Luxy Dating App Review - Is this exclusive dating site legit?

Anyone can hit up the App Store and swipe the hours away on the Bumbles and Tinders of the world, but you deserve better. Swipe after swipe on guys and girls that simply don't have what you are looking for, a ritual that is getting very tiresome. You're high value, and you insist on a high value partner as well. Enter Luxy, one of the luxury brands in the world of love.

Luxy is an exclusive online dating website that looks to connect wealthy, upscale professionals with their ideal matches for friends or more. Not for the everyday schmuck, Luxy is for those who demand the finer things in life, and only those that can afford it.

Other dating apps allow the whole world to find their person, but not Luxy. All Luxy members must go through a thorough screening process, first from select members and then by Luxy themselves. Unheard of in the dating app sphere, this little feature helps make sure that the exclusivity that members crave does not go away. But does it all work?

In this Luxy review, we delve deep into whether or not this site is as elite as it claims to be, or whether it's just another disappointment in a long line of dating app disappointments.

First Impressions

As soon as we get to the website, we are greeted by a beautiful lady in red and given the opportunity to sign up for a free membership immediately. This app certainly wastes no time at all.

If you scroll down, you are treated with a standard landing page experience that looks almost identical to most online dating services out there. They describe, in detail, what they are and who they are meant for. They even have a few testimonials, including (surprisingly) one from late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

The main thing that surprised us, however, is the emphasis on Luxy NOT being a sugar daddy site. It is mentioned multiple times that sugar dating is not allowed and will not be tolerated, so if that style of love what what you are looking for, we recommend you be a little discreet about it.

Luxy Registration Process

As we mentioned above, you can create a basic and free account straight from the homepage. All you have to do is enter a name, a valid email and a that we recommend is not QWERTY.

You will also need to enter your birthday, as well as who you are and what you are looking for. Your options are man seeking woman, woman seeking man, man seeking man, and woman seeking woman. Sorry, couples. We're afraid you are out of luck here.

If you're too busy, or simply want an easier way to get in, you can also sign up for free using your Facebook or Google account. This can be very beneficial for you, as it could help you in the vouch process and when you get to the talking stage faster.

Once in, you are asked to add a few more details about yourself that other Luxy users might want to know. You are asked to disclose things such as your ethnicity, height, and maybe most importantly, income.

Luxy App Features

Luxy is one of the more expensive dating experiences on the market, so you would think that it would be packed with features that set it apart from the rest and make the price tag worth it. A basic Luxy account is free, but you will be limited in what you can actually do.

Vouching Process

Luxy takes it's exclusivity seriously, to the point where it even gets other select members involved in the process of vetting you. This is unique in the online dating app sphere, and is a game changer.

After creating your profile, you are asked to upload a few pictures as part of the vouch process. These photos must show your face prominently and clearly, and hats and masks are not allowed. These pictures will be reviewed by both the Luxy team and those select members of the user base, and at least 50% of them must consider you worthy if you want to stay as a free member.

This whole process takes at least 24 hours, so sit down and get cozy. It's going to be a minute. Also, Luxy helps you out by giving you help in taking a fresh photo, and rewards you for listening to them by allowing only 35% of users to pass you to get in.

Anti-Scam System

All free users must go through the aforementioned vetting process, which serves as a way to both keep the experience exclusive and keeps fakers and scams off of the app.

A free account can go through the income verification process as well, which consists of uploading tax return and a photo ID or passport. Proving that you make at least $200,000 will guarantee your account gets allowed on the app, as well as being a great way of proving to other users that the free account that they are talking to is a real person.

Send Gifts

On top of sending messages, you can also send gifts to other users. By spending coins, Luxy's virtual currency, you can send little gifts to a potential date and show them just how interested you actually are. Again, sugar daddies must not get the wrong idea, as sending real money will most likely get you banned.

Who Likes Me

Users also have the ability to who has already liked them, and decide whether or not that person is right for them without having to look in search sections. This cutes down on the time it takes to find matches, and hopefully gets you out on dates as quickly as possible.

Video Chat

It is always nice to see that the person on the other end, the person you hope is the one, looks like their photo makes them out to be. Luxy has a great feature that allows you to safely and securely have a video chat to make sure that they are who they say they are.

Best of all, you can do this without having to give away any personal information such as a phone number. A quick FaceTime like chat could change your mind about the person, and now you have a way to cut your losses without the guy being able to call you.

Pros of Luxy

Given Luxy's hefty price tag and discerning clientele, we would expect the list of pros to be long. Let's see if that's true.

Great Matchmaking System

If you aren't the type to do the searching yourself, Luxy does a terrific job of matching you with matches that you would most likely click with the most.

In a feature called "Find The One," every day a specific user will be recommended to you that the Luxe algorithm thinks you match well with. And from our experience, all the women that the service recommended to us were all very attractive and actually did match some of our desired attributes.

Dating experts everywhere say that dating is a numbers game, so having a feature like this that works as well as it does saves time and gets you from profile page to message in an even quicker amount of time.

High Quality Women

One thing can't be denied, attractive women have found a home on Luxy.

