Review (2022) - Is This Sugar Dating Site Legit? is an old school sugar daddy site that's been helping successful men connect with hot young women for over 20 years now. It's a pretty ancient as far as online dating sites go, so there's a lot of questions to ask. Does hold up in today's saturated marketplace? Does it work? Is it the site full of genuine sugar daddies and sugar babies or has the user quality dropped?

Sugar relationships are fast becoming a solid relationship choice for people who want all the benefits and none of the crap. Men get sex, women get money, and no one can say fairer than that. But finding an elusive sugar relationship can sometimes be a tall task, so the question is - will make it happen? Here's what you need to know. Our ultimate review awaits.

First Impressions

The is a little different to most other sites in this niche. It doesn't have bright colors and modern aesthetics. The site seems to utilize old fashioned imagery, like scenes ripped from Peaky Blinders or romance films from the fifties. It's definitely got a unique visual appeal, and there's nothing wrong or scammy with the website at all. It's actually very enticing, and we can see why it's so popular.

Aside from the name, doesn't really use the word 'sugar' much. Instead, it prefers the term 'upscale dating.' Because the word 'sugar' has connotations with shallowness and young thots looking for an easy ride, has done what it can to distance themselves from other dating sites in the sugar niche. Instead, claims to help people find:

  • Millionaire Dating
  • Benefactors
  • Busy Professionals
  • Rich Men
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Wealthy Men
  • World Travel Partners
  • Sugar Baby
  • Models
  • Beautiful Women
  • Upscale Relationship Partners
  • Luxury Lifestyle Partners

SugarDaddie Sign Up Process

The sign up form is embedded into the home page so you can get started right away. Simply input your username, gender, sexual preferences, email address and password then click the 'Continue' button. You'll then need to verify your email address to get access to the site's main page, and once you do that, you're ready to browse through as many men or women as you want. Free members are allowed unrestricted viewing acces to profiles and profile pictures.

But if you want to actually message anyone through the website, you'll need to purchase a paid plan. Some sugar daddy sites allow free access for women, but unfortunately, is not one of them. All users must hand over the cash. The site uses a monthly subscription model too - there's no credits system to wory about.

Once you're in, you'll be prompted to create your own profile. Generally speaking, has excellent profile quality, so be sure to put extra effort in in order to match the standards the site has become known for. You'll be able to upload as many pictures as you want to your profile with a minimum of 3.'s Features

Sugar Daddie has a considerable number of features to help you meet your next sugar partner. Here's a detailed list of each one.

Favorites List

You can keep track of your most-desired users through the site's Favorite List. When you're visiting the other person's profile, simply click 'Add To Favorites' to make it happen. You can then easily access their profile information through your Favorites section in the main menu. You'll also be notified whenever the other user adjusts their profile.

Premium users will be notified whenever someone adds them to their Favorites list, although it won't tell then exactly what user has added them (however, you can sometimes figure it out by checking who last viewed your profile). As this is a basic feature, free members also have access to it.

Search Filters

Sugar Daddie allows users to search for potential partners through their advanced search filters. Hit the magnifying glass icon in the top corner of the screen and input your keyword search (or leave it blank to search for everyone). You can then narrow down guys and girls through the available search filters.

Search filters include: Distance From You, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Hair Color, and Body Type. It's not the most detailed search function in the dating site world, but it's got enough to narrow down by adequate specifications. There's also a section to narrow down by sugar daddies and sugar babies (helping people to find same-sex sugar partners).

Sugar Daddy Forums

As well as direct messaging, users can also interact through Sugar Daddie's forums. Discussions in here cover all topics, including TV shows, sport, fashion, music, business, movie reviews and anything else. Of course, there's a ton of discussions around the sugar babe scene too.

These forums are a little more casual than the rest of the site, which has a heavy focus on lavish lifestyles and upscale relationships. But in the forums, anything goes, so you don't have to worry about putting your best foot forward every time. You can let loose and talk about things that don't necessarily concern luxury activities or lifestyles.

Meet My Match

Meet My Match is Sugar Daddie's equivalent of a swipe system, but it comes with an additional advantage too. It works similar to Tinder in that you'll be presented with a potential partner, then you need to click Yes or No depending on whether you're attracted to them or not. If you mutually match, you can then begin talking to one another.

Additionally, your answers help the site configure more suitable matches for you. For example, if you constantly reject older men with grey hair, you'll stop getting matched with so many older men with grey hair. Likewise, if you regularly click Yes on guys or ladies with visible tattoos, you'll get more matches with tattoos.

Secret Photos and Videos

Sugar Daddie gives user the option to keep their private photos and videos away from public eyes. After all, anyone can sign up to Sugar Daddie and start browsing profiles, and some people might not want their come-hither snaps to be seen by anyone but potential sugar daddies or babies. Therefore, Sugar Daddie has a neat little way around this issue.

Any snaps that might be a little risque can be hidden from public view. It'll then be put in a password-protected folder. You can then give the password out to people of your choosing, ensuring that your naughty photos are only visible to guys and ladies you trust.

Pros of

What do we love about this dating site? Here's a short list of Sugar Daddie's main positives.

Limited Free Membership

As soon as you create an account on Sugar Daddie, you can window shop to your heart's content. You can view full profiles and full-size profile pictures, create your own profile and view the forums. You can also swipe on people in the Meet My Match feature. Not every dating website allows its free members such versatility.

Of course, you'll still need to become a paid member if you actually want to contact another person. Thankfully, membership prices are reasonably and there's a one-month option to help you get a taste of the site before committing for a longer term.

