Sugar Daddy Tips

Sugar Daddy Tips For Beginners - Everything You Need to Know

As the old adage goes: "Money doesn't buy happiness. But it can buy you some ass!"

Wait, that's not it. I might be mixing up my adages. Whatever.

A sugar daddy relationship is one of the most misunderstood dynamics in all of dating. There is a fine balance to sugar relationships: Without knowing the basics, you might get scammed or end up never finding a sugar baby.

If you don't know some of the best practices, you can end up hurting yourself, offending someone else, or pissing off Uncle Sam.

Don't worry though, we're here to help you out. We just finished a deep dive into the world of sugar daddy websites and sugar dating tips, so we're uniquely qualified to give you the low-down on these relationships.

We're going to explore the best tips for being a daddy, and examine the minds of those you choose to pamper. Then, we'll go over some concrete steps you can take to get started!

What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is defined as "a rich man who offers gifts and a lavish lifestyle to a partner (often younger women), with the expectation that the partner returns the favor with her company and/or a sexual relationship."

In words a human being might use, a sugar daddy is a rich guy who gives girls money with the expectation of sex.

It's important to make a distinction here. Notice the phrasing "with the expectation of."

That phrasing is what differentiates sugar dating from prostitution. It's subtle, but paying a woman for sex is different than giving a woman gifts in hopes of having a sexual relationship with her.

This is very important to learn so you don't end up making wine in a prison toilet for some extra commissary money.

Anyway, sugar daddies come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing unites them all: those sweet greenbacks!

Benefits for Sugar Daddies

"Oh, I know this one! It's sex! The benefit is sex!"

Shut up, imaginary guy I created to make a point. Yes, obviously, sex is one of the main benefits to being a sugar daddy, but there are many other perks that potential sugar daddies should consider as well!

Here are some of the biggest benefits of sugar daddy dating:

1.) The Power

This is one of the most noticeable advantages to being a sugar daddy is the excitement of having power over someone else. Money is the greatest trump card to ever exist when it comes to attaining power.

You can be 5'5" and 390 pounds with a face only a radio could love (did I mix up my sayings again?), but if you have money, you're sure to have sugar baby profile after sugar baby profile hitting up your inbox.

Having power makes you feel good, especially if you aren't used to it. That's why so many men become sugar daddies: They love the sensation of control it gives them.

And make no mistake, this is real power. People like to make fun of sugar daddies because they think having money does not translate to being truly powerful. That's wrong. In a modern world, where everything is for sale, money is power.

2.) The Lack of Power

"Wait! But you said that sugar dating is about having power!"

Let me explain!

There are obviously rich men who crave more power. One of the most noticeable trends here is that anyone with a high-paying but overall crappy job will usually want more power in the bedroom than they have at work.

For example, consider an imaginary doctor. He is paid well, but he often has to work around a bunch of red tape, or be subject to the whim of the "assholes upstairs." He may be more likely crave power in the bedroom.

However, there are also men who crave less power.

Someone who is paid well and also command a great deal of control in their professional life - e.g. business owners, CEOs, executives - might find the idea of giving up control to be equally thrilling.

The point is that this, too, can be achieved with a mutually beneficial relationship in sugar dating. Financial dominatrices are the perfect partner for a rich man who wants to give up control.

Findoms, as they are sometimes referred to, structure their arrangement such that their sub - in this case, a man with a high-paying job - gives the dom financial compensation simply as a form of worship.

The sub gives up control and is dominated by the findom. If you've ever seen Euphoria, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

3.) Affection

Another big benefit of having a sugar baby is that you can essentially get affection just for having money. But it doesn't stop there.

A romp in the bedroom is not the only thing that is exchanged in these transactional relationships. Companionship and often genuine affection can also be huge benefits.

What starts as a no-strings-attached sugar baby can actually develop into a lifelong friend or lover.

While this requires that you spend time with your sugar baby outside of the bedroom, it can be just as rewarding as doing the dirty!

Now that we've covered the basics of being a sugar daddy, let's examine the other side of the coin and cover everything there is to know about the psychology of sugar babies.

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is usually a more average person who accepts presents from richer, older men with the knowledge that their benefactor expects intimacy.

In essence, sugar babies are the other side of the sugar dating coin. They accept presents, and every so often, things transpire in the bedroom. Again, they are not accepting money or gifts in exchange for sexual activity. They are simply part of mutually beneficial relationships.

What to learn more about what sugar baby means? Check out this article for more information.

