How To Become A Male Sugar Baby

How to Become a Male Sugar Baby? Secret Tips You Need to Know.

If you're a male sugar baby or want to become a male sugar baby, we've got you covered. Whether you want to do it for a monthly allowance, to pay bills, or just to find a sugar daddy or sugar momma, our relationship experts have you covered!

What is a Sugar Baby?

Sugar babies, generally speaking, are young or university student-aged men or women who are in relationships with successful men or women. Being in a sugar relationship is different from traditional relationships. We explain in full detail the definition of sugar baby in our full article.

Usually, a sugar baby is responsible for providing certain tasks for their sugar daddy or sugar momma. These typically include companionship, going on sugar dates, and, sometimes, sex. It's because of this last one that there's such stigma around a mutually beneficial relationship. A lot of people would consider it a line of sex work.

Many sugar babies are young, attractive women, but being a male sugar baby (also known as sugar cubs) is still possible, and it's actually pretty easy to find sugar mommas.

In fact, many sugar daddies are looking for other men anyway, and the pool of male sugar babies to choose from is very limited, making male sugar baby dating less competitive.

How To Become A Male Sugar Baby

Becoming a sugar baby is a lot easier than you might think. To start browsing all the male sugar baby websites, all you need to do is:

  • Be eighteen or older
  • Provide your name, and
  • Provide and verify your email address.

You can find several websites that cater to sugar daddy dating and sugar arrangements. Once you've signed up on one of these websites, you'll be shown to prospective sugar daddies all over the country.

If you're wondering how to become a male sugar baby, you're already done with the first step - familiarizing yourself with your role. The next step is to know what exactly a daddy or momma is.

What is a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma?

A sugar daddy or sugar momma (usually older women and men) are people who are looking to spoil someone or enter mutually beneficial relationships. They are the ones who provide financial support, designer clothes, expensive gifts, and more. You can learn more about what a sugar daddy is and what they do in this article.

An essential part of being a sugar parent is treating their baby like they would their partner. Even though this kind of relationship isn't traditional nor the norm, your sugar daddy must treat you with kindness and love.

Best Sugar Dating Sites to Find a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma

The best sites to find sugar daddy relationships are free, well-known, and safe.

Listed below are the best sugar dating websites to find yourself a handsome, older daddy, or try your luck with wealthy sugar mommas.

Unfortunately, you won't find a sugar daddy app on this list, as this type of dating isn't usually allowed on most app store platforms. That being said, these websites are still easy to use and just as accessible.

There is also no 'male version' of these sites as most of these sites are open to any type of baby.

Ashley Madison

Our first sugar dating site is Ashley Madison. This site is perfect for male sugar babies who are looking to join the sugar dating scene. Ashley Madison as a website has been around for several years now, earning the trust and respect of its users since.

This site specializes in married men who want to have an affair or become daddies. If you want to stand out to prospective daddies, make sure you create an eye-catching profile, a striking bio, and maybe hint to you have a lot of private photos for whoever wins your heart.

If you want an Ashley Madison score, this site is for you. It's one of the best sugar daddy websites for newcomers and is a solid sugar dating platform for seasoned babies. Go ahead and create a male sugar baby profile and start looking around!


Our second sugar dating site is perfect for those who value education and knowledge in their sugar relationship. Considered to be another one of the best sugar dating sites, Elite Singles is focused on pairing highly educated babies and daddies together.

If you want to become a male sugar baby using this site, then you'll have to create a sugar baby profile. On your sugar profile, daddies and sugar mommas will be able to see what you wrote about yourself, as well as your education and job.

Elite Singles is one of the few sugar dating sites that has a very low amount of fake accounts. Since most of the sugar daddies on the site attend high-class business parties and events, it's expected that sugar daddies using the site would have a background check on them.

Seeking Arrangement

Our third sugar baby dating site is one of the most well-known, and is used by many women and men who are looking for a sugar daddy or sugar mama. Male sugar babies may have the best chance using Seeking Arrangement if it's their first time looking for a daddy.

The site is an open platform and specializes in many types of sugar relationships. If you're looking for platonic, romantic, sexual, or online sugar relationships, you'll be able because the user base is so massive.

You may be a bit more prone to seeing fake profiles on this website compared to Elite Singles, but that's only because Seeking Arrangement is open for any female or male sugar baby to use, and doesn't have a selection process.

However, you will still find that most of the profiles on SA are real and are looking for babies or even long-term relationships.


The fourth sugar dating site on our list here is SugarDaddy. This male sugar baby dating is trusted by many as they have a unique feature on its site: video validation.

If you ever worry about the validity of some users, SugarDaddy has the feature of video validations for either babies or daddies.

SugarDaddy is popular amongst either party - men or women. Male sugar babies can just as easily find a daddy or momma as women can. You can sign up for the free trial or the premium membership, which lets you use this website to its full potential whenever you want.

