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What Is Just Sugar?

Just Sugar is the world's top sugar dating site, providing a community for sugar daddies, sugar babies and sugar mommas to connect in a casual adult environment and forge new, mutually beneficial sugar connections. You might be an experienced sugar dater or you might be new to the whole sugar scene - either way, Just Sugar is here to help you find your perfect sugar partner tonight.

With so many sugar daddies and sugar babies on our platform, you'll find no shortage of people to chat to no matter where you're based in the world. Just Sugar comes with a host of incredible features to maximize your chances of meeting that special someone, so if you're craving a mutually beneficial sugar relationship, Just Sugar guarantees you'll find it! We're the absolute pinnacle of sugar dating, upscale dating and luxury relationships.
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Forget Other Sugar Daddy Sites

Just Sugar blows away all of the other sugar dating sites on the scene - and that's a promise. Those who've dabbled in the sugar dating scene before will know that the sugar world is full of high prices and unverified users, but you'll be happy to know that Just Sugar maintains high standards all round, from high quality features to desirable members. We're an elite platform that does things differently to the other sugar baby sites out there - we put our members first!

As the largest sugar daddy website around today, you can rest assured that you're in safe hands on Just Sugar. You'll find verified sugar daddies and sugar babies in every city in the world, and we get thousands of new signs ups every day of the week - something even the best sugar daddy sites can't compete with. If you're lookin for a sugar daddy site that values privacy and high quality above all else, you can join Just Sugar in a few clicks right now.
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Special Features That Make Just Sugar Great

Just Sugar's special features make it easy to find sugar daddies, sugar mamas and male and female sugar babies in your area. When you join up to our sugar dating app, here's what you can expect to find.

Free Membership

You can sign up to our premium dating site at absolutely no cost. The registration process is quick and easy, and you can browse through everything on our sugar daddy site at your leisure. Nothing is off limits, whether you want to check out our live cams or begin searching for your next sugar baby/sugar daddy right away.

Video Chat & Live Cams

Connect with your sugar partners in real time through Just Sugar's incredible video call function. We also offer a Live Cams feature where you can broadcast yourself to the world and show off what makes you so desirable. Just Sugar is one of the few sugar baby apps to offer a live cams feature!

Unlimited Messaging

See a sugar baby or sugar daddy that catches your eye? Message them immediately through Just Sugar's unlimited messaging service. No swiping. No matchmaking. You can message any user as often as you like. These wealthy men and younger women are just waiting for your message, and there's nothing stopping you contacting them right away.

Verification Process

Every sugar baby and sugar daddy that comes onto our platform needs to go through our verification process. This ensures that, unlike other dating sites, you'll only ever connect with real, genuine people looking for love, lust and long term relationships. Our strict verification process helps ensure there are zero fake profiles on our sugar daddy site.

Private Photos and Videos

Want to keep your photos safe from prying eyes? You can do that through Just Sugar's Private Albums function. We understand that, while you might want to show yourself off, you might have some content you want to keep restricted. With our password-protected folders, you can make sure only the right people see your explicit snaps.

Sugar Match Filtering

Our Sugar Match Filtering ensures you'll only connect with the kind of sugar babies and sugar daddies that take your fancy. Use our search filters to narrow down by selected criteria so you don't have to constantly wade through our millions of users every time you log on. Just Sugar makes it easier to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby than any other sugar daddy app.

Chat Rooms

Just Sugar gives you all the tools you need to find a sugar baby or sugar daddy in the most natural way possible. We know that some people shy away from direct messaging, which is why we've included a number of chat rooms to help you break the ice with potential new sugar partners.

Mobile App

Only the best sugar dating sites have dedicated apps, so of course Just Sugar has one. With our mobile app, you can arrange sugar dates on the move. You don't have to rely on your mobile browser to use our site, not when our mobile app is fully operational and streamlined for your convenience. You can download our app for free right now.

Daddy To Baby Ratio

Just Sugar has the best sugar daddy to sugar baby ratio of any site on the scene today. Men can expect to find an incredible three times as many babies than daddies, meaning guys will be spoilt for choice when they join our sugar daddy website. Few other sites can compare with our incredible numbers!