While the average income of a sugar baby will likely be much less than yours as the sugar daddy, they are just as important in the relationship. Sugar daddies and sugar babies exist as counteracting forces; one cannot exist without the other. I think Confucius said that.

This varies from person to person, but most babies, at least at the start, are only in it for the money. Whether they just want to make more money overall, are planning to pay for a new car, or need to raise capital for starting a new business, potential sugar babies start looking for men with money for that sweet monthly allowance.

Of course, this doesn't mean that sugar relationships never turn into something deeper!

What Benefits Does Your Sugar Baby Get?

Of course, any relationship where you get money is awesome. But there are other benefits to being a sugar baby as well, that don't necessarily relate to the presents and cash they get.

  • Power: Having money gives power to sugar daddies, but sugar babies also have something that translates to power: their bodies! Being a sugar baby can make a woman feel powerful, because she is using her natural talent to command an allowance from successful men.
  • Lack of power: Yep! Lots of sugar babies get off to being dominated. They get to have someone else command them, and they get paid for it! Pretty sweet deal.
  • Companionship: This happens often in sugar dating. It starts off purely transactional, but eventually develops into a strong bond.

We should note here that another benefit of being a baby can definitely be the sexual pleasure. Just because a guy is old and rich doesn't mean he's bad in the sac. It just tends to be a secondary consideration for sugar babies.

Great, so we've talked about why being a sugar daddy is so amazing, and delved into the minds of your beneficiaries. But how does one actually become a sugar daddy? How do you find a sugar baby? How do you make sure it all doesn't crash and burn in a flurry of legal bills and 9 am meetings with Jack Daniels?

Don't worry, my affluent and horny friend. That's exactly what we'll go over next.

How To Become a Sugar Daddy in Five Easy Steps

Many potential sugar daddies get discouraged from the lifestyle because of the many red flags they find on their search. Sugar dating websites exist, but a lot of them are either illegitimate or just very poorly run.

And once you find a good site, you never know whether the girl you're talking to will turn into the best sugar baby, a forgettable night of dispassion, or a visit to your local STD clinic.

With so many dangers afoot, it's important to have a guide. That's where I come in.

Step One: Have Money

One common misconception about the sugar daddy life is that you need to be a Monaco highroller with millions of dollars in a checking account and access to a private jet just to participate.

This is not the case! In fact, even if your idea of a fancy restaurant is Chili's, and you only buy your shirts from Fruit of The Loom, you can still get a taste of the sugar daddy lifestyle.

This is because, in the words of all-time hall of fame sugar daddy Meek Mill, "it's levels to this shit."

It's true, some girls will only accept the full-blooded sugar baby lifestyle: summers in Bali, winters in the south of France, and access to a garage that makes Jay-Z look like he finances an '05 Civic.

But a great many girls actually don't want the full lifestyle. They have their own careers and families that they don't want to leave behind, and they just want a little extra money to supplement their main source of funds.

For people without a direct line to their Swiss banker, digital sugar babies are usually best. Without the requirement of actually going to Bali with you, they are totally content to accept $100 now and then, and send you some nudes every few days. It can be as simple as that!

As long as you have some disposable income, you can be a sugar daddy.

Step Two: Find the Right Sugar Dating Site

This is best shown with a quick list, so let's dive right into the best sugar dating sites!

Just Sugar - The Best Overall Site For Sugar Dating

Just Sugar is the best overall site for finding a sugar baby.

With a clean interface and over 10 million verified users, it's like the Grand Bazaar of sugar daddy sites.

We're proud of Just Sugar's ratio, too: almost 50/50 split between men and women. That means you'll be spoiled for choice, and your babies will be competitive with each other.

Our Secret - The Best Sugar Dating Site for Confidentiality

Our Secret is an all-around solid site, but it focuses more heavily on confidentiality. You get to choose exactly what is shown on your profile, and to whom.

This is particularly useful if you're the type of guy whose name might appear in some unsavory headlines if anyone found out about your sugar baby.

Sugar Daddy Meet - Best Sugar Dating Site For High-End Arrangements

Sugar Daddy Meet only allows users from the top 20 wealthiest nations in the world. Beyond that, a potential sugar daddy will have to actually apply to be let into this site.

You have to be rich to be a part of Sugar Daddy Meet. But once you're in - oh, man, you should see these girls!

Those are our top three pics - you'll be set if you choose one of those sugar dating sites. There are other sites, and a lot of them are great, but those three are the best.