High Profile Quality

One area where Sugar Daddie outshines other dating sites is through its high quality profiles. The users on here tend to put a ton of effort when it comes to selling themselves (which, to be fair, some of these members literally are). You'll rarely find a one-sentence bio in here. Instead, members often recant their entire life story and showcase their personality in full.

This means that the chances of landing a fruitful sugar relationship are higher than on other sites. Sure, some sugar connections are based on looks, but it's nice to have the option to connect with others on a personal intimate and emotional level. And since you'll probably be spending a long time with your sugar buddy outside the bedroom, it's good to have a few things in common.

Active Moderators

Sugar Daddie has a ton of active moderators that keep the site clean from scammers and fakes. As always, a few slip through the cracks, but dating sites relies on the eyes and wits of their members to help separate the fakes from the reals. If you come across a scammer, fake, bot or phisher, be sure to report them.

The mods are pretty quick on the draw when it comes to any site issue, too. If you've got an issue with your settings or profile or anything like that, you can contact them and they'll fix you up in record time. Active mods are a huge green flag for any dating site.


There are other date sites that do exactly what Sugar Daddie does and cost a lot more money. This site actually offers incredible value for money and doesn't sacrifice quality for low cost. At only $16.99 (for a 12 month membership), you'll struggle to find another date site in this niche for cheaper, allowing you to splash that extra cash on your brand new sugar baby.

We should also make you aware that are no hidden costs here either. The site won't make you pay money to utilize some of the fancier features. Everything is included in the monthly membership.

Cons of

How can Sugar Daddie improve? Here's the points that negatively affected our overall rating.

Some Fake Profiles

Not all the women on the site are completely real. Like any dating site, you'll come across a few scammers and fake profiles on here. It's only natural, because any site that deals with money-based relationships is going to attract people thinking they can extort a few dollars from you, so it pays to keep your eyes peeled.

Strangely, it's usually the same scammers you'll find on other sugar sites too. These types of people tend to hit multiple related-platforms at once. You can often tell a real person from a fake providing you do a little detective work. The clue is in the lack of profile info, the stolen pictures and the overly-sexual messages.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Relationships Only

Perhaps one of the reasons that Sugar Daddie isn't as popular as similar platforms is because it only really caters the older man/younger woman sugar dynamic. Naturally, this is the "traditional" approach, but there are plenty of sugar mommas and male sugar babies out there looking for easy sex and financial security.

While the site has a decent searching function, it doesn't really allow people to find sugar mommas or male sugar babies. The site doesn't seem very welcoming of these types of sugar seekers either, so it's understandable that they'll go elsewhere. And of course, the name of the site itself will only attract traditional sugar relationship hunters.

Membership Costs

While free membership offers limited functionality, users will need to become a premium member in order to exchanged unlimited messages (female members included). There are four available subscription plans on offer and cost as follows:

  • 1 Month - $33.99 total
  • 3 Month - $22.66 per month ($67.99 total)
  • 6 Month - $19.83 per month ($119.99 total)
  • 12 Month - $16.99 per month ($203.99 total)

As a premium member, you'll get access to the following features:

  • Send messages to other members
  • Forum access
  • Daily potential matches
  • Highlighted profile in search results

Memberships can be purchased via credit card or PayPal. There is currently no option to pay through cryptocurrencies. Each membership will be auto-renewed after each individual billing cycle unless you cancel your subscription (for example, once your 6 month membership ends, you'll be auto-renewed for another 6 months).

Final Verdict: Is legit?

Despite being the oldest sugar dating site on the scene, Sugar Daddie is still something of a hidden gem. This is kind of a shame, because this platform has everything you could want from a sugar dating website. It's sleek, sexy, full of real younger women, and all the girls are a little classier than the regular wannabe-sugar babies you'll find on similar dating sites. Likewise, if you're a sugar baby yourself, you can find an amazing sugar daddy on here.

Aside from there being a few scammers on the site, there are very little downsides to Sugar Daddie. Okay, so it's not the most active site in the world, but favors quality over quantity. if you want an endless choice of free sex partners, go to Seeking or Secret Benefits. If you want a fruitful, mutually beneficial sugar arrangement with someone you properly connect with, might be the best dating for you.


We've put together a list of popular quickfire questions about for your convenience.

Does SugarDaddie really work? is a legitimate online dating website that's been active since 2002. The site boasts over 5 million successful and attractive members across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. For sugar relationships, is one of the most reliable platforms.

How does work? functions like a traditional online dating site. Users are separated into two categories; sugar baby or sugar daddy, and are then matched with suitable partners based on matchmaking criteria. Users are then free to message each other through the site's messaging system.

Do you have to pay for requires a premium membership to use in full (for both men and women). Limited functionality is available through the site's free membership option, but to exchange messages users must opt for a premium account. Prices range from $16.99 per month to $33.99 per month depending on your level commitment.

Is safe? is a safe dating site that protects the safety and privacy of its users. The site never asks for your real name or exact address to keep your safe in the case of leaks or data breaches. The site doesn't store personal data and conversations are erased three months has elapsed.

How to delete a profile at

  • Log into your account on the website.
  • Click on ‘Settings/Info’ which is located at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Click on ‘Cancel.’
  • Now click on ‘Permanently Cancel Account.’
  • Select your reason for permanently deleting your account.
  • And finally, click on ‘Cancel Account’ to permanently delete your account. You’ll then receive a message stating ‘Your Account Has Been Cancelled.’