High quality women have no issues finding men anywhere they go, whether it is on a dating site or IRL (that's "in real life," for the boomers out there.) They have the pick of the litter at all times, so the fact that many of the ladies on Luxy are of the desirable and beautiful type, that makes Luxy one of the dating sites that will be enticing and worthwhile for rich singles everywhere.

Dedicated App For Your Phone

A common complaint in other online dating reviews is that they didn't take the time to make a dedicated app for iPhone and Android. It is simply a standard that many people look for, and it is definitely a good thing that Luxe did it right and didn't limit members to using only the desktop version.

Cons of Luxy

Nobody is perfect, even though Luxy is looking for the humans that are close enough to it. Let's see where we have to knock a few points off.

Some Fake Profiles

Sadly, every dating app out there has the problem of fake profiles, and Luxy is no exception. It always sucks when the person on the other end is not who they say they are, especially when you had such high hopes for them.

We consider this a heavy demerit for Luxy, however. For an app that touts such a thorough vetting process and high price tag, it is borderline inexcusable for a site like this to have some scams and fakes. There aren't a ton of them, but we would like to see Luxy do a better job of getting these lousy scam users out of there.

Buggy App

Yes, we did say that it's a good thing that Luxy has it's own app. Problem is it isn't always one that works well.

App store reviews show that many users had issues with the app crashing or freezing, with some even reporting that the app would randomly delete messages. For such an expensive service, it is perfectly reasonable to be angry about something like that.

Smaller Dating Pool in General

Due to the high price tag and exclusive membership style, the user base on Luxy is much smaller than those of other apps. In a way, this is by design as those that balk at the cost aren't the type of users that this site is looking to serve. This could be a good thing, though, as those that are active on the app are certain to be the discerning, upscale type that you are looking for.

Most Members Are In The Big City

If you are of the wealthy variety, there is a great chance that you live in or near a major metropolis. This is also the case on Luxy where many members live in the big city, leaving upscale country folks with far fewer options.

Premium Membership

Yes you can technically play for free, but Luxy Black and Platinum memberships will be a necessary component to your online dating success whether you like it or not. Like many other dating apps, your experience is severely limited when it comes to what is available to free members. There are two types of paid memberships for a potential Luxy member, and like other dating sites, both include the ability to send roses and send messages. You won't get far on these apps without that.

Luxy Black Membership

All Luxy Black members have access to everything a free user has, plus a whole lot more. Some of those things include.....

  • See who has looked at your profile, and see who has already liked you
  • Limit who can see your profile
  • Bypassing the vouching process
  • Send unlimited messages
  • A profile badge showing your Black member status

Luxy Platinum Membership

For those that already consider themselves the cream of the crop, Luxy lets them display their status on the actual site as well. The Platinum Membership brings the most premium features, including everything that a Luxy Black member can access and then some.

Some of those include....

  • Your profile will be recommended to other existing members first in all search results
  • One monthly profile boost, for free
  • A profile badge showing your Platinum status, perfect for proving how serious you are about finding a date

Final Verdict: Is Luxy Legit?

Oh yes, Luxy is of the most legit sites out there. If you don't believe us, a quick look at places like YouTube will point you in the direction of real users who met the love of their life.

While the service is expensive, most likely by design, Luxy Black and Platinum do a pretty good job of connecting upscale and discerning singles in big cities with matches that are worthy of their time. The vouching process is a major win, and helps make the service worth a shot for users with the money to afford it. As always, dating success involves time and effort so with a solid profile and great photos, the Luxy community should come through with the person of your dreams.


In our Luxy dating app review, we tried our best to be as thorough as we possibly could. However, we did miss a few key things and we answered them below.

How does Luxy work?

Luxy works just like most online dating apps out there, with just a few twists.

All new members must pass the vouch process led by both Luxe and voting members of their peers before gaining the ability to message people.

You have the ability to search sections of members for certain criteria of your choosing, such as ethnicity or common interests. Oh, and we would be remiss if we didn't tell you that yes, you can search for members that match your income level. If that isn't for you, you can also go Tinder style and swipe right until you find a match, and then send messages and hopefully live happily ever after.

How to get approved on Luxy?

The Luxy dating app is designed to be exclusive, so don't take it personally if you don't get in. This is just a Luxy review so your mileage may vary, but it is said that only about 15-20% of free users tend to get accepted.

Getting approved on Luxy involves proving that you look like someone other members would want to talk to. It's a 24 hour process that involves submitting to Luxy photos that clearly show your face, and then letting the peanut gallery determine if you are worthy.

If all of that sounds like too much for you, money talks. As you probably already know. Purchasing a Black membership from the outset allows you to bypass the vouching process and get straight in, picture verification free. You still want to add photos where you look your best, however, for maximum chances of meeting that special someone.

How do I delete my Luxy account?

Had enough of Luxy? Found a date already?

To delete your free profile just log into your account, and hit your username in the top right. From there, click settings and "delete profile." Easy peasy.

If you have a premium membership, you have a few more steps that you have to take. Start a chat with the support team, and tell the person that you wish to cancel your subscription. You will be taken to their payment processor, and you will need to verify your credit card and contact details to finish and confirm the process.