Step Three: Negotiate

After you create a profile on your chosen site with your interests, take-home pay, body type, and desired arrangement - and you've locked in on a potential match - it's time for the parties involved to nail down the specifics.

There are lots of ways you can do this, but the important thing is to discuss at least all of the following concepts:

  • Monetary expectations - How much will her new sugar baby allowance be? Are there other perks you want to provide? It's a good idea to calculate how much you actually can spend before agreeing on a number.
  • Relationship expectations - What kind of things is your sugar baby expected to do? Is it just nudes over Snapchat, or do you expect her to give you a quickie if you fly her out? What kind of things happen on the first date? Set boundaries for the relationship, so no one is made to feel uncomfortable down the line.
  • Timeline expectations - When will the first date be? How long will this woman be your companion? What kind of obligation does she have to stick around? Setting a timeline for the arrangement helps everyone plan better.

Once you nail those down, it's time to check for any red flag that might be hiding within your potential baby. Always look out for sugar baby scams. A red flag to look out for can be:

  • She seems very desperate for financial support
  • She continues to demand more financial support after numbers were already agreed upon
  • She refuses to show you her face
  • She is claiming to be a sugar momma and is requesting your financial information (sugar mamas exist, but real life ones are few and far between.)
  • She is not willing to meet a sugar daddy in real life (understandable if it's her first sugar daddy relationship, but if that's what her sugar daddy expects, than this is a red flag.)

Most sugar dating apps are pretty good at verifying their users, but watch out for these issues when finding a sugar baby online.

Step Four: Live The Sugar Lifestyle!

Go on your first date! The first date typically looks a lot like regular dating, since it really should be a "get to know you."

One of the most common mistakes a potential sugar daddy can make on a sugar date is trying to push for sexual activity too early.

Even if one of your previous arrangements put out on the first night out, that doesn't necessarily mean your new sugar baby is the same.

Boundaries are just as important in sugar relationships as they are in a regular relationship, so ensure you are creating a safe environment for everyone. Here are a few sugar dating safety tips:

  • Tell a friend where you're going
  • If your dating app has a location feature, make sure your partner can't see your exact location
  • If there is physical intimacy, use protection

Step Five: Adjust As Needed

If your sugar relationship is becoming a bit one-sided (all money and no boobs makes Jack a dull boy!), you might need to make the expectations more clear.

Communication is always key, so if you aren't happy with the relationship, let her know!

For Sugar Babies: Best Sugar Baby Tips For Beginners

If you've found this article as someone looking for a daddy, it'll probably help to check out some sugar baby tips for beginners. Many sugar babies are enticed by a sugar baby relationship, but don't realize what it takes to be a successful sugar baby.

Here is a quick list of some of the best sugar baby tips for beginners, as well as some Dos and Don'ts:

  • Safety First: Apply dating best practices when it comes to meeting up with your sugar daddy or sugar momma.
  • Find a sugar daddy online on dating apps before you meet a sugar daddy in-person.
  • Do a quick Google search on your new sugar daddy before meeting him. Sugar baby websites are pretty good about weeding out the weirdos, but you never know.
  • Eye contact goes a long way in increasing a man's affection for you. And it's completely free!
  • Establish boundaries and interests beforehand to determine compatibility.
  • Follow-through: Nothing is more frustrating to your new sugar daddy (or sugar mommy) than not upholding your side of the bargain.

If you follow these sugar baby tips for beginners, you can almost guarantee that you'll be a good sugar baby - as well as a safe one.

Sugar Dating Pro Tip: Sugar Dating Is Legal, But Be Careful

Sugar dating is completely legal. Prostitution is very illegal. The problem is that they look almost identical at times.

Let's go over some examples of a sugar relationship, so we can learn how to tell the difference.

Examples of sugar daddy relationships include doing the following with the expectation of a sexual relationship:

  • Buying a girl a plane ticket and going on a vacation with her
  • Offering a girl a night out at the best restaurant in town
  • Giving a girl a new car as a college graduation present
  • Letting a girl stay at your mansion

Since all of those would be done within the relationship status of "sugar dating," and you are not making a person feel obligated to perform sex work, you should be in the clear.

Once you make it obvious that you are buying sexual activity, you are not in the clear.

Oh, one last thing: I'm a relationship expert, not a lawyer. Definitely find a real lawyer if you have questions about the legality of your sugar arrangement.

That's it! Whether you're a sugar daddy or sugar baby, you're now topped up with all the sugar baby tips you need to have a fun and safe experience. Start browsing for the perfect sugar daddy or sugar baby profile today!