What Is A Splenda Daddy?

What is a splenda daddy or salt daddy? Signs to look out for.

In the world of sugar dating, just as with any form of dating, there are good and bad eggs.

There are also medium eggs that can turn either good or bad.

Understanding sugar dating behavior is imperative for sugar babies to stay safe and accomplish their goals Because of this, it's extremely important to learn the different types of daddies, as well as which ones are good, and which ones to stay away from.

Real sugar daddy dating is amazing, but you need to make sure your newest daddy isn't literally too good to be true. We have years of experience in sugar dating, so we know the signs and the strategies.

Let's get started.

What Are Salt Daddies?

A salt daddy is the complete opposite of a sugar daddy.

A sugar daddy is a rich older man who strives to please younger women by giving them money and attention.

A salt daddy, by contrast, is a man who does not have the disposable income a real sugar daddy has, but who pretends to be a sugar daddy to get young ladies to sleep with him.

Since a sugar daddy is called a sugar daddy thanks to his ability to spread the "sugar," the opposite of a sugar daddy would offer "salt."

These fake sugar daddies are all sugar babies' dread. Since they have less money, you might find yourself getting all the negatives of the sugar life with none of the positives.

Salt Daddy Behaviors

Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs that the old man you're talking to is actually not a sugar daddy. A lot of times, you can tell within a few minutes whether or not a man has the ability to properly spoil his babies.

  • He always has an excuse as to why he can't give you nice stuff.
  • He takes you to cut-rate restaurants, and then calls you shallow if you protest.
  • He takes you to his family's timeshare lake house instead of a luxury resort - but still expects sex.
  • Asks you for financial support.
  • Cuts you off after two glasses of nice wine.
  • Threatens you with budget cuts on a budget that hasn't actually been paid yet.

A lot of people will say that assuming someone is not a sugar daddy just because he won't give you nice things is materialistic and gold digger-ish.

Yeah, duh! Look, money is no object for real sugar daddies. The whole point of a sugar daddy is that he gives to his sugar baby freely.

If your potential sugar daddy continually makes up excuses like "I need to move money from another account" or "I need to know you're worth it," just get out.

Sure, they might be the real deal, but why risk it? Best case scenario, he was real, but you missed out. Sucks, but that's life.

Worst case scenario, this old creep would have strung you along for months with not a dime in your pocket. That really sucks.

Of course, just like how not all sugar daddies with a black card has your best interests in mind, not everyone with a low pay grade is a loser or a creep. That's where a Splenda daddy come in.

What is a Splenda Daddy?

Splenda daddies were named by Urban Dictionary users after the artificial sweetener Splenda, which is often used as a sugar substitute.

Splenda daddies, like salt daddies, are also not rich.

But they're not red flags. Splenda daddies upfront about their lower income, but still want to spoil you with what they can. A Splenda daddy can be a really sweet and funny person!

A Splenda daddy's ultimate goal is your happiness. And even though they don't pull the same kind of money as a millionaire, they still have large amounts of love to give in addition to a small allowance.

There's nothing wrong with dating a Splenda daddy! In fact, a Splenda daddy can be a good stepping stone for newbie sugar babies who want some small-time practice before going for the big leagues.

Splenda Daddy Behaviors

Splenda daddies are an important part of the sugar dating world. Older men with a smaller amount of money are just fine for any attractive woman, as long as they're honest about it and understand your needs.

Here are some signs that you're talking to a Splenda daddy:

  • He lets you know ahead of time if he needs to reduce your allowance
  • He asks if it's ok to do something cheaper for dinner, and acknowledges that you don't have to have sex with him that night as a result
  • He is honest about the fact that he isn't wealthy, but also mentions more options for perks he can give you.
  • Wants to spend time with you outside of the bedroom
  • He can't give you a diamond necklace, but he would love to buy you your favorite dessert every week.

This is the main difference between a Splenda daddy and the less savory - well, I guess technically more savory - salt daddies. A Splenda daddy is just a genuinely good and caring man who happens to not have as much money.

A Splenda daddy might not be able to pay your college tuition, but he can pay your phone bill! That's not nothing, and it's a hell of a lot better than being lied to.

Can a Splenda Daddy Turn Into a Sugar Daddy?

Dating a Splenda daddy isn't as luxurious as dating a full-on sugar daddy, but that can definitely change.

Often, a Splenda daddy is an ambitious man who just hasn't had the time or opportunity to reach his full potential. This is what the sugar dating scene calls an "investment daddy."

If you can tolerate not living gloriously for just a few years, you'll often find that your once-average guy Splenda daddy has been promoted enough times to pull in a sizeable income each week.

There are several advantages to dating a Splenda daddy as an investment:

  • Splenda daddies often have a strong desire to please their babies in other ways. They might hit the gym more often and be in better shape. They might be better in bed too!
  • There is less competition that the real thing. A proper sugar relationship often has a line of women just waiting to step in. With a Splenda daddy, there are fewer sugar babies waiting to take your place, which takes off some pressure.
  • Even if the investment doesn't pay off, you may find yourself falling in love with the person himself, rather than his Rolls Royce. Splenda daddies, without millions of dollars to throw your way, are often funnier and nicer than sugar daddies.
  • If the investment does pay off, you'll find yourself with a solid guy who makes sugar daddy money without any of the extra calorie bullshit!

Most Splenda daddies can be considered investments, but you should go for a Splenda daddy with especially good prospects. Look for men in fields that have the funds to pull great salaries eventually, like:

  • Doctors - Date a hospital resident to get in before he starts to expect excess attention once he's rich.
  • Engineers - Engineers make good money right out of college, but not crazy money. Give it a few years though, and if they get their PE certification, they can be commanding a quarter million a year.
  • Business Owners - This is riskier, since a lot of businesses fail. But if it happens to take off down the line, you might find yourself looking at monthly budgets in the millions.

Where To Find a Sugar Daddy or Splenda Daddy

If you're a sugar baby looking for a rich man who dates younger women, you're going to need to find a solid sugar dating site.

Even if you just want a Splenda daddy, your best bet for finding that artificial sweetener is a sugar dating site.

Sugar dating websites are notorious for either being too competitive for your average sugar baby, or so chock-full of creeps and posers that it's not worth it.

However, since we are experts and we like to be thorough, we took the liberty of finding several good sugar dating websites that any sugar baby can find success on.

Here are the best sites for finding sugar daddies, or at least a Splenda daddy with enough money to make the relationship worth your time:

  • Best for a long-term sugar relationship: Secret Benefits
  • Best for a free taste of the baby life: r/SugarBaby on Reddit
  • Best for confidentiality: Our Secret

If you stick to these sites, you should find yourself some Splenda with no problems. Just remember to watch for any red flags, let your friends know where you're going if you meet someone, and err on the side of caution if anything seems fishy.