking for different arrangements too. Namely young men looking to connect with significantly older women.

Age Match only has just over a million members, but around 90% of its registered user base are active. This might sound low in comparison to sites like Tinder that boast 10 million US users, but they often fail to mention just how active these users are. Age Match, on the other hand, sees around 100,000 logins every single day.

Age Range Dating Only

Gimmick dating sites always end up with a problem. It usually goes like this; gimmick dating service gets popular > more people join to see what the fuss is about > mainstream popularity infiltrates the site > people start ignoring the gimmick. In the case of Age Match, it would be young women and men using it as a traditional platform to meet similarly-aged partners.

But AgeMatch doesn't have this problem. In fact, you have to set your preferences when you first register as to whether you're looking for young or older men or women. You'll then only see people 10 years in your chosen direction. For example, if you're a young man seeking older women, you can only see female users who are at least 10 years older than you.

Detailed Profiles

The good thing about older person dating is that profiles tend to be thoroughly filled out. If you hop on places like Tinder or Bumble (places with a young demographic), you'll find a LOT of bare profiles that just let their pictures do the talking. Older people, on the other hand, tend to let their personalities shine through their profile bios.

And this is good because it gives you instant conversation topics. No one wants to just send a message saying "hi, how are you?" but if their profile is super bare, you don't have much other choice. You won't have this issue on Age Match because most profile bios feature at least a few paragraphs (any less and the site will prompt you to add a little more).

Positive Reviews

Don't just take our word for our great Age Match is. Every other AgeMatch review speaks super highly of this place too. Its unique features, high quality user base and special features for standard members make this one of the best platforms to find older or younger men and women that exists today.

Multiple positive reviews are a surefire sign of a trustworthy platform. There are real, single people on here - unlike a lot of modern sites that promise millions of members and deliver nothing but scammers. So please, trust that our AgeMatch review is genuine!

Good Male To Female Ratio

The ratio of males to females on Age Match is around 3:2 - or around 60% male, 40% female. These statistics, compared with any site in a similar niche, is very good. It's very rare to find a site that has more girls than guys, but Age Match comes pretty close considering there's only around a million members.

Of these 400,00 ladies, around 78% of them are looking to find love with an older man. Meanwhile, the remaining 22% are looking to meet younger men. That's more than enough choice for anyone.

Cons of Age Match

What didn't we love about AgeMatch? Here's a short list of negatives.

Some Fake Profiles

Any site that allows free profile creation is going to attract a few fakes and scammers. There's no getting away from it. It sucks, but providing you maintain an ounce of common sense you'll be able to distinguish the fakes from the real users. The problem with scammers is that they tend to go overboard to the point they don't resemble real people.

For example, most scammers on Age Match take the form of young girls. Real slutty chicks that'll bombard you with private messages and send you semi-naked pictures to try and lure you in. Anyone who's used a dating site before knows that girls don't act this way. If a woman is being overly-friendly with you despite giving very little back, chances are she's a scammer.

No Background Checks

Age Match naturally gets slumped in with the "sugar dating" crowd (where established men offer young girls financial support in exchange for sex), and there are indeed plenty of people on here looking for sugar daddies (older men), sugar mammas (older woman), or sugar babies (young guys or or girls).

Sugar sites always conduct background checks on their members to ensure they're either A) genuinely rich or B) super hot. Age Match doesn't do this, unfortunately, so while a guy might claim that he's loaded to the hills, there's no way of knowing for sure until you see his bank balance.

Mostly Old Men/Young Women

Sure, everyone is welcome on Age Match providing they're looking for age range dating, but the majority of members consist of old men and young ladies. It's understandable since this is the most common type of relationship, but it leaves young men and older ladies struggling to find someone to chat with.

But if you're an old dude or young girl, you'll be in your element on here. Lots of men find that dating a younger woman helps them capture their lost youth and regain that dynamism they had back in the day.

Premium Membership Cost

To interact with other members on AgeMatch, you'll need to purchase a premium subscription. As a premium member, you'll get access to the following features:

  • Initiate chat and messages
  • Respond to members' first date ideas
  • Check how often a user replies to messages
  • Check online lists
  • Advanced search filters
  • See who favorited and viewed your profile
  • See who liked your photo
  • Hide others from search results
  • Add personal notes on profiles
  • Browse anonymously
  • Highlight profile
  • Priority customer care

Here's how much an AgeMatch premium account costs:

  • 1 Month - $29.95 per month - $29.95 total
  • 3 Months - $19.98 per month - $59.95 total
  • 6 Months - $15.99 per month - $95.95 total

Payments can be made via credit card or Paypal. AgeMatch does not currently accept crypto payments. All memberships are auto-renewed after their individual durations have elapsed, so if you don't want to continue using the platform, you need to manually cancel your subscription.

Final Verdict: Is AgeMatch Legit?

AgeMatch is one of the best dating sites around for age gap dating, perhaps the best one of all. Not only is it a trustworthy name with a stellar reputation, but this dating site actually gets incredible results. It promises to connect you with attractive women, older men and age-gap partners, and that's exactly what you'll find every time you log on. It doesn't have the largest userbase in the world, but it's more than big enough.

Like any dating website, AgeMatch has a couple of drawbacks, but the positives far outweigh the negatives on here. The fact it's designed like a social media site rather than a dating site really helps foster connections due to its casual atmosphere. It doesn't have the "try-hard" nature of other dating sites, which will definitely appeal to a ton of people seeking age-gap dating partners. If it's serious relationships you want, we can't recommend AgeMatch enough.

We hope our Age Match review has helped you decide whether this site is for you. Please check out our other dating site reviews on our page!


Need to know something specific about AgeMatch? We've put together a list of the most commonly asked questions for your convenience.

Is free?

AgeMatch is not free to use. Free members are only allowed to look around the site and cannot use any of the interactive features. Those who wish to contact other members must purchase a premium account. Premium membership prices range from $15.99 per month to $29.95 per month dependong your level of commitment.

Is safe?

AgeMatch is a perfectly safe online dating site that takes the privacy of its members seriously. The site does not ask for any personal info and doesn't store any user data (other than email addresses) in its database.

How to delete AgeMatch account?

Follow these steps to delete your AgeMatch account:

  • Login to the AgeMatch website or app.
  • Navigate to the 'Settings' tab.
  • Click on the 'Subscriptions' tab.
  • From here, navigate to the 'My Account' section.
  • At the bottom of the page, click 'Delete My Account.'
  • Input your reason for deleting then click 'Continue.'

Will my AgeMatch subscription auto-renew?

Your Age Match subscription will auto-renew after its duration has elapsed, so if you don't want to continue using the platform, you need to manually cancel your subscription. You can do this via the Settings menu on the app or website.

How much does Age Match cost?

Age Match has three available subscription options, ranging from $15.99 per month to $29.95 per month. They break down as follows:

  • 1 Month - $29.95 per month - $29.95 total
  • 3 Months - $19.98 per month - $59.95 total
  • 6 Months - $15.99 per month - $95.95 total

Can you send messages for free on Age Match?

You need a premium membership type in order to send messages through the Age Match site. Free members are only given limited access and functionality.