Our Secret

Our Secret Review (2022) - Is This Sugar Dating App Legit?

Our Secret is an online dating platform designed for sugar daddies, sugar babies, and casual dating. But is it legit? Will it result in meaningful connections with other members?

In the world of scams disguised as sugar dating sites, you're wise to ask these questions. Especially before you invest time and money (many site features require payment) to participate.

Because this site is new, formed in 2019, there's a lack of relevant reviews and advice found online. That's why we took a deep dive to explore how this site works, its services, and tips on utilizing the features available.

We'll also address the unique benefits that could make Our Secret a competitive option, and the concerns expressed by prospective sugars who found it difficult (often impossible) to meet a real person.

First Impressions

At first look, the site is straightforward. Female and male users will find it easy (and free) to register. While the name alludes to mutually beneficial arrangements and casual dating, the homepage is vanilla. It has tasteful imagery and suggests that you will soon "Enjoy a new relationship with the partner you deserve." Cool. Sounds great!

The bare-bones page interface is modern. But so sparse it has us questioning if there's more loading. While it's refreshing to NOT be immediately bombarded by cluttered content, we consider it too minimal of site details. We're left in the dark about the services of this sugar dating website, and how it can help us find the relationships we want.

As a potential user, you want transparency. It's certainly good to know that the structure of Our Secret requires you to spend credits to contact members, chat, and send subsequent messages. Having this information beforehand is fair business practice for dating sites.

Failure to mention it until after we join? A bad sign. It certainly doesn't build trust with new members or feel very legit. But hey, we're all for second chances and a well-rounded OurSecret review! So keep reading for a complete rundown of this website.

Our Secret Registration Process

One of the best things about Our Secret is the easy, free registration process. Click a button, select your gender, provide your email/password, and share some basic information.

Women will specify their age, location, body type, and ethnicity. While men only need to provide their location, age, and ethnicity. No proof of identity verification is required to sign up, making the process easier (a little too easy?) but also less safe.

Keep in mind that by submitting your information to register, you automatically agree to their terms and conditions. We always recommend taking five minutes to read through these terms regardless of the dating site.

Our Secret Features

Keeping in step with top sugar dating sites, this platform offers useful features for its members.

Effective Search Tool

A regional search feature to find members close to your location, with additional filters available to refine your search as you browse profiles.

Incognito Browsing

Registered members can browse profiles under the radar in incognito mode. This option often appeals to tentative sugars looking to test the waters before making their debut. It's not one of their free services, however. Ten credits unlock secret browsing for twenty-four hours.

Private Albums

Private albums, viewable to only those who share interest, are on the table (By sharing interest we mean shelling out ten credits per album).

Public Photos

Any photos you upload outside of a private album will be viewable to all members but NOT the entire internet. Only registered members can browse profiles.

Pros of OurSecret.com

While our review takes on a skeptical tone at various points, it's not all bad!

Verification Videos

To help you differentiate between real profiles and the (apparently many) fake accounts mentioned in the online reviews, members are encouraged to upload a verification video. These videos build trust between users and are a step in the right direction for this dating website.

Mobile Friendly Site

There is no OurSecret app but the website has a mobile-friendly interface that looks fine on your desktop computer, tablet, or phone. No annoying pop-up ads or convoluted site interface will distract you from browsing the profiles.

Better Odds for Male Users Compared to Classic Dating Sites

A low male users female users ratio is favorable for sugar daddies seeking the company of a sugar baby. While this is the standard for sugar sites, it is a very different dynamic from classic dating apps (Tinder or Bumble). Is Our Secret's female user number inflated due to the number of fake profiles? Could be.

Personalization of Profile

Aside from your photos, you have plenty of room to share details about your appearance, lifestyle, yearly income, interests, and bio. We like this because those are all important factors when identifying a compatible match.

Cons of OurSecret.com

No Serious Relationships/ Not The Best Dating Site

While dating sites can all be flakey when establishing meaningful connections, a common critique of this website is the disappointing lack of serious relationships.

