Luxury Date

Luxury Date Review (2022) - Is This Sugar Dating Site Worth It?

LuxuryDate is one of the many sugar dating sites and services in the world that matches female users (sugar babies) to older men (sugar daddies.) It's a fairly new company compared to most sugar relationship dating sites, but LuxuryDate users have come away from the website with good, but also negative experiences.

Keep reading to see our review of this sugar dating website.

First Impressions

First impressions of this dating site are pretty positive. When you load onto the website, you're met with a more modern-looking website. A lot of other online dating sites have a primitive web layout. Remember how Instagram used to look back in 2013? That's how a lot of other sugar dating sites look. Not LuxuryDate, though.

This site's layout looks more like Tindr and Bumble's layout, making it a lot easier to navigate through the site.

This sugar dating service does claim that they're equal in gender ratio, meaning the data indicates that there's a 50/50 split.

LuxuryDate Registration Process

The sign-up process to join LuxuryDate is pretty simple, but it does require a bit more personal details than other sites. You're required to provide an email address, birthday, sex, body type, race, and photos.

Once you fill that out, you must immediately provide 6 photos of yourself. These photos can't contain nudity or anything relating to paraphernalia or weapons. You must also upload 4 private photos as well. Those photos can contain lewd pictures and nudity.

After that, you're allowed to search the dating website around and start using the site. Luxury Date users say the extra details and ease of the layout are what keep them from going to other online dating websites.

LuxuryDate Features

Secret Photos

One of the cool features LuxuryDate offers its members is a personal private photo gallery to showcase your more raunchy photos with your account. Not just anybody can view your photo gallery. Only users who ask you to view the gallery and who you give access can view the content.

Verification Videos

LuxuryDate takes its verification process very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that all members are required to create videos that verify you're a real person. Without doing this, your account may come off as a scam and you'll remain unverified.

Make sure as you create the videos that you look your best, as other members will be able to see these- as well as your public pictures. When you finish making your video, it's sent off to be reviewed by LuxuryDate.

Priority Listing

If you're interested in reaching out to more daddies or babies on this site, then you can pay credits to boost your profile to the top of the search results. Members who are looking for someone who fits the filters they filled out will be shown to you if you match the criteria.

Pros of Luxury Date

There are many pros to Luxury Date, such as free access to the dating site, not a whole lot of fake profiles, like-minded people, and a powerful search algorithm.

Free Registration

What's great about LuxuryDate is completely free to register on, and has a few free features you can enjoy.

There are, however, certain features that cost money, or credits as LuxuryDate calls it. Things like unlocking a chat for a single member and secret albums all cost credits, which can be purchased through the site. Once you unlock a chat with someone, all future conversations are free and can be accessed whenever on the site, and you can contact them as much as you'd like.

If you want to buy credits, they vary from $.29 - $.59 a piece, depending on the bundle you purchase. These bundles can cost you anywhere from $59 - $289, with the $289 bundle saving you more per credit.

There is no subscription to use this site's features, just one-time credit purchases.

Member Verification

As mentioned earlier, if you want to communicate to anybody on the site that you're a real person, you need to provide a verification video. Other users may see your profile as a scam to get the wrong first impression.

These videos are also used by LuxuryDate to verify that you are who you say you are. Other members can see your verification video for free. This process is also great for those who want to buy credits to message

You can find a link or links to verification videos on users' profiles

No Subscriptions

With free registration, most people would probably think there's a free three or week-long trial, but that isn't the case. There are no monthly costs to using this site, in fact, the only thing you have to pay is for credits. The credits are used for unlocking messages and private photos.

Cons of Luxury Date

Some Fake Profiles

As with most sites, Luxury Date is prone to having some fake accounts here and there. But, it is very, very rare since the dating service has an intense verification process, unlike a lot of other websites.

That being said, it wouldn't be a dating site without some fake profiles. Members can rest assured that the number is very slim. Search results are typically flooded with those who pay to have themselves noticed, and this would seem counterintuitive to scammers.

Expensive Credit Costs

Another con is that you can't buy credits without spending cash on a bundle. These bundles range from $59 to $289. You can get 100 credits for $59, equalling about $.59 a credit. For 500 credits, it will cost you $169, equalling about $.34 a credit. Lastly, you can purchase 1000 credits for $289, equalling $.29 a piece.

It's clear that the best bang for your buck on this website is the 1000 credit bundle, which will access you to 100 chats with other members, or 100 private photo access. If you can accept this from this company, then you might really like this dating site.

Luxury Date Cost

As mentioned before, this dating site doesn't require any money upon your sign-up and is free to all members, nor does it require a membership purchase. The only things members have to pay for are to unlock the chat features for other users.

Final Verdict: Is LuxuryDate Worth It?

If you're wanting to find your perfect match, or experience the dating fundamentals of older men relationships, then you should definitely check out this dating site. Not only for just that, but for the fact that there's a lot of work that went into this site, and has a great verification and registration process for its members.

Our advice found it's best to make sure you look your best when filming your verification video.

It only costs a few bucks to contact most users (we say most because there are some inactive members on the site.) Data indicates that a lot of people find successful relationships using this dating site, so it gets two thumbs up from us.


Is Luxury Date legit?

Luxury Date seems to be one of the more trustable sugar dating services in the world. With its member verification, credit-locked messages, and impressive search engine, it's safe to say that Luxury Date is legit.

How do I delete my Luxury Date account?

If you no longer wish to use Luxury Date as a dating service, there are two options for you to delete or deactivate your account.

If you wish to deactivate your profile on this dating website, you can. This will cancel any payments you may have on a recurring basis, and will hide your profile from active members. Or, if you've decided to go with other dating sites, you can completely delete your account. If you ever want to sign back up, you'll have to create a whole new profile.

It's best to find any other way of contact with the individuals you chatted to on the site.

Can I Send My Sugar Babies Money Over Luxury Date?

No. Luxury Date is a dating site, not a facilitation site. While sugar relationships aren't discouraged, the website itself does not market itself as such.

You can send things like sexy pictures or facilitate a date through the app.

Are There Any LGBTQ Options on Luxury Date?

Unfortunately, there are no LGBTQ options on this dating site. The dating site only matches women to men, so there is no homosexual matchmaking on the site.

There you have it! Luxury Date is a strong choice overall for finding rich sugar partners. Just watch out for fake profiles and stay safe, and you'll have a good time!