These perks include secret/private video sharing, a member's only blog, and priority customer support.

Secret Benefits

Our fifth mutually beneficial arrangement website is Secret Benefits. Secret Benefits prides itself on being the best site for not only sugar babies but sugar daddies as well. Sugar daddies who are tired of only seeing other daddies or seeing male sugar babies (when they want to see female babies) will have an easier time on this site.

What's even better about Secret Benefits is it's totally free to use, but there are also paid membership options if you so wish. Premium memberships offer more access to the website and give more perks to the user, such as private photos, access to chats, and more!

If you're a male sugar baby and you want to stay as anonymous as possible for personal reasons, SB doesn't make users upload any pictures. This is good for a shy male sugar baby who may just want to test the waters, but if you're looking for more permanent sugar arrangements, then you should add a photo of yourself and be open and honest in your male sugar baby bio.

Our Secret

One of the next sugar baby dating sites is Our Secret. Our Secret is a great sugar dating website for any male sugar baby (or anyone looking to become a sugar baby) looking to get started. The site is completely free and available worldwide.

While the website is free to use, there are credit-based premium options for those who want to use more of the site.

The site offers a male sugar baby the option to filter through the different kinds of sugar daddies and sugar mommas. Many women and men who want to become a sugar baby (or a sugar cub) will have a lot of options on this site, since you can fill out personalized options for yourself!

You can create your male sugar baby profile and start looking for your perfect sugar match!


Our seventh out of the eight male sugar baby websites is RichMeetsBeautful. If you're looking for more high-class sugar dating sites, and want to find high-class sugar relationships, then look no further than RichMeetsBeautful.

If you're still wondering how to become a male sugar baby (or sugar cub if you specifically want to seek out a cougar), RichMeetsBeautful makes it easy to sign up and create a male sugar baby profile. You can also put in your weight and height, as well as more personal things about yourself.

As stated earlier in the article, there is no 'male version of this website. Anyone can use it, but if you're a wealthy daddy looking to chat with a sugar baby, you can pay for the premium version of the site to make it easier and boost your selection.


Our last sugar baby site is SugarDaddyForMe. With over 4 million users, and a large pool (about 66% of its userbase) of daddies looking for their sugar baby, it's one of the most populated sugar dating websites.

This site is great for anyone wondering how to become a male sugar baby to find sugar daddies and sugar mommas. The registration is free and easy to do, but after a three-day free trial, you can access the full site for about $40 a month.

Most sugar dating sites offer free memberships, but you'll usually find sugar dating is a lot easier and more fun with paid memberships.

Why Go With a Paid Site?

So, you've looked through all of these sugar dating websites, and you want to become a sugar baby. Perfect! Now you're probably wondering what the difference between paid and free memberships are on these sites.

Usually, free sugar sites will have a lot of fake profiles. Not every sugar dating website will have a lot of fakes, but they are more likely to have them.

Paid sugar sites are typically full of real, paying users who are looking for their match. You won't find a whole lot of fakes or scammers on these websites (although stay vigilant.)

Safety Tips

Now that you know the best sites to find sugar daddies or sugar mamas and how to best put yourself out there, make sure you read some of our safety tips to ensure you won't get hurt.

  • Always meet your sugar daddy in real life in public (no facetime or phone calls) before you go home alone with them. The only downside of sugar baby websites is that you can't physically meet them through the platform. It's best to meet them in real life so you can get a feel for them as a person and notice any red flags they may have.
  • Make sure you lay out your terms beforehand. You and your sugar parent could even draft up a sugar contract (although they aren't legally binding.)
  • If your sugar daddy or sugar mama is old, don't take advantage of them. Not only is this morally wrong, but it can also be considered fraud if you make unauthorized purchases with your daddy's money.
  • Wear protection. This one is obvious. Doesn't matter if you physically can't give birth or not, you still need to wear protection. No one is free from the threat of an STD or STI, so wear protection and be safe.
  • Be honest, but maybe not too open at first. Being a male sugar baby has its perks, especially the perk of not having to worry too much about being physically targeted because of their sex. That being said, a sugar baby should be honest about who they are, but not tell a stranger too much about them, on the off chance they may actually be targeted.
  • Be wary of accounts that seem too good to be true. Occasionally, you'll find a profile of a daddy or momma that seems really great. They're loaded, attractive, and young enough to seem like a normal relationship. BUT! Most of these profiles that offer lavish gifts or a lot of financial compensation for not much in return are almost always too good to be true, so maybe stay away from those people.

In Short

If you're thinking of joining one of these sugar daddy sites and becoming a male sugar baby, keep the above male sugar baby tips and safety tips in mind. You never know who you might find or what you might do in your new sugar lifestyle!

It's time for you to get spoiled like you have always deserved.