Meet Sugar Daddies Fast & Easy

Sugar babies can expect to find a vast choice of rich, successful men here on Just Sugar. Wealthy businessmen, retired millionnaires, busy CEOs, hot silver foxes, generous daddies and many more are just waiting for a young woman to message them tonight. These older sugar daddies have funds burning holes in their pockets, and they want nothing more than to share it with a gorgeous sugar baby.

Our advanced features make it easy to find the perfect sugar daddy for your needs and lifestyle. You might be the kind of sugar baby that craves luxury trips, or you might need a generous older man to help you with your college tuition fees. Just Sugar attracts sugar daddies from all walks of life, so you can be sure to find a sugar daddy who ticks all of your boxes.
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Find A Sugar Baby Fast

Another reason that Just Sugar blows away other sugar sites and apps - our male to female ratio is the most impressive you'll find of any online dating site. Any potential sugar daddy will feel like they've walked into heaven, because we boast three times as many sugar babies than sugar daddies! No other sugar daddy websites can claim such incredible numbers, making Just Sugar the most unique and attractive sugar daddy app around.

And in the interest of fairness, we hold our ladies to just as high standards as the men. All of our sugar babies are checked and verified to ensure they're genuine, gorgeous, and can provide the kind of companionship you'd expect from a sugar baby. We know you're willing to provide these lucky ladies with the finer things in life, so we help you find a deserving sugar baby to treat right.
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Looking For Sugar Mommas?

Just Sugar is about more than just "traditional" sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships. There's a whole world of sugar dating possibilities out there, and Just Sugar caters to them all. Another popular facet of the sugar community is sugar mommas; gorgeous older women who want a hot young stud to treat right. If you're a young, capable man willing to trade sex and companionship for a luxurious lifestyle - Just Sugar is the sugar website to make it happen.

Not all sugar daddy dating sites cater to the needs of sugar mamas and male sugar babies, but we don't discriminate here on Just Sugar. Whether it's young women that want older men, or older women who need a youthful hunk to rejuvinate their sex lives, Just Sugar aims to be the most diverse sugar site on the App Store today. Find a hot sugar mama or a handsome male sugar baby in record time tonight.
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Sugar Dating Success Stories

Ever since my divorce a few years ago, I've been really hesistant to get back in the dating scene. I just found online dating websites to be too daunting, too much effort, too much hassle. I spent all night swiping but I never got any matches. I'm a director of a pretty large company so I've always had a lot of disposable income, and it wasn't until I discovered sugar dating sites that I realized just how in-demand I was! And when I found the paradise that was Just Sugar, I've been on more sugar dates than I can count (and had a lot of sex too!)
23 comments, 16 shares
I retired at 45 to make the most of my money, and thanks to Just Sugar, I've gone through sugar baby after sugar baby. Whenever I log on here, I find my inbox full to the brim with messages off gorgeous young sugar babes looking to butter me up, and honestly I love it. I know they want me for my money, but I've actually made some real solid emotional connections through here. Hands down, Just Sugar is the best sugar daddy site around today!
31 comments, 25 shares
I've always had a thing for older men since I was a teen. Call it a daddy issues or whatever, but to me there's nothing hotter than a silver fox with a massive bank account. I first started trawling sites like Ashley Madison for these mature hotties, but then I discovered sugar dating sites. Honestly, I couldn't believe how many, rich successful men were willing to share their lavish lifestyles with me, and Just Sugar has made it super easy to connect with sugar daddies in my city. Ever since, I've never looked back. This is the best sugar daddy dating site ever!
59 comments, 34 shares
I'm on the road a lot and I don't really have time to "date." I much prefer brief encounters with women, and even that can be hard to find with my lifestyle. But when I embraced my role as a sugar daddy, I couldn't believe how easy it was to get laid. I tried a few sites but they all came with massive price tags, but then Just Sugar came along and gave me exactly what I need - lots of choice and low cost! It's been my number one app ever since!
67 comments, 48 shares

All Types of Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Just Sugar prides ourselves on offering a vast choice of mutually beneficial sugar relationships. When you join the best sugar daddy site around, here are the types of sugar arrangements you can expect to find.