In the Our Secret terms and conditions, a line at the very bottom states, "The use of this website and service is intended for your entertainment only." Entertainment often translates to moderation. What's that? Moderation means fake profiles send fake messages to sell a subscription where payment is collected, automatically each month).

If your forays into sugar dating are more of a fantasy, then perhaps indulging in this chat entertainment service will suit you just fine. But if you're seeking genuine relationships? And if you want your messages to translate into real-life romance? Be careful with this website and continue reading the next point.

Some Fake Profiles

When you read the online reviews for this dating site, it's pretty tempting to call the whole thing a scam. "Women get in touch immediately, but nobody wants to meet" "Fake profile after fake profile wanted to chat only."

As this is a new sugar dating site, the jury is still out if this website is a complete scam (could just be growing pains as they build better service). Keep in mind that while it's free to sign up, it's not free to chat. It's not free to send messages. To contact other users, you'll need to pay for credit.

Our advice? If you're spending money on endless credit without the results you want, like logging off the website to meet like-minded people in real life, you will have better luck elsewhere.

Premium Membership Cost

Premium membership on Our Secret is the highest tier of membership. There is NO information on the premium membership online (aside from some negative reviews) because such a subscription is pitched by "members" sending messages to your chat.

We estimate the cost adds up with time over a monthly payment service. Without premium membership, here's the breakdown cost of the credit system:

  • 100 credits—$59
  • 500 credits—$169
  • 1000 credits—$289

Final Verdict: Is OurSecret.com Legit?

We have very little confidence in the legitimacy of OurSecret.com. Diving deeper into our research, we found a similar website created by the same company called "luxurydate.com". It has a creepily similar interface with the same language on the landing page.

This is not a good sign. Combined with the lack of transparency and negative reviews, we cannot responsibly encourage you to join. Our Secret is certainly not the best dating site. It is only worth trying if you want to access chat communication services to complement your casual dating or sugar arrangement fantasies.

If you're willing to pay for this without the promise of real relationships, we give you the green light to create an account. Still, please be keenly aware of the high concentration of fake profiles deployed to fund this company's endeavors.

If your end goal is to go on a date IRL in the company of an actual person, no questions asked, you need to go with a different online dating site. There are plenty of proven, legitimate options.


How To Delete My Our Secret Account?

According to the terms and conditions page, account deletion "is only a request away". Your profile will be terminated and you will be removed from the site. Sounds like marketing language to us!

The negative feedback floating around online suggests that deactivating this service isn't as easy as stated. Previous members complain that they felt trapped in site membership. We recommend creating a dummy account without photos and deleting it to ensure this is an easy option. If it's as easy as they say, you can consider investing your time and money into this site (although we wouldn't recommend it, ultimately).

Is OurSecret.com Safe?

While it doesn't appear to be a legitimate website to date real people, this website appears relatively safe. In other words, we don't think it's a scam used to access your personal info or blackmail you into obliteration. Yeah, it's a low bar, but we believe this website can meet it.

We have heard testimonials of the difficulty members found in deleting their profile which can feel dangerous when you'd like your online activities private. A valid concern! If you're committed to a marriage, people (scammers, lawyers, etc.) can use your data on chat and dating sites against you.

Is Our Secret a Scam Dating Site?

We're not keen on yelling "scammer" during preliminary reviews of a website, but we recommend that you proceed cautiously. Many members complain that it's impossible to avoid fake profiles. Like many new dating or membership sites, they likely deploy the use of bots to make membership appear higher than it is.

We hope that as popularity grows, fewer AI-generated chat conversations will be necessary. But we're not ruling out the possibility that this company's core prerogative is to sell credits from their distant location in check notes Nicosia Cyprus.

How To Get Free Credits on Our Secret?

While the site offers some free services, there is no way or special links to receive OurSecret free credits. Any credits you get must be paid for.