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Sugar Search Review (2022) - Is This Sugar Dating Site Worth Trying?

Sugar Search is a brand new dating site on the sugar daddy/sugar baby scene, helping generous men and attractive young women find mutually beneficial sugar relationships and arrangements. It might be a relatively new sugar dating site, but new platforms can often be groundbreaking and innovative compared to the competition.

This sugar daddy site makes big promises, but can it deliver? How does it compare to other sugar baby sites out there? Can it keep costs low whilst still connecting you with gorgeous sugar babies and wealthy sugar daddies? We've devoured this site in full for your convenience. Here's the only Sugar Search review you need to read.

First Impressions

SugarSearch has an interesting visual style to say the least. It's got a muted green and pink color scheme and some questionable font choices which immediately scream amateur. It's certainly not the most professionally-designed sugar daddy website in the world, although it does have some enticing imagery (including a hot young girl with a necklade made of candy - quite creative).

Navigation is very easy and everything on the site is clearly signposted. It doesn't have the glossy finish of sugar sites like Ashley Madison or Secret Benefits, but it's stripped-down charm could appeal to some of the more lapsed online daters out there. But with that said, the sugar dating scene is characterized by appearance, so it seems an oversight to not make the site as sleek as possible. Overall, first impressions are on the low side.

SugarSearch Sign Up Process

Hit the 'Register' button in the top bar to start the sign up process. You'll then need to input the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Sexual Preferences
  • Date of Birth

Then confirm your email address and you'll be able to get started. Free members are able to browse the site's features at no charge, but unlimited messaging requires a paid membership (to an extent). This goes for all types of user; sugar babies, sugar daddies and sugar mommas. Unlike other sugar dating sites, women do not get free membership on SugarSearch.

However, Sugar Search has a feature called Full Contact. Free members are allowed to contact members with a Full Contact subscription at no cost to themselves.

Sugar Search Features

Sugar Search has a vast selection of features to help you interact with other members. Here's a detailed look at everything on offer.

Private Photos

Like the best sugar daddy websites, SugarSearch allows sugar daddies and babies to keep their explicit snaps private. Simply select the 'Make Private' option when uploading photos, and these will then be transferred to a password-protected album. You can search for users with private albums through the site's search function.

Priority Listing

Searching this sugar baby site will display the most relevant results first. Additionally, users with Diamond Memberships will get priority placement on these searches. For any sugar babies reading this, this means that the top tier of search results will consist of wealthy men, successful men and quality millionaire dating partners.

Extended Search

A lot of sugar dating websites have terrible search functions, but SugarSearch's extended search is a thing of beauty. You can narrow down potential partners by even the most selective criteria.

Pros of

What did we love about this sugar daddy dating site? Here's a list of Sugar Search's positives.

Good Moderation Team

SugarSearch has one of the best moderation teams of any sugar daddy sites around. They're super quick to answer any queries and they'll deal with scam profiles in a timely manner (and there are a lot of them to get through). You can also message them to help cancel or delete your profile should you wish to.

Verification Process

Everyone who comes through this premium dating site must verify themselves in some way. Every sugar daddy (and sugar mama) needs to provide proof of their income and every sugar baby needs to upload pictures of themselves holding a sign saying 'Sugar Search.' It's not the most thorough verification process in the world but it's better than nothing.

Cons of

What areas could Sugar Search improve? Here's a list of the site's negatives.

Limited Cities

Unfortunately you won't find a sugar baby or daddy in every city in the USA through SugarSearch. While this sugar site casts its net far and wide, it doesn't have a fantastic sugar daddy to sugar baby ratio.

Some Fake Profiles

All sugar baby apps have fake profiles, but SugarSearch has a disproportionate number of them. It's probably because of the site's Full Contact feature, but this sugar dating app has equally many fakes as it does real users. Most of them pose as younger women to lure men into their traps, so to any sugar daddy thinking of signing up - keep your wits about you.

Premium Membership

This sugar daddy app has two membership types, Diamond and Platinum. Paid sugar daddies and sugar babies get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Highlighted profile in search results
  • Highlighted messages in recipients' inboxes
  • Weekly matches
  • History viewer feature

SugarSearch also includes a feature called Full Contact. This little add-on allows non-paid users to reply to your messages, giving you an edge over the competition. As many sugar babies opt for a standard membership only, Full Contact is definitely worth considering. Here's what paid premium memberships cost:

  • Diamond Membership - $44.95 per month
  • Diamond Membership + Full Contact - $59.90 per month
  • Platinum Membership - $39.95 per month
  • Platinum Membership + Full Contact - $54.90 per month

Final Verdict: Is Sugar Search Legit?

Is SugarSearch one of the best sugar daddy sites around? Unfortunately not. Aside from a couple of interesting features, Sugar Search doesn't have the low cost, the high quality or the vast numbers to put itself even in the top 10 of the best sugar dating sites around. The harsh truth is that plenty of other sugar daddy dating sites do what SugarSearch does and does it better.

If you've exhausted all of the other sugar daddy websites out there, then feel free to give SugarSearch a try. However, we can't promise you'll stick around long because there's just not enough to keep you coming back. The bottom line is that SugarSearch is worth a look around, but it's far from the best sugar daddy site you'll ever use.


Got questions about Sugar Search? Here are the most commonly asked queries.

How can I delete my Sugar Search profile?

Profile deletion must be done through Sugar Search's customer service team. Send an email to with the subject line 'Account Deletion.' Be sure to include to log in name and email address in the body of the email. Do not include your password.

Alternatively, you can do this through the site's Contact page. Click the 'Credit Card/Debit Card Cancellation Request' form. Input your details and this will be sent across to the site's customer service team.

How can I cancel my Sugar Search membership?

Follow these steps to cancel your Sugar Search membership:

  • Log in to your SugarSearch account.
  • Go to the 'Settings' page via the main menu.
  • Scroll down to 'Accounts & Subscriptions.'
  • Find 'Active Subscriptions.'
  • Click on your active membership package then 'Cancel This Subscription.'
  • Select a reason from the drop-down box then click 'Confirm.'