No Strings Attached Dating

Just Sugar is the number one choice for pure sugar baby and sugar daddy dating. Ready to hit up a lavish bar with a stunning younger woman? Are you willing to go on an all-expenses paid business trip with a wealthy CEO? Just Sugar users all prefer the finer things in life, so expect to end up in some grand, luxurious places when you find a date through us.

Find True Love

Sugar daddy dating is about more than just expensive trips, relaxing holidays and sipping champagne in bars. A lot of Just Sugar users are looking for love - something you won't find on most other sugar dating websites. If you're looking to turn a sugar arrangement into a fruitful, healthy long-term relationship, then you can make it happen through Just Sugar.

Companionship & Casual Dating

Interested in finding more than just one sugar baby? What if you want a new sugar daddy every week? On Just Sugar, you'll find a huge selection of members that just want to keep things casual. Sugar relationships don't always have to be long term engagements. Instead, you can seek out men and women interested in brief affairs only.

Long Term Sugar Relationships

Want to turn a sugar relationship into a 24/7 lifestyle? If so, there are millions of daddies and babies on Just Sugar that are interested in long term sugar deals. Babies will receive financial compensation and monthly allowances for their companionship, and daddies will receive sexual gratification and a long term partner. With sugar dating, everyone wins.

Meet Rich Sugar Daddies

All of the guys that come through our doors are trustworthy, established men that can provide the kind of lifestyle a sugar baby will come to expect. At Just Sugar, we favor quality over quantity, which is why we can boast the most elite selection of wealthy, handsome older men of any sugar daddy app around today.

Find Beautiful Women

Just Sugar makes sure to vet all sugar babies to ensure they're all gorgeous, welcoming and brimming with personality. Daddies can expect to find model-looking beauties, college-aged babes, mature stunners and ambitious, career oriented babies. The sheer choice of gorgeous women on offer is just one of the reasons our site is skyrocketing in popularity.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Just Sugar

Got questions? Here's your quick answers.

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is someone, typically a young person, who goes on dates in exchange for money, gifts, mentorship or travel. Sugar babies repay their sugar daddies through dating, companionship or sex. While most sugar babies tend to be young ladies, male sugar babies exist too. Learn more in our complete guide.

What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is a generous older man who spends lavishly on his mistress, girlfriend, or sugar partner. A sugar daddy tends to be a wealthy businessman who doesn't have time for a regular relationship, therefore utilizes his wealth to attract and treat younger women to luxuries in return for sex and companionship. Learn more in our full article.

What is a sugar mama?

A sugar mama is the female equivalent of a sugar daddy. They're older, generous women who bankroll a young man's lifestyle in return for sex, dating and companionship. The ages of sugar mamas can greatly vary from thirties to sixties and sometimes even older.

What are the best sugar daddy sites?

The best sugar daddy website around today is Just Sugar, because we're a pioneer of the sugar industry. We do things differently to other sugar daddy sites by focussing on outstanding quality and high status users. Whether you're a baby or sugar daddy, you'll feel right at home on Just Sugar.

Is Just Sugar an affair dating site?

Just Sugar is not an affairs dating site. However, as we're one of the best sugar daddy websites around today, you may find married users on our platform. Many married people are attracted to the sugar lifestyle for a number of reasons, and such users will freely boast of their married status in their profiles.

Where can I find rich men?

The best place to find rich men is through sugar daddy sites such as Just Sugar, Ashley Madison, Miss Travel, Secret Benefits and Seeking Arrangement. Of this list, the only free dating website is Just Sugar. Every other dating website comes with high membership costs and credit systems.

Is Just Sugar safe?

Just Sugar is 100% safe and secure. We take the safety of our members very seriously. We never ask for any personal data such as your name or exact address. We use industry standard software to ensure any information you provide is kept confidential.